George Găvruș

Executive Director / Niger

George Găvruș began serving as the Executive Director of CURE Niger in 2018. Previously, he served in the same roll for CURE in Afghanistan, from 2014-2015. Between his CURE assignments, George provided leadership to Fundatia APME in Romania. With a passion for empowering others and ​a ​heart for education, George’s career has seen these threads interwoven through a variety of projects and settings, from leading a school for impoverished children to running a business incubator that taught job skills in a war-torn country. George has served with a number of organizations, including Shelter Now International, and has also held professorships a​t​ several educational institutions.

Hannatou Labo

Spiritual Director / Niger, Spiritual Ministry

Hannatou first joined CURE as a volunteer in 2011. She began working with CURE Niger as a social worker later that year and became Spiritual Director at the hospital in 2015. She holds a master’s degree in Management of Enterprise and a BS in Sociology, and she has studied theology at Ecole Supérieure Privée de Théologie in Niamey, Niger.

Hannatou and her husband have a daughter, Abigael.

Diane Nahimana

Consultant Anesthesiologist / Niger

Dr. Diane Nahimana graduated from the University of Burundi  in 2007.  She did her post-graduate in Anesthesiology-Resuscitation at University Hospital Center in Burundi and at Cliniques Saint Luc at Brussels, Belgium, from 2010 to 2015, joining CURE in August 2015.

Anthony Nesoah

Anthony Nesoah

Consultant General Surgeon / Niger

Dr. Anthony came to CURE Niger with extensive exposure and experience in global and tropical surgery spanning over twenty years of training, studying, and working in multiple countries and institutions, most recently as Chief of Surgery and Chief Medical Officer at Presbyterian General Hospital in Kumba, Cameroon. […]

Joel Witwer

Lead Storyteller / Marketing, Niger

My title says that I’m the Lead Storyteller, previously Storyteller for Niger, previously CUREkids Coordinator in Zambia. All this really means is I hang out with kids and sometimes take photos. I love these kids thus I love my job. My goal is to translate this love into pixels and words so that you can fall in love as well!