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  • Age4
  • Conditionclubfoot
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The picture above is of CURE in Zambia. Everyone who serves with CURE in Zambia, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Thelma. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Thelma's Story

"I hope that my child will be healed. When she is playing with friends she says that the friends tell her that she has a disability but I assure her that she will be fine some day,” shares Francis, father to Thelma.

When her parents starte… Read more

"I hope that my child will be healed. When she is playing with friends she says that the friends tell her that she has a disability but I assure her that she will be fine some day,” shares Francis, father to Thelma.

When her parents started their family together they never imagined that their first born child would be born with a disability, yet this is the case of Francis and his wife. Thelma was born with bilateral clubfoot which was detected at the time of her birth. At the health center where she was born, they advised them to begin ponseti - a treatment for clubfoot where a series of casts are applied on the feet to straighten them over a period of time. Sadly, they only did the posenti treatment for six weeks, her parents became impatient and her father reported that they did not see any improvement and opted to stop taking her to the hospital for cast changes. They didn't seek any further medical attention for the four year old girl and they became hopeless.

“I want my girl to get educated so that she can in return come take care of me because of the things I have gone through to raise her this far,” says Francis. Her father is hopeful that the daughter will be healed even though when he arrived he was skeptical about her healing because of what he terms as “past experience” - the first hospital they had taken her to did not bring the desired outcome. “When coming, I had doubts that maybe she will not be healed because I had earlier visited a hospital for her treatment and she did not get healed, but now, I am hopeful that she will be healed because I have seen children been healed here even those who are coming for review,” narrated Francis. They heard about CURE Zambia through a local organization which contacted them when our team went to have a mobile clinic in their area. Please join us in praying for Thelma's complete healing and for her family's patience in the process!

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Latest Updates

2 days ago

Our sweet little girl got discharged! She and her father left for home in the company of other parents and guardians from the same area. She will be with casts for some weeks and then they will be removed when she comes back for review in a couple of weeks. Please be praying for Thelma! Photo of Thelma

Mar 13, 2019

Before heading to the operation room for her dressing change, Thelma was hanging out with her friends! In this photo, Simon is using crutches because both his feet are recently healed from bilateral clubfoot after receiving surgery. He was being a big help in trying to push her around in the wheelchair! Our girl went for a dressing change of her casts and she will be discharged this week, please be praying for Thelma and all of our CUREkids! Photo of Thelma

Mar 11, 2019

Thelma is a recipient of an illustration Bible which has been donated to our kids by Bible League International! Our spiritual centre has partnered with Bible League international which will be donating Bibles to kids when they complete the lessons. Thelma is part of the first group to receive the Illustration Bibles and many of our kids will be receiving these Bibles in the few days to come! Photo of Thelma

Mar 07, 2019

Thelma received a gift from CURE Zambia's theatre nurse, Bridget during a special time of giving gifts from our female co-workers in celebration of International Women's Day which is tomorrow. Medically, our little girl was supposed to go to surgery for another cast change but it has been rescheduled to next Monday since tomorrow is a public holiday in Zambia! Photo of Thelma

Mar 05, 2019

Our sweet girl Thelma has recovered from yesterday's procedure! Yesterday she had difficulties eating but today has been thankfully better. Francis told us that she had troubled him after she came back from the OT yesterday but today has gone much smoother. Please remember to be praying for Thelma! Photo of Thelma

Mar 04, 2019

Our sweet girl had another dressing change today! The correction for both feet is on course but she will still need another cast in the next week, after that she may be discharged to go home and continue healing from there. Please continue praying for Thelma's healing! Photo of Thelma

Mar 01, 2019

Thelma was at our playground with her father Francis having fun on the swing! For kids around Thelma's age, the hospital environment can become boring sometimes, but thankfully it is rarely the case here because she has options to play at our playground or go to the playroom! This makes her forget about some of the discomfort that may come with the healing process, please be praying for Thelma's healing! Photo of Thelma

Feb 28, 2019

Meet our sweet girl Thelma! She has a joyful and irresistible personality and is from the northern part of Zambia. She came with her father James, her mother remained at home taking care of her young sister who still a baby. Thelma was was born with bilateral clubfoot we are happy that they found out about us and have come to seek treatment. Dr. Lastroni did surgery on both her feet and she is currently recovering post-op, she still has a long way to go because there is a number of dressing changes and manipulation to do for her foot corrections to be complete. Please be praying for sweet Thelma! Photo of Thelma

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