CURE International Newsletter, September 2019

Meet our “cover girl,” Loveness from Zambia!

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Letter from the President & CEO

“… store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:20-21
Roger Spoelman in Ethiopia

In the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, Jesus taught the importance of being good stewards of the resources that have come from His hand. There is a tangible and eternal ROI on your gifts to CURE International. This past year, I have had a front row seat into how your investment in our ministry has been multiplied, and I’m excited to share some examples with you in this newsletter. Because of donors like you, CURE is privileged to bring hope and healing to the people today that Jesus identifies with—“the least of these.”

We are committed to being transparent with you in how we’re stewarding what you’ve given. In applying Christ’s teaching, we take your gift – your eternal investment – and multiply the ministry entrusted to us in ways that further His kingdom. You’ll read about how your investment in healing has transformed the life of our tenth patient, who is now 24. You’ll learn about how CURE’s strategic training efforts invest in the future and multiply our ministry opportunities to reach more people.

We’re grateful to partner with you in bringing the kingdom of God near to those who are dear to Him.

Thankful to serve with you,

Dr. Roger Spoelman
President & CEO

CURE in action

CURE International operates charitable hospitals and programs in 14 countries worldwide where children with correctable disabilities experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them and receive surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity. 


Every day CURE hospitals average …

In fact, last year, the gospel was shared more than 77,000 times through:

Facing Forward 

Efficiency leads to more surgeries & ministry opportunities: CURE is on pace to do 3,000 more surgeries than planned. In addition, time spent with patients and families at mobile outreaches, hospital clinic days, and in the ward means we anticipate 16,000 additional ministry opportunities! 

CURE & International Aid

Our partners at International Aid have been equipping the CURE hospital network with medical equipment and biomedical technology support for more than 20 years! Their expertise in hospital equipment procurement, maintenance and repair of equipment, and biomedical engineer training has created great operational efficiencies for our hospitals, allowing us to heal more children. We are thrilled to announce that after this 20-year partnership and deliberate consideration by both boards, we have decided to unite CURE International and International Aid to leverage our ministry impact around the world. An in-depth announcement can be found at cure.org/internationalaid. 

Stronger Together

International Aid has been equipping CURE hospitals with medical equipment and biomedical technology support from the very beginning, and we are looking forward to what’s to come!

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on behalf of our organization and in the lives of our patients, their families, and their communities in incredible ways.

Tebow CURE Philippines completed it’s third-floor hospital expansion.
CURE Niger went “off the grid” by installing a new solar panel system.
Over 500 CURE co-workers have been trained to share the good news of the gospel.
Families often engineer their own “shoe raise” for a child with legs differing in length. Extra soles are added to the bottom of the shoe for the shorter leg, to make walking easier.


CURE Kenya’s tenth patient shares his journey of hope and healing

10. It’s the percentage of the world that’s left-handed and the number of hours of sleep that a baby needs, but it also has another meaning—for Shadrack. You see, Shadrack was our tenth patient. He is literally Number 10 in the whole history of CURE!

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Faithful volunteers bring excellence to CURE Niger through training programs

Paul and Maureen Sloan “get” CURE.

They embody our mission, they love our kids, and they’ve devoted significant portions of their lives in service to the “least of these.” The Sloans first came into the CURE orbit in the late 1990s when Paul’s colleague left his position to become the Medical Director of CURE Uganda.

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Paul and Maureen Sloan in Niger
Mark (red shirt), a biomedical engineer with International Aid, working with some of the CURE Malawi team. 


Partnership with International Aid extends CURE’s platform and increases quality of care for children

Mark Heydenburg, a biomedical technology trainer with International Aid, visited our CURE hospital in Malawi. His animated and adventurous personality, combined with his excitement to be working with CURE, came together perfectly as he offered his knowledge and skillset to the local staff.

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Many of us rely on our calendar or phone to prompt important reminders for things like birthdays, meetings, and events. What if you also had helpful prompts to remind you it’s time to update your estate plan? You may be surprised that these “prompts” are actually happening all the time! 

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“For only a small donation each month, I can be part of something miraculous—be a ‘Hero’ in someone else’s life. It fills me with purpose and gives me gratitude for what I have in life. Each donation is meaningful and comes with a photo and story of the child you are helping that month. Plus, you can subscribe to real-time updates and correspond with the patient. ”

Lenette Shultz – a Hero for five years and counting!

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