Duane Cressman

President of Cressman Developments Ltd.

Board Member Since 2013

Duane is the founder and president of Cressman Developments Ltd., a real estate development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has been involved in developing residential real estate across western Canada over the past 30 years. Duane has served on many industry-related boards at local, provincial, and national levels, as well as in his local church and other para-church boards.

Duane and his wife Lori were first introduced to CURE in 2010 and fully bought in after their first President’s Weekend in March of 2011. Duane became a board member of CURE International Canada in 2013, and president and chairman of the Canadian board in 2015.

Duane and Lori have visited CURE Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zambia hospitals.

When Duane is not working, you can find him enjoying his family (two daughters and sons-in-law and five granddaughters) or riding one of his motorcycles.