George Găvruș

Executive Director / Niger

George Găvruș began serving as the Executive Director of CURE Niger in 2018. Previously, he served in the same role for CURE in Afghanistan, from 2014-2015. Between his CURE assignments, George provided leadership to Fundatia APME in Romania. With a passion for empowering others and ​a ​heart for education, George’s career has seen these threads interwoven through a variety of projects and settings, from leading a school for impoverished children to running a business incubator that taught job skills in a war-torn country. George has served with a number of organizations, including Shelter Now International, and has also held professorships a​t​ several educational institutions.

A native of Romania, George holds a BA in Pastoral Theology and Education from the University of Bucharest, studied at the Institute of Islamic Studies at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in the Philippines, received an MA in Biblical Studies from Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium, and is working towards an MBA from Hull University in the UK. George and his wife, Georgi​a​na, have three children.

Dr. Karim Hagbe

Medical Consultant / Niger

Karim serves as a Medical Consultant for CURE Niger. In this position, he oversees the screening and intake of all new patients and the continuation of care for discharged patients. Dr. Karim has extensive field experience with various NGOs in Niger and Cameroon, and he has worked with patients in many aspects of clinical and review. He has vast experience in tropical medicine, surgery, and orthopedic triage. Dr. Karim is motivated by the core CURE principals of being Christlike, Childlike, Living with Integrity, Restoring the Broken, and Maintaining Intentional Relationships. He is passionate about furthering CURE International’s mission of healing the body while sharing the kingdom of God.

Jacques Ismaila

Director of Operations / Niger

Jacques Ismaila serves CURE Niger as the Director of Operations. In this role, he oversees a variety of non-medical operations at the hospital including facilities, IT, maintenance, the kitchen, housekeeping, inventory, and logistics. Jacques joined CURE Niger as the Director of Finance in 2013 and was promoted to the Director of Operations in 2017. He holds a master’s degree in Accounting and Finance and previously worked with World Vision as an accountant. He is currently completing an online Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Management with Development Associates International in Colorado Springs.

Jacques thanks God for giving him the opportunity to serve the Lord with the team at CURE Niger as we seek to heal the sick and proclaim the gospel.

Hannatou Labo

Spiritual Director / Niger, Spiritual Ministry

Hannatou serves as the Spiritual Director of CURE Niger. She first joined CURE as a volunteer in 2011, began working as a social worker later that year, and became the Spiritual Director at the hospital in 2015. She holds a master’s degree in Management of Enterprise, a BS in Sociology, and has studied theology at Ecole Supérieure Privée de Théologie in Niamey, Niger.

Hannatou and her husband have two daughters, Abigael and Elsa.

Mairo Mahamane

Director of Human Resources / Niger

Mairo serves as the Director of Human Resources at CURE Niger. In this role, she manages the hospital’s national staffing needs and coordinates benefits, labor relations, and handles compensation for current employees. Mairo holds a degree in Law from the National University of Niamey and an advanced diploma in Work and Social Security from the National School of Administration and Magistration (ENAM). She previously held internships at the National Social Security Fund, the National Agency of Labour Promotion, and the National University of Maradi.

Mairo joined CURE because of the spiritual aspect of working here. She enjoys contributing to the mission by serving the staff and through sharing the gospel.

Diane Nahimana

Consultant Anesthesiologist / Niger

Dr. Diane Nahimana serves as a Consultant Anesthesiologist at CURE Niger. She graduated from the University of Burundi in 2007.  She did her post-graduate in Anesthesiology-Resuscitation at University Hospital Center in Burundi and at Cliniques Saint Luc at Brussels, Belgium, from 2010 to 2015, joining CURE in August 2015.


Anthony Nesoah

Dr. Anthony Nesoah

Interim Chief of Surgery / Niger

Dr. Anthony came to CURE Niger with extensive exposure and experience in global and tropical surgery spanning over twenty years of training, studying, and working in multiple countries and institutions, most recently as Chief of Surgery and Chief Medical Officer at Presbyterian General Hospital in Kumba, Cameroon.

Dr. Anthony holds degrees from the University of Calabar, Nigeria, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, with additional training, fellowships, and certifications from a number of other institutions and organizations, including PAACS and COSECSA.

His wife, Joy, is a Registered Surgical Nurse. They live in Niamey with their son, Gilwiklund.

Anna Psiaki

Storyteller / Niger

Anna serves as a Storyteller at CURE Niger where she tells patient stories through writing and photography. Previously, Anna was a writer for Mercy Ships and holds a B.A. from Cornell University. She is committed to sharing the hope of Jesus with others and loves that she can do this at CURE while supporting and investing in the local healthcare infrastructure.

Daouda Souley

Finance Controller / Niger

Daouda serves as the Finance Controller at CURE Niger. In this role, he oversees all finance and accounting operations and prepares monthly statements and forecasts for the hospital. Daouda joined CURE in January 2013 as an intern in accounting. Since then, Daouda has been promoted to an Accountant position and then to Finance Controller. Daouda enjoys working at CURE Niger and is passionate about CURE’s mission to share the gospel and heal the most vulnerable among us.