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CURE International operates a global network of eight children’s hospitals that provide life-changing surgical care and intentional spiritual care for children living with disabilities. Patients at CURE Children’s Hospitals suffer from conditions that limit their ability to walk, run, play, smile, and go to school, increasing the likelihood that they are ridiculed and isolated in their communities and have limited opportunities for employment. Some of these conditions include cleft lip/palate, neglected clubfoot, bowed legs, burn contractures, spina bifida, or conditions that are life-threatening such as brain tumors and hydrocephalus.

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Medical Care

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CURE Children’s Hospitals provide world-class care by highly trained surgeons and caregivers providing specialized care for children living with disabilities. From pre-op evaluation, through surgeries, physical therapy, and mobility device fitting, children receive comprehensive, transformational care.



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Examples of Treatable Disabilities


Cleft Lip

Bowed Legs


Untreated Burns

CURE Children’s Hospitals treat children with a variety of disabling conditions that often go uncared for in countries that have a lack of access to resources. Without treatment, these children are more vulnerable, often in pain, and left on the fringes of society.

Smiling Young Girl with Bowed Legs

Bowed Legs

A leg (or legs) that bows outward at or below the knee. This condition puts stress on the legs, which can be painful. The bow usually worsens over time, further limiting a child’s mobility and social interaction.

Broken Bones

For a broken bone, a trip to the emergency room is commonplace here in North America, but for many around the world, broken bones often go untreated. The bone heals in the wrong position and leaves children disabled and vulnerable to neglect and bullying.

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate

A birth defect characterized by one or more clefts (separations) in the upper lip or by a split in the roof of the mouth. This condition causes dental issues, feeding problems, and significant social challenges.



A congenitally misshapen foot twisted out of position, often resembling the angle of a golf club. Children can present with this condition on one or both feet, and it is very difficult for children to walk and be active.


A permanent shortening of muscle, tendon, or scar tissue producing deformity or distortion that is usually seen as severe scarring caused by untreated burns. This condition is common in medically underserved areas of the world.



Often fatal if untreated, this is an abnormal increase in the amount of cerebrospinal fluid within the cranial cavity that expands cerebral ventricles, enlarges the skull and forehead, and causes atrophy of the brain.

Knock Knees

Knock Knees

A condition in which the legs curve inward at the knees. Like bowed legs, knock knees can be painful and worsen over time because of the stress caused on the legs. Children with knock knees often experience bullying and rejection.

Windswept Deformity

A condition in which one leg is bowed outward and the other leg is bowed inward, causing the legs to look “windswept.” This treatable condition is severely debilitating and can cause pain, limitation of movement, and limping.

Spina bifida

Spina Bifida

A birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly. Treatment involves surgery and, in some cases, ongoing medical care. Spina Bifida is more prevalent in areas where malnutrition exists.

Spiritual Care

The good news of Jesus is shared in word and deed from the moment we meet a child to the last follow up appointment. Our staff is trained and passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with patients and their families. Physical healing opens the doors to spiritual healing in culturally sensitive ways that bring restoration and dignity.

An average of 51 people make faith expressions every business day.

“Patients that come see us are physically challenged, socially discriminated against, emotionally stressed, spiritually confused, and financially constrained. We want them to leave CURE physically healed, socially accepted, emotionally at peace, spiritually clarified, and financially empowered.”

– Earnest Kioko, Senior Director of Spiritual Ministry

Sustainable Care

The need in low- and middle-income countries is staggering. By training local surgeons, the impact across the country is multiplied and builds a sustainable model for future generations. One surgeon performs an estimated 400 operations annually, and a surgeon who trains two additional surgeons reaches 1,200 children.

CURE Neuro

CURE is a worldwide leader in treating children with the life-threatening conditions of hydrocephalus and spina bifida. Our on-site treatment and training hospital in Uganda performs surgeries for thousands of children annually and trains doctors from around the globe.



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“Kids right now who can’t walk, they’re being carried, who can’t go outside because their faces look different…they get to be kids again. Because of CURE… because of you and me and everyone else involved, kids will be kids again, and be able to walk and run.”


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