Subspecialty pediatric neurosurgery training: a skill-based training model for neurosurgeons in low-resourced health systems

Learning based segmentation of CT brain images: application to post-operative hydrocephalic scans

Global hydrocephalus epidemiology and incidence: systematic review and meta-analysis

Global surgery for pediatric hydrocephalus in the developing world, a review of the history, challenges, and future directions

Ten-year survival of Ugandan infants after myelomeningocele closure

Finding surgery’s place on the global health agenda

Reopening of an obstructed third ventriculostomy: long-term success and factors affecting outcome in 215 infants

Three steps forward and 2 steps back: the Echternach Procession toward optimal hydrocephalus treatment

Effectiveness of the bactiseal universal shunt for reducing shunt infection in a sub-Saharan African context: a retrospective cohort study in 160 Ugandan children

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