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Goodson's Story

Goodson is a ten year old boy from the northern part of Zambia. Born with severe clubfoot, which has gone untreated, their first attempt seeking medical attention for him was unsuccessful when Goodson was three years old. “When he was three years… Read more

Goodson is a ten year old boy from the northern part of Zambia. Born with severe clubfoot, which has gone untreated, their first attempt seeking medical attention for him was unsuccessful when Goodson was three years old. “When he was three years old we heard of a specialist surgeon who visited a local hospital who was doing operations. By the time we were getting to the hospital the surgeon had already left. We were late and at the time, we did not have transport to follow him to the next hospital he visited, so we went back home,” recounts Blackwell, uncle to Goodson.

After the unsuccessful visit, Goodson lived with his clubfoot for years, but his grandmother continued seeking traditional remedies for him which did not bring about any change to his condition. ”A few months later after the hospital visit, the mother [sister to Blackwell] passed on so we took him under me and my mother’s care (his grandmother). His grandmother also tried some traditional medication which involved compressing his legs using traditional herbs but his legs did not change in anyway,” recalls Blackwell.

Luckily, they got word of an upcoming CURE mobile clinic which was happening at a local church about 15km from were they stay. They travelled on bicycles all the way to the mobile clinic. Goodson was seen and he was immediately booked to come for surgery at CURE Zambia. A few days later after the clinic transport was arranged in partnership with a local organization, they started the long drive to Lusaka. Blackwell tells us that they started off around 4:00am in morning and they finally arrieved in Lusaka around 7pm in the evening. It's their first time in Lusaka and not having any relatives here, they were anxious and worried what would happen since they did not know were the hospital was. “We arrived in Lusaka around 7pm, it was our first time coming here and we had no idea were to go when we were dropped off at the bus station. We had the number of the pastor [Pastor Harold, Spiritual Director] but we did not have a phone. It was getting late and after asking from several people to assist us with a the phone, at last a lady gave us her phone. We called him, I told him we are the bus station and he said we should not worry, he will come pick us up. After some time he came to the bus station and searched for us until he found us and brought us here. They showed us were to sleep and we were given food,” narrates Blackwell. We are thankful that they have made it safely to CURE Zambia! Goodson goes to school where he is in grade four and says he wants to be doctor when he grows up. He will get a first hand look at what that entails! Join us in praying for Goodson's healing!

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Latest Updates

Mar 19, 2019

Goodson came back for his follow up appointment, the cast on his right leg was removed and as you can see, his leg has been corrected! On the left leg which had surgery earlier, he is even able to wear a shoe! Join us in thanking Jesus for Goodson's healing! We also thank you for partnering with us through your prayers and support which has made Goodson's healing possible! Photo of Goodson

Feb 01, 2019

One leg healed and one more to go! See how far we have come with Goodson's healing together, we can loosely say that we are slightly more than halfway to complete healing in both of his legs! Together we are transforming a life, together we are giving hope to our bright boy Goodson. Will you continue partnering with us through prayers and support for our boy until the time he will walk on both legs clubfoot free? Photo of Goodson

Jan 31, 2019

Our visitor Matt, a resident doctor from Michigan, was giving Goodson a literal lift from the playroom! Goodson had a cast change today and the good news is that the first leg which had surgery late last year no longer needs a cast because it has been healed and now all that is remaining is for the other leg to heal. Please continue praying for Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Jan 29, 2019

The hospital is no longer boring for Goodson because he is surrounded by company almost all the time! Goodson has made many friends in the ward, like this time we found him hanging with Gideon and Sydney, his cousin. Medically speaking, he is stable and fairing well, keep praying for our good boy! Photo of Goodson

Jan 25, 2019

Goodson had a dressing change today! Both legs are healing up very well, but Goodson still has a couple more dressing changes to go. He might have another one next week before he leaves for home, be praying for him! Photo of Goodson

Jan 24, 2019

Celebrating their achievement! They say that 'teamwork makes the dream work', this team got together and built it as a team. Instead of doing individual activities in the playroom they decided to get together as a team, the friendships that these CUREkids have developed are deepening! Photo of Goodson

Jan 23, 2019

These boys are having a reunion! You might be wondering with who? The relationship with Goodson and the boy he is sitting with on the bed goes beyond this photo. The other boy on the bed is Sydney and these two are cousins! Sydney is here because of Goodson. When Goodson was brought to CURE Zambia, the family realized that Sydney's bowed legs could be healed so they made arrangements for him to come too. He had surgery late last year and he has come for his follow up review. Having a child in the family with a disability can be traumatizing, worse still if there are two in the family. Both have had surgery and they are recovering well which relieves the burden of having two kids with disabilities in the family. Kindly keep on praying that they continue healing well! Photo of Goodson

Jan 21, 2019

Thanks for your prayers, Goodson's discomfort has gone! His beautiful smile is back, and he has rejoined his friends in playing away from his bed since he is no longer confined there. We are happy that he will still be with us for a few more weeks for observation as well as for dressing change, continue praying for Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Jan 18, 2019

