All information in this application is confidential and will only be shared with appropriate personnel.
Married couples/families should complete separate applications using a different email address for each profile.
Please be advised that each volunteer will be required to authorize a personal background check before being placed at a CURE facility.
Medical surgeons and anesthesiologists must do an exploratory trip first.
There is a $25 application fee that must be paid when an application is completed.
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled out before submitting.

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General Information

  • Male

Employment/Medical Practice

  • Yes
  • Yes

Religious Affiliation & Personal Insights

Trip Information

  • Yes


Volunteer Service Waiver

    • I, along with all members of my family in consideration of the benefits derived, if accepted for a CURE International project, hereby voluntarily waive any claims against the local and international organizations, local officer(s), sponsoring institution(s), and all leaders of CURE International for any and all cases in connection with the activities of the above organization. I have read and agree to all the information outlined in this application and its accompanying documents, including all the disclaimers.
    • I recognize the risks involved with international travel and will read the pre-trip orientation thoroughly.
  • Yes

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