Let’s help kids heal! 

 Come along side Joy 99.3 FM as we partner with CURE Internation-al Children’s Hospitals to provide surgery at no cost for children living with disabilities in low-income areas of the world. Your gift also funds gospel outreach to the patients and families at all eight CURE hospitals. 

Maryanne | Kenya

Nanga | Zambia

Jocy | Philippines

800 million people live in poverty & lack sufficient access to healthcare.

CURE treats patients at no cost to them or their families

$1000 can fund an  entire surgery 

CURE has witnessed over 280,000 decisions for Christ since 1996

 West Michigan impacts the world 

With your support, we know that our community can be a source of hope for many people around the world. Receiving surgery at no cost is a gamechanger for patients at CURE hospitals. Instead of feeling rejected and isolated, they can finally attend school and church. Let’s join together to support one of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Elsie’s Journal

Follow along with Elsie as she shares about her journey to the  CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda.

“Do you want to go to Uganda?”

“Well, yes, of course!”

When my boss asked me if I wanted to represent the radio station on a trip to Africa, the answer was an automatic yes! I knew it would be an incredible trip–the chance of a lifetime! I didn’t know it would change my life forever.

I’ve been in vocation ministry since I was 21 years old (so 22 years). I’ve seen and participated in many remarkable ministries over the years. However, I can say without reservation that Cure International is the most impactful, fruitful ministry I’ve ever experienced.

While in Uganda, our team had the opportunity to see the work of Cure up close and person. We witnessed the in take process, pre-surgery care, actual real life brain surgery, recovery in the ICU and the work of spiritual transformation through the pastoral team. I personally watched mothers with their children come to Cure International with utter desperation in their eyes. In a culture where those with disabilities are marginalized and access to quality health care is limited, I watched the fear give way to hope as they walked through the doors of Cure.

Cure provides healing physically, emotionally, spiritually and communally.

As a mother of a child that lives with disabilities, I experienced Cure in a very personal way. While advocating for my own son who has various physical and cognitive difference can be a challenge, I was overwhelmed by how “easy” we have it in the United States. My son has access to a world of resources simply because of the longitude and latitude in which he was born. The children we met had no hope, until Cure stepped in to help.

Having experienced the beautiful work of Cure first hand, I have committed to on-going, long term partnership with them. I know that when you give to a ministry, you want to know that there is an impact in the kingdom of God. The return on investment with Cure is seen through the thousands of children healed, the reconciliation to community, and countless souls who will now go to heaven. Would you join me in partnering with Cure?

Financial Responsibility

 Donor gifts help provide services at no cost for families living in poverty. CURE International is a top-rated nonprofit organization that adheres to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Learn more at cure.org

CURE International is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

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