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I have a passion for healing and believe that the greatest healing is 'the healing of the sin sick soul' (in the words of Keith Green)... and this only comes through Jesus Christ! I do also believe that the Lord can work through physical healing (along with the Cross & blood of Jesus) to bring about the emotional, mental, and spiritual healing of any individual heart and soul.

While I have not had the need for physical healing of a disability or disease myself, all of my other wounds and areas that needed healing have been taken care of by His wounds.

I have had the humbling privilege of knowing and working with folks who have a need for physical, mental, and emotional healing. Through working as a CNA, camp counselor, and soon to be Recreational Therapist (Lord willing), I sometimes hear the pain and struggles of their needs (but also the triumphs and joys).

I desire for my life to reflect and share with every human heart the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so they can find true healing, wholeness, and life through Him.

I want to finish what I began and continue this journey to raise funds and awareness for CURE, while pursuing my health goals to honor Jesus and the children He loves who need the work that CURE does.


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