Andrew Betteridge

International Owner's Representative & Project Engineer / Zambia

Andrew Betteridge serves as an International Owner’s Representative and Project Engineer for CURE International. He is the lead on construction and renovation projects as well as strategic facility investments across the CURE network.  He joined CURE in 2015 as a construction manager based at the CURE Ethiopia Children’s Hospital for a multi-year expansion project. From 2017 – 2021, Andrew and his wife were based at the CURE Zambia hospital. In 2021, they moved back to the US where he continues to provide engineering oversight across the CURE network and regularly makes technical visits to CURE’s hospitals in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, and Uganda.

Prior to CURE, he worked as a mechanical project designer and construction manager for an engineering firm in Pennsylvania and then moved overseas with the SIM Open Door Development team in Mahadaga, Burkina Faso to assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of a village water system, among other engineering initiatives. He holds a B.S. in Engineering (with a Mechanical Concentration) from Messiah College.

Andrew and his wife, Danielle, enjoy every opportunity to travel to new countries, are elders and youth leaders in their local church in Lusaka, and regularly enjoy cooking meals together or discovering new restaurants for their weekly date night.