Dr. Greg Bellig

Pediatric Anesthesiologist
Private Practice

California native, Dr. Greg Bellig, serves on the team of CURE medical advisors, providing CURE with essential wisdom to navigate various medical decisions. 

He earned his M.D. from Georgetown University’s School of Medicine, completed a residency in anesthesiology at Northwestern Medical Center in Chicago, and underwent an additional fellowship training in Pediatric Anesthesia at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Dr. Bellig, his wife Julie, and their five children have loved and supported CURE for over 16 years, with direct patient care experience at many of CURE’s hospitals.

His passion and heart for disabled and marginalized children led him and his family to leave many years of private practice as a pediatric anesthesiologist in Sacramento, California, to serve as CURE International’s Chief Medical Officer from 2015 until 2020. After serving with CURE full time, Dr. Bellig’s family moved back to California, where he now works in a private practice anesthesia group in Walnut Creek.