Rose Baco

Operations Director / Philippines

Rose serves as the Operations Director at CURE Philippines. In this role, she manages the day-to-day services of the hospital and supports the general operational functions for the hospital as delegated by the Executive Director. She has worked in accounting for over ten years and is experienced in financial reporting. She has worked in many different industries including world-class resort and automotive businesses. At CURE, Rose established the finance department during it’s beginning years. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Hospital Administration at San Pedro College.

While she manages many roles at CURE Philippines, one of her best roles in life is being a wife to Pacifico Jr., and a mother to her four children (Jomar, Joshua, Jana Marie, Jay Dan).

PJ Deposa

Spiritual Director / Philippines, Spiritual Ministry

PJ Deposa serves as the Spiritual Director at the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City in the Philippines. Before joining CURE, PJ was the administrative pastor of a church in Mindanao that is also attached to a Bible school. His family have relocated to Davao City with him to allow him to serve with CURE.

PJ is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Christian Counseling to better equip him to serve his co-workers and patients. Both PJ’s experiences and educational attainment are evidences that he has been called by the Lord to journey with people in their brokenness towards healing and restoration. He is very excited to be able to serve Tebow CURE Hospital as its Spiritual Director. PJ knows that this opportunity is given by the Lord, not only because it is his passion but most importantly it is God’s purpose and plan.

Lotis Galoa

Executive Office Manager / Philippines

Lotis serves as the Executive Office Manager at CURE Philippines. In this role, she works to relieve the workload of the managerial team by helping with logistics and assisting in the development and implementation of company policies and procedures. She has a bachelor’s degree in Management Accounting with a major in Commerce from the University of Mindanao in the Philippines. She is thankful for the opportunity that God has given her to use her skills and knowledge to help CURE advance its mission and take part in changing the lives of children and bring them closer to Jesus.

Ester Gauran

Nursing Director / Philippines

Ester serves as the Nursing Director at the Tebow CURE Hospital. In this role, she manages services provided by the nursing department, including overseeing the nursing personnel, patient care, as well as administrative tasks.

Ester’s experience includes working as a staff nurse, an emergency charge nurse, nursing supervisor, director, and educator in various hospitals in Saudi Arabia and Cairo, Egypt, 15 years before joining CURE. She is also an accredited trainer and assessor of caregiving skills at the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in the Philippines.

Ester is happy to be a part of CURE’s mission, so she can continue her ministry in glorifying God by serving children with disabilities.


Dr. Andrew Hodges

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon / Philippines

Andrew Hodges serves as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at CURE Philippines. He studied medicine at Birmingham University and trained to be a General Surgeon. Andrew and his wife, Sarah, moved to Uganda in 1992 to serve in a Church of Uganda mission hospital for 7 years.

While in Uganda, Andrew developed an interest in Plastic Surgery and returned to the UK to retrain in this specialty. On completion of training in 2005, he returned to Uganda to work in Kampala, developing a new Plastic Surgery department as well as a postgraduate training program at CoRSU Hospital. Andrew is excited by this new opportunity to move with his wife to the Philippines to continue to use his skills with CURE International.

Dr. Sarah Hodges

Consultant Anesthesiologist / Philippines

Sarah Hodges serves as a Consultant Anesthesiologist at CURE Philippines. She trained and worked at Liverpool University in Birmingham, where she met her husband, Andrew. After 6 months at Crowther Bible College, they moved to Uganda and worked in the Church of Uganda hospital for 7 years.

Sarah continued her training in anesthesia when they returned to the UK.  Sarah and Andrew stayed in the UK for 6 years and returned to Uganda in 2005. Most of Sarah’s work is with pediatric anesthesia, with a special interest in the difficult airway. She has also been involved in advocating for improved anesthesia provision in LMICs. Her travels have led her to the Philippines, where she is working alongside her husband, Andrew, at Tebow CURE.

Mike Hulland

Executive Director / Philippines

Mike Hulland serves as Executive Director at CURE Philippines. Mike earned his BSc in Prosthetics and Orthotics from the University of Salford and his MBA from the University of Ulster. He started his career in prosthetics and orthotics. For several years he worked in Sri Lanka for an international NGO as a specialist advisor, responsible for the development of prosthetic and orthotic services in the post-conflict North and East of the country.

In time, Mike transitioned into management consultancy and was employed as a Strategy Consultant for a leading multinational firm, specializing in both international development and healthcare projects. Prior to joining CURE, Mike worked as the National Lead for Research and Development for the largest prosthetic and orthotic company in the UK.

Mike and his wife, Rachel, are from Northern Ireland. They have two sons, Joshua and Isaac. Outside of work, Mike is an avid kitesurfer and keen cyclist.

Romel Rudyard Lucentales

Facilities Manager / Philippines

Romel serves as the Facilities Manager for CURE Philippines. In this role, he oversees the engineering and maintenance functions of the hospital. Romel is an electronics engineering graduate from Ateneo de Davao University. He has worked outside of Davao at petroleum and energy companies acquiring experience in construction and maintenance.

Back in his hometown of Davao, Romel (Mel) prayed to be able to apply his engineering knowledge and skills to benefit people’s lives. Working for CURE allows him to do that every day and has been an answer to prayer. Outside of work, Mel loves to spend time with his wife, Glenda, and son, Rome Gabriel.

Hope Kim Pranza

Storyteller / Philippines

Hope Kim serves as a Storyteller at CURE Philippines, which means she gets to play with kids, chat with their parents, and put their stories into pictures and words for the world to see. She was first involved with CURE U, CURE’s University program, at the University of Florida, as a student advocate of CURE’s healing stories. Her passion for CURE’s mission brought her back to her motherland, meeting her husband and lifetime editor-in-chief, Josiah. Through the stories she captures, she hopes to see and serve people as Jesus did and inspire others to do so as well.

Ephma Yo Saldana

Human Resource Director / Philippines

Ephma (Yo) serves as the Human Resource Director at CURE Philippines. In this role, she is responsible for managing the human resource department. She completed her degree in Liberal Arts in Psychology at St. Mary’s College and has gained years of experience in global recruitment from a Linguistics company prior to joining CURE in 2016. Yo is thankful for the privilege to serve God while serving the people at CURE.

Anamy Simbajon

Finance Director / Philippines

Anamy serves as the Finance Director at CURE Philippines. Her role involves producing financial reports, developing long-term plans for the sustainability of the hospital, and monitoring the hospital’s budget. She has previous experience in auditing and accounting which serves her well in her current role.

Outside of work, Anamy enjoys spending time fishing and swimming with her family, Mikaela and Uzziah, and her brothers.