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  • Age5
  • Conditiona joint condition
  • Next Appointment 03/12/2020

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Moussim's Story

"I'm going to be a farmer until I get enough money and then I'm going to put myself in the army," Moussim tells us in a matter of fact manner that implies we have asked a question with such ridiculously obvious answer, we should feel ashamed for ev… Read more

"I'm going to be a farmer until I get enough money and then I'm going to put myself in the army," Moussim tells us in a matter of fact manner that implies we have asked a question with such ridiculously obvious answer, we should feel ashamed for even asking. Moussim is a boisterous five year old who was born with a condition where he cannot fully extend his fingers and they are stuck in a clawlike position. His mother Amina tells us he struggles to complete daily tasks with the same ease and efficiency as his brothers and sisters do, but that he always finds away. Moussim, on the other hands, laughs us off with a dishonest bravado saying there is nothing he cannot do. While Moussim's condition inevitably makes life harder for him, he refuses to believe that he is at all limited. Even when the neighborhood children chase him called him names like "the handicapped kid." Even when he is reduced to tears by the cruelty of these other kids. Moussim always displays an admirable resilience and optimism for the future. Thankfully, Moussim's optimism payed off when one of our CURE Niger outreach teams visited his village and shared the hope of healing that we offer here! Moussim's family wasted no time in getting him here to CURE Niger and we're beginning treatment to straighten out Moussim's fingers and get him ready to be a farmer, a soldier, or whatever he wants to be!

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Latest Updates

May 09, 2019

"If they try to operate me this time, I will operate them back because I have scissors now!" Moussim tells us with that familiar mischievous glint in his eye. Moussim and his mom are back in Niamey to pick up some hard to find items that they can't get in their hometown and they stopped by to say hi! He says he's being diligent and still wearing the finger braces at night which is good to hear and we are so glad to see this little man again! Photo of Moussim

Mar 08, 2019

Moussi got discharged today! His casts were taken off and he was given some splints to wear. They're basically forms casted to the shape his fingers should be in and then his mom wraps his hands up tightly to the splints. These will continue straightening his fingers as well as keep them from regressing! We're bummed to see him go, but look forward to seeing how he's doing the next time he comes back! Photo of Moussim

Mar 05, 2019

For Moussim who just wants to run around all the time, today was a slow day for him. He found our solar panel ceremony long and boring so he crawled up into our Art therapist's lap and just sat there. After everything was done he was happy to be up and about again! Photo of Moussim

Feb 25, 2019

Moussim got two full hand casts today as he was having trouble with his individual finger casts slipping off as his fingers got sweaty from playing. They haven't slowed him down at all! Before he got these new casts though, he had an appointment with the doctor to check on his progress. The doctor is pleased with the straightening that has happened so far and how Moussim is using his fingers even with the way they are. The doctor was weighing the risks and rewards and decided to not schedule Moussim for surgery as Moussim's functionality is improving and there are numerous risks associated with an intricate finger surgery. The plan is to continue the casting treatment and then re-evaluate in a year's time when Moussim has grown a little more! Photo of Moussim

Feb 21, 2019

Y'all have been overwhelming with the amount of love you've been sending Moussi! Today we got a chance to sit down with him and read him a bunch of your get well messages. He loved them all and especially the ones that included photos so he could see who was praying for him and wishing him well! All in all, we were able to deliver all 11 get well messages you all have sent! So thank you! Photo of Moussim

Feb 19, 2019

High energy dancing and bad beatboxing is what's on the schedule today! Moussi and his friends get so into it that they can get out of control pretty fast, but it's these fun friendships that form between patients that are one of our favorite things about CURE Niger!

Feb 18, 2019

Moussi joined in on an art therapy session today and got his casts painted into little finger puppets which he could not be happier about! Photo of Moussim

Feb 18, 2019

We could not be happier to welcome Moussim to CURE Niger! He's here to get his fingers straightened out which will be a big job, but both he and we are up for it! The doctors have decided the best way to move forward is to use a serial casting method which means they'll stretch his fingers out, put a small casts on them, wait a bit, take the casts off, stretch his fingers a little more, put more casts on, and so on. It's a long and involved process, but it's liable to get the best results and means we get to spend all the time in between hanging out with Moussi (as his friends call him - pronounced like "muzzi")! Photo of Moussim

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