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$ 1,250 Raised

Goal: $ 4,000

Thanks so much for helping me join CURE in making a difference in the lives of women and children in Kabul, Afghanistan. I feel called to go to Kabul, not just because it’s the birthplace of my Father and sisters, but because it is also the land of the people my Mother loved.

There is a severe shortage of trained nurses and doctors, particularly female practitioners. During my time there I will be working with a team of professionals who provide medical care to help mothers and children.

CURE asks that all short-term medical volunteers cover their in-country expenses and contribute financially to patient care. It is my deepest desire to offer hope to the people of Afghanistan and make a difference. I believe that God is calling me there and that he will make a way where there is no way.

Please pray for me as I prepare to leave and also as I am working there in October/November. Pray that my attitude and actions will reflect God’s love. Pray for protection for our team and our families.

Consider prayerfully if you can help financially as well. I am asking you, the people I know and trust, to make an investment in me, God’s call on my heart and in abilities he has given me to serve and care for others.

My goal is to raise $4000 before September 17th. How can you help?

Afghanistan is about 6000 miles away. I will be there for 30 days. Consider giving $50 for a mile of my journey, or $ 150 for one day of my stay. However you feel led to help, any gift is greatly appreciated.

If you are led to give, thank you in advance. I promise to keep in and tell you all about my trip when I return!

If there are any additional funds raised, they will go directly to the Afghanistan Children’s Fund.


*Please note that all donations are in USD


This is the community of people who are helping me heal children:

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This fundraiser will benefit CURE Afghanistan:

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