Alexis Gilmore


Alexis (Lexi) is the CURE Storyteller in Malawi. It is her dream job, combining her passion for serving God, working with children and their families, and her love of telling stories through photography and video. She has a deep desire to care for the sick and the poor. Lexi had major orthopedic spine surgery when she was fourteen years old, and having a surgeon and staff pray with her before going under the knife made all the difference. She loves to witness God heal others the same way He once healed her.

Lexi earned her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Design from Full Sail University in Florida. She spent the last year in Auburn, Alabama, working as a graphic designer. Born and raised in Columbia, Maryland, Lexi has three younger brothers, a dog, and two cats! She is a typical mama’s girl who talks to her mom every day, regardless of the time change. Some of her favorite things also include boba milk tea, movies, headbands, live music, and her family. She is incredibly in awe
of God’s alignment and is blessed to live in such a beautiful and uplifting place as Malawi.