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  • Age7
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Loveness's Story

"At the health center after her birth, they hid the baby from me. It was the first time in our community a child was born like this," reported Gloria, Loveness' mother.

When Loveness was born, her physical state was shocking to the staff at … Read more

"At the health center after her birth, they hid the baby from me. It was the first time in our community a child was born like this," reported Gloria, Loveness' mother.

When Loveness was born, her physical state was shocking to the staff at the health center and the people in her community. It was an emotional moment and they were unsure how Gloria would react to seeing her, so they opted to hide Loveness from her moments after she was born. However, Gloria insisted on seeing her child, “I got curious. I thought the baby was born dead, I insisted to see my child. They showed her to me, when I looked at her I thought she had a wound on the right leg - that she got injured during birth. I looked closely and I realized her right leg was short and the left leg was bent,” recalls Gloria.

Now five years old, Loveness was born with clubfoot on her left foot and her right leg ends above knee. They were advised to take her to a bigger hospital and at that hospital she received Ponseti treatment where thirteen casts were changed over a period of time. Her mother Gloria tells us that it helped to improve the shape of her foot but the clubfoot couldn’t be completely be corrected. Gloria hasn’t had it easy raising Loveness to this age. It has been the first time such as a case was recorded in the community and it has attracted mockery and laughter. This has taken a toll on Gloria's health, “ People use to laugh and mock me because of the condition of my child, it use to affect me to the extent that I use to have high blood pressure because of thinking about it. Sometimes when I am carrying her on the back, people would say, 'you are carrying her improperly' because they think I have squeezed her right leg and when I unwrap her and they see her, they feel pity,’’ Gloria narrates.

Fortunately, CURE Zambia has a mobile clinic in the northern part of the country were Loveness was brought. Her family got word of the upcoming clinic through a local branch of World Vision and at the mobile clinic, Loveness was booked to come to CURE Zambia for surgery. They are now here and the plan is to correct her clubfoot on the left foot through surgery and after she is healed, possibly provide a prosthetic leg for her right leg. Please pray for our lovely girl Loveness' healing!

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Latest Updates

Dec 14, 2020

Loveness has got her new, longer prosthetic leg today and she will be going back home! She's grown a ton and, unfortunately, prosthetic legs aren't able to grow. This new one is adequate for her height and she is now more comfortable when walking. She is will be coming back again mid next year for another prosthetic check up. Pray for their safe travel back home! Photo of Loveness

Dec 10, 2020

Loveness is back for a prosthetic adjustment at one of our partner hospitals. Excitingly, Gloria, Loveness' mother, and Loveness joined the team at CURE's mission support center in the USA for their morning devotions over video chat. Gloria shared her CURE experience from the time they first came to CURE Zambia last year. "The promised us that they will continue praying of us" Gloria said. Photo of Loveness

Oct 16, 2020

It is always exciting and heart warming to witness how a child's surgical intervention impacted their own lives as well as their family and community. We visited Loveness home and travelled over 1000 km from Lusaka. Her house was near our mobile clinic where we went to bring healing to other kids in need. Loveness was born with clubfoot on the left leg and a short right leg. We did surgery to correct the clubfoot on the left leg and provided a prosthetic leg on the right. This intervention has allowed this beautiful girl to live a normal life just like other kids in the community. Her healing has brought a sense of relief to the family and we thank you for partnering with us in changing Loveness' life! Photo of Loveness

Dec 19, 2019

Loveness has gotten so used to the prosthetic leg, and she walks comfortably. She can even jump and dance! From the time she was discharged, she has grown older hence the prosthetic became slightly shorter. Thankfully during this follow visit, it has been readjusted and the comfort has been restored. She has gone back home and we shall see again when she comes for another follow visit! Watch the video below to see her jumping with joy!

May 23, 2019

Loveness gets to go back home walking! Our little girl has been discharged! Last time she was discharged, she never went home, but opted to stay at a relative's place near CURE Zambia. The people back home have only heard about the progress she has been making, so they are anxious to see her! Loveness and her mother Gloria are excited to go and show the people back home how she is walking. We are thankful to you for your prayers and support of Loveness. She will be back in a couple of months for the follow up visit. Please pray for their safe travel back home! Photo of Loveness

May 21, 2019

All that Loveness needed was some motivation to get walking independently! We told her that if she didn't try and walk on her own then we would not take photos of her today. To the surprise of Gloria, her mother, and everyone else around, Loveness was on her feet and walking in no time! The physical healing has been done and what is now remaining is for her to mentally adjust and catch up to the new transformation that her body has undergone. We are thankful that she is coming to terms with that, please continue praying for Loveness! Photo of Loveness

May 10, 2019

Loveness has every reason to be excited! The discomfort when walking is fading away, and today during physical therapy, she walked more than she did yesterday! She is improving! She will continue with physical therapy next week and next Monday her prosthetic leg with be adjusted to perfectly fit our little champion! Photo of Loveness

May 09, 2019

Today Loveness made her first steps! She was a little bit uncomfortable and shaky in the beginning but this improved as she kept going. It was her first time walking in her life and so she will need a couple of physical therapy sessions to get it right, but we are so proud of the progress our girl is making so far! Please encourage her to keep going by sending her those get well messages, also remember to be praying for her to have more strength during physical therapy! Photo of Loveness

