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  • Age13
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Dorcas's Story

“From the time I was born I have never been able to wear shoes,” says Dorcas.

Dorcas dropped out school last year due to the fact she is could no longer bear the pain of walking such long distance to school barefoot. Most kids would be h… Read more

“From the time I was born I have never been able to wear shoes,” says Dorcas.

Dorcas dropped out school last year due to the fact she is could no longer bear the pain of walking such long distance to school barefoot. Most kids would be happy to not have to go to school, but not Dorcas. “If I am not educated, I will not amount to anything in life” she informs us sadly. On top of this, both of Dorcas' parents passed away and she had been in the custody of her grandmother. Earlier this year, Dorcas moved and started staying with her aunt Prudence. Prudence has tried to get Dorcas back into school but unfortunately even in her area schools are far leaving Dorcas in the same predicament as before. Prudence tells us that, when they want to go any distant place such as church, they have to carry Dorcas on their backs despite her size.

It came as a huge relief and an answered prayer to both Prudence and Dorcas when they heard that a local NGO was searching for kids disabilities to bring to CURE Zambia. That's how Dorcas found herself here at our hospital! Dorcas is determined and excited to start her treatment, drawing comfort from some of the other kids in the ward who are already receiving treatment!

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Latest Updates

Jul 02, 2020

Dorcas is happy to be headed home! Dorcas was discharged and she is going back home with a cast on her leg for a couple of weeks. We will see her again when she comes back for a follow-up. Please remember her in your prayers and for her continued healing at home! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 30, 2020

Dorcas patiently waited for her turn to go into occupational therapy for a dressing change. As she waited, our staff member from the spiritual team came to encourage and pray for her healing. We could say that Dorcas had a successful dressing change today! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 29, 2020

When social worker Nina came to take the kids to the play, Dorcas couldn't wait for her and rushed to the playroom. Today Nina did a session of play therapy with the kids which is always popular. Dorcas' last dressing change has been scheduled for tomorrow and then she'll be out of here! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 26, 2020

Dorcas has gotten used to hospital such that she even knows how the daily routines! When we're having a conversation with her, she tells us "It's time is for the playroom so they will come pick us very soon." She has also gotten used to moving around with crutches and it will be easy moving when she goes home next. Since she's still here, Dorcas has been scheduled to have one more dressing change before she leaves us! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 25, 2020

Dorcas will still be around until early next week and she's ok with this since she has developed some good relations with kids, coworkers, and mothers who are in the ward with her. Today, Dorcas was given the responsibility to watch over baby Joseph when his mother went to collect food from our kitchen. She did a great job! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 24, 2020

Dr. Moyo was checking on Dorcas's during today's ward round! This young girl had another dressing change yesterday and the correction of her leg is looking good. So good that she has been cleared to go home! She will need to have the cast on for a couple of weeks. Prudence is working on their transportation arrangement so Dorcas may be around for a little longer, but we're excited with her progress! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 11, 2020

Else who runs our playroom ministry made a makeshift bowling alley out of water bottles and a ball. Dorcas LOVED this game and she is able to comfortably play from her wheelchair. She is pretty good at it and has been hitting most of the bottles when it's her turn! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 10, 2020

Is has become uncommon to find Dorcas alone as she's made a lot of friends in the ward and her best friend is Grace! Grace and Dorcas like to move around a lot. Dorcas is usually in front in her wheelchair and Grace is following slightly behind although they often work together with Dorcas providing balance for Grace and Grace helping to push the wheelchair! Their friendship is admirable. Photo of Dorcas

Jun 09, 2020

Today Dorcas and the other kids were learning about the letters of the alphabet. To make the learning process easy and the memorable, they were imitating the letters of the alphabet using their hands. Dorcas is still around and the way forward for her will be discussed tomorrow during the morning ward rounds. Photo of Dorcas

Jun 08, 2020

The doctors have officially discharged Dorcas but there are still some logistics to work out. Dorcas' Aunt Prudence has to go home, but since they live so far away they're trying to see if there's a way another family member can come stay with Dorcas and if Dorcas can stay here at CURE Zambia until her follow up appointment in a few weeks. Travel in Zambia, and especially travel with a child in a cast, is slow, laborious, and difficult. Prudence is working with our social workers to see what they can work out! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 05, 2020