Next to Goodson's bed is a painting on the wall which was recently drawn illustrating the Bible story of Noah. Goodson continues to be improving and during the doctor's rounds with Dr. Maweja no concerns were raised. Please pray as we go into the weekend, he improves and that next week he will make more strides in healing! Photo of Goodson

Jan 17, 2019

There was no better way of starting Goodson's day than being handed a home made 'get well soon' card! He is holding on to it like a little treasure! This means a lot to him, we want to thank everyone making efforts to send cards to our CUREkids. Medically, Goodson is stable and the discomfort he was experiencing has reduced, please be praying for him! Photo of Goodson

Jan 16, 2019

The going is still tough for our boy Goodson, he is complaining of some discomfort in day one post-op. He is in bed with legs elevated to avoid swelling, please be praying Goodson's comfort, he needs them! Photo of Goodson

Jan 15, 2019

Goodson had his second surgery! When he was away in OT we had a conversation with his uncle Blackwell, we asked him how they were received back home when Goodson was discharged last year and he told us that they were well received! People back at home were happy to see his leg looking straight in a cast. We can just imagine how excited they will be when one day he goes back home with both legs corrected! That day is no longer far because our boy had his second surgery today and he is currently recovering post-op. It might be a rough few days after surgery so please be praying for comfort for Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Jan 14, 2019

Goodson will be having another surgery on his right leg tomorrow! His desire for learning is amazing and he loves to spend time in the our playroom were he has lots of different learning materials. We found him consulting Else on the work he had been finishing up. Please pray for Goodson's surgery tomorrow! Photo of Goodson

Jan 11, 2019

We asked Goodson whether he knows how to spell his name, he answered in the affirmative and he went on to spell it! We were excited about this so went on to ask if he could read and he said he can - especially if a sentence has easy words. That's when we pulled out your get well messages for him to read and they made him feel so encouraged! Goodson is a bright boy and with healing, his future will be even brighter. Thank you for supporting his healing and sending get well messages that encourage him!

Jan 10, 2019

Goodson is able to stand on the foot that had surgery and it is super exciting to celebrate his first healing milestone! We can't wait to see him walk on both corrected feet soon, please remember to be praying for the speedy healing of our boy Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Jan 09, 2019

Our CUREkids got together to paint! In December last year, World Vision Zambia donated some chairs and table to the hospital with other hospital supplies and the tables and chairs have come in handy especially to our CUREkids who are older like Goodson, they can now comfortably sit and do different activities. We are always happy to see how every form of support directly benefits those that we serve, we are thankful to partners like you who pray for kids and support them during their healing! Photo of Goodson

Jan 08, 2019

Goodson will be on a wound cleaning regiment for the next couple of days. This has not in any way deterred him from moving around and having fun though! In the photo you can see a bracelet on his left wrist which he made in our playroom and is pretty proud of. Kindly pray that his wound quickly heals up! Photo of Goodson

Jan 07, 2019

Goodson is back to continue with treatment in the new year! We caught up with him while the ward devotions were going on and he was participating from his bed. The cast he went home with has been removed and a back slab with bandages has been put on. Our boy is likely to have surgery on his other leg next week, please be praying for Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Nov 23, 2018

All is happy in Goodson's world! He was happy to share the popcorn with everyone around in the playroom. Goodson has been discharged and will be going home, and will be back for his review in January. Please keep praying for Goodson, we will see him soon! Photo of Goodson

Nov 22, 2018

Goodson had another dressing change today! He is happy that his new cast is below the knee which makes him mobile and gives him freedom of movement. When we went to check how is doing after the dressing change, he stood to show us that he is able to stand with new cast, keep on praying for Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Nov 21, 2018

The treatment plan for our boy is that he is likely to have another dressing change then he will be allowed to go home and come back after a couple of weeks for surgery on his right foot. He continues to make good progress, please keep praying for Goodson, he's almost halfway there! Photo of Goodson

Nov 20, 2018

Celebrating achievements! Everyone was making paper decorations in the playroom and Goodson was a part of the fun! After they all finished their creations, they got together to celebrate! The purpose of this activity was to teach team work as no one would have accomplished anything without collaborating with friends and they also learned some good communication skills too! Photo of Goodson

Nov 19, 2018

Goodson continues to do well, he had cast change last week! While has been here, Goodson is making some friends and we found him being pushed in the wheelchair by his new friend Timothy! Please be praying for our boy Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Nov 14, 2018

Goodson is managing pretty well! His recovery after surgery is going on impressively and he has been able to move around! Today we found him outside our grounds where he was catching some fresh air and sunshine, please keep praying for Goodson! Photo of Goodson

Nov 13, 2018

Meet Goodson! He is a 10 year old boy from the northern part of the country with severe clubfoot. He is here with his uncle Blackwell who is taking care of him. We are excited to start his treatment and witness his healing! Goodson has had surgery on his left foot, a talectomy was done and he is now recovering. Please be praying for Goodson! Photo of Goodson

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