Dr. Tihut Teshome

Pediatric Anesthesiologist / Ethiopia

Dr. Tihut Teshome serves as the pediatric anesthesiologist at CURE Ethiopia where she delivers anesthesia to each patient going in for surgery. In addition, she assists her team by evaluating, monitoring, and supervising the patient before, during, and after surgery. 

Dr. Tihut studied medicine at Jimma University Hospital and did a three-year residency at the Addis Ababa University School of Medicine. She first came to CURE Ethiopia for a one-month clinical and did her fellowship at Kenyatta National Hospital and CURE Kenya. Dr. Tihut believes in CURE’s mission and is excited to foster spiritual growth. She also loves transforming children’s lives, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Outside of work, Dr. Tihut and her husband have two boys together. She enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying all that life offers. She calls herself a lifelong learner and believes that everyone has a calling.