Adey Abate

Executive Director / Ethiopia

Adey Abate has served as the Executive Director of CURE Ethiopia since September 2007. She was integral in opening the hospital and overseeing its operations since the facility’s first surgery in January 2009.

Adey is originally from Ethiopia but had lived in the United States since high school. She moved back to her birth place […]


Mary Bernard

Medical Director / Ethiopia

Mary was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Minnesota, then lived in Washington State with her husband Chris and their four children. She received her bachelor’s degree and medical degree from the University of Minnesota and did her residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She then served as a staff anesthesiologist at Madigan […]


Rick Gardner

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Rick Gardner serves as an orthopedic surgeon at CURE Ethiopia. He completed his surgical training in the UK and spent his fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto, Canada. His first introduction to CURE was in 2009 as a surgical fellow at CURE Malawi. Seeing the burden of childhood disability firsthand in Sub-Saharan […]


James Layton

Consultant Anesthesiologist / Ethiopia

Beginning in November 2015, James Layton will serve as a pediatric anesthesiologist at CURE Ethiopia. He completed his undergraduate training at Union University where God blessed him immensely in two ways: bringing his wonderful wife, Carlyn, into his life and placing him in a church that taught him to truly value the Word of God. He then went to […]


Tim Nunn

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Tim Nunn is an orthopedic surgeon who began serving at CURE Ethiopia in the fall of 2014. He trained in Yorkshire and has worked in South Africa and Kenya. He completed fellowships in Sheffield, United Kingdom, where he has been working as a pediatric orthopedic consultant.

Tim completed a one-year course in Biblical and Intercultural Studies […]


Mesfin Taye

Spiritual Director / Ethiopia

Mesfin Taye is the Spiritual Director at CURE Ethiopia. He has been involved in ministry all his life. As a teenager, he joined Addis Ababa’s citywide youth ministry committee and served as a youth leader at his church before going on to train other youth leaders as a volunteer with Scripture Union. Mesfin received his bachelor’s […]


Jim Turner

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon / Ethiopia

Jim Turner is an orthopaedic surgeon serving at CURE Ethiopia. After graduating from Edinburgh University, he was awarded a commission with the British Army and served in the 2003 Iraq war as a parachute trained Regimental Medical Officer. […]