Dorcas is not a fan of the pre surgery fasting (you can't eat for a few hours before surgery or you risk serious complications with the anesthesia) but thankfully she got to go into the OR relatively early in the morning. Her procedure went well and she's already back, resting up in the ward. Please be praying for Dorcas! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 04, 2020

A stay in our hospital is characterized with regular vital signs check ups to ensure the patients are doing well. Due to COVID-19, we have extended our daily temperatures checks to parents in the ward as well. As planned, Dorcas will be going to the OR tomorrow for a little follow up surgery! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 03, 2020

Dorcas is getting a beauty treatment. One of the other mothers in the ward offered to braid her hair and Dorcas happily agreed! Generally people in the ward become like one big family and take part in activities such as the daily ward worship with our spiritual department. These kind of things help strengthen the friendships among parents and patients! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 02, 2020

Today, Assistant Spiritual Director Na gave Dorcas a sweatshirt! There was a well wisher who donated a few sweatshirts a while back and, after noticing that Dorcas didn't have one as Zambia is starting to get colder, Na knew what needed to be done! Dorcas is pretty pumped about her new sweatshirt and won't take it off now! Photo of Dorcas

Jun 01, 2020

One of the great things about CURE Zambia is that the kids have are wide range of activities to make their hospital stay interesting! Because of this, when the doctors told Dorcas she'll have to stay at least another week with us, she wasn't at all bothered. Photo of Dorcas

May 29, 2020

Dorcas has moved beds today which means she's doing better after her surgery two days ago and doesn't need as close of supervision as she did before! She still has to keep her leg elevated for most of the day in order to keep swelling down. As such she is spending most of her day in bed! Photo of Dorcas

May 28, 2020

Our nursing staff carefully take care of patients in the ward. They're regularly checking the vital signs and keeping an eye out if any patient starts to feel a lot of pain. They make the the hospital experience for the CUREkids as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In this photo Nurse Trinity is updating Dorcas' file after checking in on her! Photo of Dorcas

May 26, 2020

Dorcas is back here at CURE Zambia for a follow up visit! Excitingly, the cast on her right leg was taken off and her foot is healed! Her healing journey continues and she is now scheduled to have another surgery on her left foot to which will complete her healing. We thank God all this exciting progress and we also thank you for partnering with us in Dorcas's healing! Photo of Dorcas

Feb 27, 2020

Joy and happiness at last! Dorcas has been discharged and she is going back home! This has made her happy for she will reconnect with the rest of her family members. We shall see her again next month when she comes for her check up and possibly a second surgery on her right leg! Photo of Dorcas

Feb 25, 2020

Dorcas dropped out of school last year because she couldn't handle the long distance walk to school. It was too painful to bear. Thankfully, during her stay with us, she is learning some things in our playroom. It's not much, but these little lessons will help her when she gets back to school after she is done healing! Photo of Dorcas

Feb 24, 2020

We visited Dorcas's bed to show her all the get-well messages and prayers you have been sending to her! There is an inherent sense of joy that comes to the kids when they are notified that there are people out there praying for them and wishing them well. Dorcas expressed this joy today as well. We promised her that we will be showing her the messages as they come in! Photo of Dorcas

Feb 20, 2020

We asked Dorcas, what she is looking forward to while in the hospital. Her response was "I am looking forward to my legs becoming straight." We assured her that her wish is coming true! Join us in praying for a speedy healing for Dorcas! Photo of Dorcas

Feb 17, 2020

Thankfully, Dorcas has had her first surgery! Dr. Moyo corrected her right foot today and will move on to her left foot with her next surgery. Doing one foot at a time will allow Dorcas to still get around on crutches as she heals rather than being bed bound as would be needed if both her feet were done at the same time. Please pray for Dorcas as she recovers from her surgery! Photo of Dorcas

Feb 14, 2020

Dorcas understands the importance of education, but her clubfoot has been holding her back. We are excited she has made it to CURE Zambia where she will be treated and, after she's done, she can work on achieving her education dreams! Pray for Dorcas's healing! Photo of Dorcas

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