May 08, 2019

Our lovely girl was supposed to go to her prosthetic leg fitting today at the University Teaching Hospital which is our partner government hospital, but their visit has been postponed. She will instead go tomorrow, join us in praying that by tomorrow everything should be set! She did get to spend more time in our ward doing the things she likes to do such as being in the playroom! Photo of Loveness

May 07, 2019

Loveness was in the playroom with the other CUREkids! They sung songs and Rev. Na took some time to teach them in a practical way the Easter story with special emphasis on Jesus triumphant entry. Thereafter, they were let to play with the different toys in the playroom! Photo of Loveness

May 06, 2019

Rev. Na, our deputy spiritual director, reported back from vacation today and she was reunited with Loveness. It was a joyous moment as they were all happy to see each other. Meanwhile, Loveness will be going to have the prosthetic leg fitted this week! Photo of Loveness

May 03, 2019

Guess who is showing off her newly corrected leg? It's Loveness! Our sweet girl has been going to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for measurements for the new prosthetic leg being made and learning exercises on how to walk with it. The good news is that her prosthetic leg will be ready next week, after that she will start physical therapy and learning how to walk! Photo of Loveness

Apr 30, 2019

Lovely Loveness is back! The cast which she went home with has been removed and there is no need of putting another one because her leg has been corrected and healed! We have moved to the next step which is to provide a prosthetic for her right leg so that she can be walking! The process of getting a prosthetic leg made has now started, join us in thanking Jesus for Loveness's healing! Photo of Loveness

Apr 03, 2019

Loveness will be leaving the hospital today, but not quite heading home. She is going to be staying at a relative's place here in Lusaka while she waits for her next follow up appointment. This is the good for Loveness as it means she doesn't have to make the looong trip home and then back to the hospital when it's follow up time. As they were waiting for the relative to come pick them up, she found herself in the group of mothers and CUREkids on our lawn playing and doing crafts with the team from HOPE 587! Photo of Loveness

Apr 02, 2019

Our girl is happy today because, during her dressing change, there was minimal repositioning that needed to happen so there was minimal discomfort! The other reason she is happy is because she has been giving TWO dolls by our visitors from HOPE587! She wears one one her back like all the Zambian moms carry their babies and she carries the other in her arms. Loveness is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow and she should be back in a couple weeks for a follow up appointment! Thank you for your ongoing prayers for her and please continue! Photo of Loveness

Apr 01, 2019

Today in the playroom, Else was teaching the Bible story of Gideon! During the story time, Loveness was seating on the lap of one of our visitors from HOPE587, who are visiting us for the week. She will be going for another dressing change tomorrow. Please be praying for our girl's healing! Photo of Loveness

Mar 29, 2019

The happiness that Loveness's mother Gloria has as result of her daughter receiving treatment is priceless! She told us she communicate with the people from home updating them on the progress Loveness she is making. Loveness talks with her father on the phone telling him of the happenings in the hospital. She spends the most time telling him about what she does in the playroom. She calls it ku sikula (school). We are glad that that they are enjoying the time they are spending with us. We are also glad you are praying for her! Photo of Loveness

Mar 28, 2019

Loveness has gotten used to our hospital environment. She now loves being in the ward and playing in our playroom. She is scheduled to have another dressing change next week and after that she should be discharged home! Please continue praying for everything to continue as planned! Photo of Loveness

Mar 26, 2019

Loveness went to the OR for a dressing change today! Her mother, Gloria has been by her bedside monitoring how she is regaining strength from the anaesthesia. We thought this was the perfect time to show her a photo which was sent to us by one of the readers of Loveness's story, it is a photo of a boy with a similar condition like the one Loveness and he is able to stand because of his prosthetic leg! She was uplifted and also comforted seeing that her daughter is not the only with this condition in the world, we thank those who have shared their photo which has been a source of encouragement to Gloria! Photo of Loveness

Mar 25, 2019

The ribbon that Loveness put in her hair was given to her by the team from Woodmen Valley Church in Colorado Springs! She is still holding on to it like a little treasure, her mother Gloria was telling us that Loveness plans to go tell her father back at home about how they were playing with visitors and also about all the gifts they shared with her. Our visitors came at the right time and made our girl Loveness feel loved! Photo of Loveness

Mar 21, 2019

The Bible in 1 John 4:7-8 tells us about God's love for us and how we are supposed to love one another. "Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." Throughout their time with us, our visitors from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs have been a pure expression of love, a clear demonstration of what the Word of God tells us in the above quoted scripture. Today was extra special because they gave our CUREkids gift bags which will be constantly reminding them of the love God has for them! Photo of Loveness

Mar 20, 2019

Our girl Loveness has overcome her post-op discomfort! Today she got out of bed to go join our other CUREkids in the playroom. The kids are excited because they have company from our visitors from Woodmen Valley Chapel and are doing different kinds of fun activities with them. Please be praying for Loveness! Photo of Loveness

Mar 19, 2019

Meet our lovely Loveness! Born with clubfoot on her left foot and a shorter right leg, she is here with her mother Gloria for treatment! Loveness has had surgery on her left foot to correct the clubfoot, Dr. Muntanga did a posterior release and Loveness is currently recovering post-op. Please be praying for her! Photo of Loveness

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