Learning based segmentation of CT brain images: application to post-operative hydrocephalic scans

The burden of trauma at a district hospital in Malawi

A review of existing trauma and musculoskeletal impairment (TMSI) care capacity in East, Central, and Southern Africa

Reopening of an obstructed third ventriculostomy: long-term success and factors affecting outcome in 215 infants

Presentation, pathology, and treatment outcome of brain tumors in 172 consecutive children at CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda. The predominance of visible diagnosis and the uncertainties of epidemiology in sub-Saharan Africa.

Educate one to save a few. Educate a few to save many

Shunt survival after failed endoscopic treatment of hydrocephalus

Costs and benefits of neurosurgical intervention for infant hydrocephalus in sub-Saharan Africa

Five-year survival and outcome of treatment for postinfectious hydrocephalus in Ugandan infants

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