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The Tim Tebow Foundation has partnered with CURE International to construct the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines. The hospital specializes in pediatric orthopedic care and features the first Timmy’s Playroom outside of the United States.

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First four surgeries complete; 90 children waiting

Clockwise from top left: Ruby Anne, Flora Mae, Bethany, Jomar

Clockwise from top left: Ruby Anne, Flora Mae, Bethany, Jomar

December 23, 2014 – The first four surgical patients have been treated at the Tebow CURE Hospital, which opened earlier this month. Ruby Anne, Flora Mae, Jomar, and Bethany are all well on their way to healing. Just weeks after opening, however, the hospital already has 90 more kids on the waiting list, waiting to be treated.

Generous donors have stepped forward to fund half of the surgery costs for these children. With the total cost at $2,000 per child, we now need to raise the remaining $1,000 per child to fully fund their treatment. Will you help us meet this need? Make a donation by midnight on December 31, and it will still count for tax purposes for 2014.

Help us end the wait and bring the joy of healing to these 90 children!

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