The Incidence of Postoperative Seizures Following Treatment of Postinfectious Hydrocephalus in Ugandan Infants: A Post Hoc Comparison of Endoscopic Treatment vs Shunt Placement in a Randomized Controlled Trial

The cost of hydrocephalus: a cost- effectiveness model for evaluating surgical techniques

Pediatric neurosurgical workforce, access to care, equipment and training needs worldwide

Subspecialty pediatric neurosurgery training: a skill-based training model for neurosurgeons in low-resourced health systems

Renal Outcomes in Children with Operated Spina Bifida in Uganda

Learning Based Segmentation of CT Brain Images: Application to Post-Operative Hydrocephalic Scans

Operative and consultative proportions of neurosurgical disease worldwide: estimation from the surgeon perspective

Neurosurgery in East Africa: Innovations

Global hydrocephalus epidemiology and incidence: systematic review and meta-analysis

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