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Lovemore's Story

“He fell down when he was playing with a friend, but I am unclear what led to his falling. When he walks a long distance, he complains of pain. Also sometimes when he stands for a long time, he struggles to walk after,” shares Lovemore's mother… Read more

“He fell down when he was playing with a friend, but I am unclear what led to his falling. When he walks a long distance, he complains of pain. Also sometimes when he stands for a long time, he struggles to walk after,” shares Lovemore's mother Emerenziana.

Lovemore is a ten year old boy from Zimbabwe with a condition known as chronic osteomyelitis which he developed as result of the injury he had back in 2012. After it happened, he was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Unfortunately, the x-ray machine at the nearest hospital was not operational at the time of their visit and nothing was done to assist him medically. They went to another hospital and an x-ray was taken. It was established that he had a bone fracture in his leg. “They put a cast on his leg and a few weeks later, we went for the review. When the cast was removed, the wound was infected and pus was coming out. The wound was cleaned and he was discharged. I continued cleaning it from home till it healed," recalls Emerenziana.

After this ordeal the young boy healed and continued with his normal life though the leg was slightly bent. Unfortunately, something was brewing in the background. Its effects become more pronounced in 2014, the bending became severe and he started experiencing pain in the leg. Lovemore's family took him back to the hospital. Emerenziana tells us, “When the leg started bending, I took him to the hospital. They said they can do an amputation as the only solution or said we can try other private hospitals. We tried other private hospitals, but they all proved futile because we could not meet the costs that was required."

In the quest to look for solutions, they came across a Christian missionary who knew about CURE Zambia and assisted with the means of coming to CURE Zambia. We hope the fears that Emerenziana has for Lovemore will go away as she spends time with us. Kindly be praying for Lovemore!

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Latest Updates

Oct 30, 2019

Lovemore has been discharged! He is going back home to Zimbabwe where he will stay for a while as his surgical wounds heal up. Once they do, he will come back to have a prosthetic fitting and physical therapy to learn how to walk with his new leg. Please pray for their safe travel back home! Photo of Lovemore

Oct 28, 2019

Dr. Lastroni, was conducting ward rounds with Dr. Phiri, a postgraduate on internship here at CURE Zambia, Dr. Maweja, our medical officer, and several of our nurses. They reviewed Lovemore post surgery and he is doing well. Lovemore finally had his surgery to amputated his right leg as we had previously discussed. As his surgical wound heals, we will provide a prosthetic leg to Lovemore which will make him mobile again. Please be praying for Lovemore and his family! Photo of Lovemore

Oct 23, 2019

It is exciting for Lovemore because he has found friends in the hospital from Zimbabwe! At least he has people around who speak the same language and they have instantly clicked! Photo of Lovemore

Oct 21, 2019

Our playroom volunteer Else was teaching our CUREkids about how God created the earth. To make the lesson interesting, the kids were asked to paint sketches of different things that were created on different days. Today, they did day one and day two and the remaining days will be done in the course of the week. Lovemore gladly participated in this lesson! Photo of Lovemore

Oct 17, 2019

Lovemore is back! He has come back on an exciting note, Lovemore and his mother joined coworkers and visitors from Crossroad Bible Church to sing and dance together in our chapel during the morning devotion. To honor Lovemore and his mother's presence, we sung a gospel song from their country in their local language which was very exciting for them. Lovemore is scheduled to have surgery next be praying for him!

Jun 28, 2019

As hard as we've tried and as good as our doctors are, things just have not gone as we had hoped. After Lovemore's last x-ray we noted how he's going to need another surgery. Well things are even worse than we had thought. Today, our doctors had the hard conversation with Lovemore and his mom Emerenziana about how the treatment is not working and how the best way forward is to amputate and then get a prosthetic leg. Lovemore and Emerenziana were thankfully very open to the reality of the situation as they've been struggling with Lovemore's condition for years and through seemingly countless hospitals. They are ready to do what needs to be done and move on with their lives. Lovemore's external fixator was removed and he will come back in a couple months for surgery and the prosthetic leg. Please be praying for emotional strength for both Lovemore and his family because while this is the best option, it's not an emotionally easy one. Photo of Lovemore

Mar 21, 2019

Lovemore got himself discharged! He will be back for review after a couple of weeks, please pray that he continues to heal well from home and we will see him again in April! Photo of Lovemore

Mar 07, 2019

Dr. Lastroni was observing how Lovemore was doing with his crutches during the ward round! After taking another X ray post-op, it has been discovered that Lovemore still needs further surgical intervention. He will still be with us as we plan on how best we can assist him, please pray for our doctors and for Lovemore! Photo of Lovemore

Mar 05, 2019

Our physiotherapists have indicated that there is no need for further physical therapy because Lovemore is able to walk with crutches on his own! We are waiting to hear what the doctor will say tomorrow during the ward rounds in regard to the way forward. Our boy is likely to go home this week, we will keep you posted! Photo of Lovemore

Mar 04, 2019

Lovemore is still with us as he continues doing physical therapy which he has been steadily improving at! He will be reviewed this week and because of his improvement, he may be discharged soon. He still prefers to keep moving around in a wheel chair because he feels the external fixator on his leg feels heavy, the amazing thing is - he is getting used to moving with it because of the physical therapy. Please keep praying for Lovemore! Photo of Lovemore

Mar 01, 2019

CURE Zambia housekeeper Rose joined Lovemore and Chita and they took a photo together! Lovemore's mother excitingly told us that, "He is better today! He has managed to walk a long distance on crutches!" Lovemore has grown stronger and is now able to walk on crutches but he still needs more physical therapy to get used to walking with the crutches, please be praying for more strength for Lovemore! Photo of Lovemore

Feb 28, 2019

Today Lovemore with our other CUREkids were working on something interesting together! A pictorial illustration of the Bible story of Moses had been printed on sheets of paper with small pictures of the the different stages of the story, so they were instructed to cut the pieces of story then assemble them in order. Through this exercise they were reminded of God's story of rescue for the nation of Israel! Photo of Lovemore

Feb 27, 2019

Lovemore has continued with his physical therapy and in today's session he exhibited some improvements. In this photo, Dr. Lastroni was presenting his case to the medical and clinical staff during the ward rounds, he said that we will keep him until he manages to start walking with crutches, meanwhile, he will continue with physical therapy. Please be praying for more strength for Lovemore! Photo of Lovemore

Feb 26, 2019

We caught physical therapist Roxanne helping Lovemore during his physical therapy! Crutches have been prescribed for him and today he has begun physical therapy so he can learn how to walk with crutches. In today's session, he struggled to get used to them which is totally understandable because it his first time. Roxanne is so patient with him and tomorrow he will try again! Kindly show love to Lovemore by praying for strength during his physical therapy! Photo of Lovemore

Feb 25, 2019

Lovemore is doing fairly well as he is still recovering post-op! He is occasionally experiencing some discomfort, but he is pulling through. He is mostly in bed with his leg elevated, but he also gets to move around in a wheelchair sometimes. Please be praying for Lovemore's comfort! Photo of Lovemore

Feb 22, 2019

Lovemore's treatment is on course. The young man had the surgery on his leg and an external fixator was put to hold the leg straight! The state of his leg is quite complex and we pray that the healing goes well. Please join us in praying for the healing of Lovemore's leg! Photo of Lovemore

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