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  • Age9
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Sydney's Story

Sydney is is the eighth born in his family of ten, he has bowed legs but his condition was not much of surprise to the family because one of his elder brothers has rickets. His brother's condition diminished as he grew older but unfortunately for S… Read more

Sydney is is the eighth born in his family of ten, he has bowed legs but his condition was not much of surprise to the family because one of his elder brothers has rickets. His brother's condition diminished as he grew older but unfortunately for Sydney, the bending of the legs has been getting worse as he grows. Our young boy is full energy and his sister tells us he even plays football with friends back home.

His family's earlier attempts to get him treated did not bring about any results because they had taken him to a local clinic who in return referred them to another hospital. The hospital they said nothing would be done to heal Sydney and sent them back home hopeless. Luckily Sydney has a cousin named Goodson who has clubfoot. Goodson was brought in to one of our mobile clinics we held in Luapula province. Goodson was booked to CURE Zambia for surgery and transport arrangements were made for him to come. He has so far received surgery on his left leg, so when Sydney's sister who is based here in Lusaka came to see Goodson in the hospital after seeing some of the kids that we treat including those with conditions like the one Sydney has, they resolved that should also bring Sydney for treatment. The family arranged transport for him to come right away. We are glad that Sydney has found healing through his cousin Goodson who is also receiving treatment at CURE Zambia, what looked like a family curse is been eliminated through healing! Join us in praying for Sydney's healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Jan 31, 2019

Sydney is finally standing tall! Due to his continued improvement during physical therapy Sydney has been allowed to go home. He is able to stand and walk a short distance without crutches, so he will continue with the walking exercises from home and we will need to see him again after six months for review. He goes back home with a different story and he has been given a fresh chance at life with many more possibilities! We thank you for partnering with us through prayers and support for Sydney! Photo of Sydney

Jan 29, 2019

SO far, so good! Sydney's response to physical therapy is good, in just the past few days he is already able to walk alone without the support of anybody. Sydney is a people person and doesn't like to be alone in bed for long, he is always moving around with friends. This could be another reason why he's doing so well in PT! Please be praying for strength as he continues to exercise! Photo of Sydney

Jan 25, 2019

This was such a happy moment for Sydney's family! Sydney's two sisters came to visit him today and they were all thrilled with his healing. When they last saw him, he had casts and this is the first they've seen with straight legs! He continue with physiotherapy next week for strengthening his legs! Photo of Sydney

Jan 24, 2019

Sydney has only been here for one day and he is already making friends! There is no dull moment for Sydney because he is so friendly. His physical therapy starts tomorrow, join us in praying for Sydney's strength when he begins his exercies tomorrow! Photo of Sydney

Jan 23, 2019

Sydney is back, with good results! The casts have been removed and his legs have been healed. He is here with one of our other CUREkids Goodson who is his cousin, they are being taken care of by the same guardian, Blackwell. Sydney will be with us for several days as he will be having physiotherapy sessions. Join us in thanking Jesus for Sydney's healing! Photo of Sydney

Dec 10, 2018

Sydney was discharged over the weekend! He will continue with the healing from home and will be back for his follow up review early next year. What excites us most is that he has gone back home with both feet treated and we are now waiting and praying for his healing, please join us in praying for him! Photo of Sydney

Dec 07, 2018

The post-op recovery is going on very smoothly for Sydney! Today he went to the X ray to check post-op if the correction is in place and everything looks good! It's good that he has had surgery on both legs, this will shorten his healing process. Please be praying for Sydney's healing! Photo of Sydney

Dec 06, 2018

Sydney has had his second surgery on his left leg today! Dr. Lastroni did the surgery and it went on smoothly and he is now recovering. We took this photo a few minutes before he went to the OR, the first few days after surgery are tough so please be praying for Sydney! Photo of Sydney

Dec 05, 2018

Sydney has bounced back fast after his surgery! Within such a short period of time of his stay in the hospital he has already made friends and they have been moving around as a group in our ward. In light of the coming holidays in a few weeks it has been decided that will have his surgery on his second leg tomorrow to give us ample time to observe him after surgery. Please be praying for Sydney! Photo of Sydney

Dec 03, 2018

Meet Sydney the determined ten year old boy that won't hold back on anything even with his severe bowed legs! Dr. Moyo has just completed surgery on his right leg and the other leg will be worked on after two weeks time. He is in recovery and doing well after surgery, please be praying for Sydney! Photo of Sydney

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