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$490 Raised

Goal: $1,000

My school and I are going to try and fully fund Leila! We are doing a dance on February 4th to raise the money!
I know that is not far away, but with God, anything is possible!
Will update as the date comes closer! :)

I would like to personally thank everyone who has donated! We are right around $500. Let's see how far we can get!

Hey Everyone! The dance is on Saturday and because of your help and others Leila will be fully funded! Now My school and I are planning to help another child! Thank you so much and please keep donating! :)


*Please note that all donations are in USD


This is the community of people who are helping me heal children:

  • Beth Gave $100
  • Daniel Gave $200
  • Shelby Gave $20
  • Emily Gave $20

The following 1 kids through this fundraiser:

Emily Fidati$2002/01/2012

Isaiah 53:5 “By His wounds we are healed.”


God is able <3 Twas grace that taught our hearts to give and love that we give back.


May those of us who have been blessed, bless others in accordance to His will.

Shelby Grieshober$2001/31/2012

Shelby Grieshober donated $20.

Daniel Cline$20001/31/2012

God is the giver of Life abundant!

Beth Seitz$10001/31/2012

Beth Seitz donated $100.