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How Disabilities Affect Education

by on Friday, February 19, 2021 at 9:15 am

In most developing countries, education is a high priority for parents to give to their children. In Kenya, people used to leave their land, livestock, and other material possessions to their children to provide for their future and education was not as valued. As time went on, this thinking changed because not everyone owned land […]

CURE Malawi’s new mobile library

by on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 9:01 am

CURE Malawi recently received some lovely visitors from the UK who helped fund and set up a mobile library for our kids!

The importance of continuing education

by on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 2:20 pm

One of our clinics in Nasik, India, recently shared a story that illustrates the importance of continuing education in the clubfoot treatment process.

Back to School

by on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 4:10 pm

Kids all over the country are going back to school this month, but for the kids we serve, going back to school means so much more than doing some shopping and getting on the bus.

CURE Uganda Community Outreach

by on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 10:09 am

CURE Uganda recently participated in a second community outreach initiative. The outreach program is designed to educate members of our community about spina bifida and hydrocephalus. We visited a local high school for our first community outreach event, and this time we visited a high school again, although this was a much bigger school. At the last high school we only had one session with the students; this time around we had to have two separate sessions to accommodate all of the students. The students had visible interest in the information we presented.

Reflections from a refugee camp in Kenya

by on Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 9:22 am

Our doctors saw more than 120 patients over the course of just a few hours before flying home to begin planning for the refugees’ arrival at the CURE hospital in Kijabe. The first group of nearly 30 patients arrived last week for surgeries of all kinds. I’m happy to say that patients have continued to make the long journey from Dadaab, and more are coming!

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