Jorum Mugari

Spiritual Director / Zimbabwe

Jorum serves as the Spiritual Director at CURE Zimbabwe. In this role, he proclaims the gospel to families and children who are at the hospital for treatment. He also conducts spiritual services and activities at the hospital including leading corporate and individual devotions, as well as coordinating and supervising volunteer programs, community outreaches, and community engagement programs.

Jorum has an undergraduate degree in divinity and earned honors in missiology from the Theological College of Zimbabwe. He also holds an MPhil. from Queens University and Union College in Northern Ireland. In addition, Jorum has also completed an advanced Hebrew degree with honors in the linguistics department of the University of Free State SA. He also has experience working with children through Scripture Union Zimbabwe and has served as a full-time lecturer at the Theological College of Zimbabwe an affiliate of Zimbabwe Open University. Jorum is also an active ruling elder with the Presbytery of Bulawayo Zimbabwe and is convinced that God-honoring praxis comes from correct biblically-saturated thinking.

Jorum is married to Evah Mugari and has a daughter, Roseanne Gamuchirai Mugari, and a son, Adrian Njabulo Mugari. As a family, they enjoy the company of others, wildlife, and traveling.