Hope & Miracle

Hope and Miracle

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Hope and Miracle are brothers, twin boys who lost their mother before they were a year old.

Fortunately, these orphaned boys were taken in and cared for. It wasn’t immediately apparent that they were born with bowed legs, but when they had trouble learning to walk and crawl, their caregivers realized something was wrong.

They pursued treatment for Hope and Miracle, taking them to a local hospital. While the doctors there were unable to treat them, they did help them take a step toward healing by calling Dr. Maina at CURE Malawi. When he heard about them, Dr. Maina made the drive, a 10-hour round trip, to examine Hope and Miracle to see if CURE could help them.

A few short months later, Hope and Miracle arrived at CURE Malawi for their surgeries. These boys found healing, thanks to the faithful support of people just like you!

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