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Vincent's Story

“From where the mobile clinic was happening and were we stay it’s about 30km, and I carried him on a bicycle to take him to be seen,” shared Mabo, father to Vincent.

Vincent was brought to one of our mobile clinics in Luapula province … Read more

“From where the mobile clinic was happening and were we stay it’s about 30km, and I carried him on a bicycle to take him to be seen,” shared Mabo, father to Vincent.

Vincent was brought to one of our mobile clinics in Luapula province with severe clubfoot. This seven year old boy came with his father who had tried getting him treatment earlier when he was two years old but it was unsuccessful. “When he was two years old I took him to a local hospital, they started putting him in casts. He had about three cast changes and the the legs were not improving, they said they can’t take him for surgery because he was still young,” recalls Mabo.

Despite not achieving the desired results, Mabo remained hopeful that his son would get treatment one day because he had heard about CURE Zambia and known some kids who had received treatment here. “After the failed hospital attempt, I was not worried because I knew that one day we might get a chance to come to CURE Zambia because I knew of some kids who had similar conditions who were treated and healed here. From that time we did not try any other treatment, we were waiting for him to grow up and bring him here for treatment.”

Five years later, Moba’s prayers was answered! One day he was listening to a local radio station and heard about the upcoming visit of the CURE Zamia team for mobile clinics in that area, ”I was listening to a local radio station that’s how I heard of the announcement that the team from CURE Zambia will be having a series of clinics. I made some follow ups to verify the announcements, I confirmed that the the announcement was real. Our nearest clinic was happening 30km from where we stay. I carried him on a long bicycle ride to go attend the clinic. After he was seen and booked for surgery by the medical team, we went where the pastor (CURE's Spiritual Director, Pastor Harold) was seated who told us that they will be going back to Lusaka the following week and offered to carry us along. After hearing this, I felt good because that is what I have been wishing, for my son to have surgery for a long time.“

Vincent's clubfoot disability has deprived him of the privilege of being in school because he is unable to walk long distances. When he does try, his feet start giving him pain and his parents thought it will be more like punishing him to enroll him in school, for he would be taking painful walks to and from school. Just like any other child around his age, Vincent plays with friends. The play is not always fun for our young boy, some days Vincent comes back home crying and angry because someone was laughing at him or mocking when playing, “He plays with his friends and when they laugh at him he gets angry and sometimes he cries, but I always encourage him that you will also one day put on shoes,” recounts Moba. Join us in praying for Vincent and supporting his future of attending school and wearing shoes through the gift of healing!

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Latest Updates

Feb 01, 2019

Vincent's clubfoot has been corrected through surgery! When he came back for the follow up review, Mabo his father, narrated to us how people back home were surprised to see him with above knee casts when they went home last time. He says he told them they will understand when they go back home after this visit. What he meant was that the transformation is very visible! Vincent is slowly adapting to walking after being in casts for some time, our physiotherapy team have given him crutches to assist when walking until he gets used to it. He has been discharged and he will be leaving for home this weekend, we thank you for your prayers and support which has made Vincent's healing possible! Photo of Vincent

Jan 31, 2019

It's a wheelchair parade! Our kids were all on their way to go to the OT for dressing changes today! Vincent received good news - when he got in the OT things changed because of HEALING! Vincent no longer needs casts because both his legs have been corrected and healed! He will do physical therapy for a few days before going home. Join us in thanking Jesus for Vincent's healing! Photo of Vincent

Jan 29, 2019

Admirable fatherly love towards his son! Mabo, Vincent's father, has been a pillar of support and strength for the young Vincent. In a society where taking care of children is usually viewed as a mother's responsibility, Mabo has gone against the stereotype and has been by his son's side throughout his treatment journey so far. We are happy that through our daily ward fellowship he is strengthened by the prayers and the words of encouragement that are shared. You can also be there for Vincent and Mabo by praying for them! Photo of Vincent

Jan 25, 2019

Vincent had a dressing change today! With every cast change it means he is drawing closer to healing. He may have another one next week and then be able to go home for a few weeks. He is still feeling drowsy because of the anesthesia from the operating theater, please keep praying for him! Photo of Vincent

Jan 23, 2019

Flying up high on the swing! Vincent has been at our playground playing on a swing with a friend, it's good that he decided to do that today because tomorrow he might go for a dressing change then be discharged home on Friday! Photo of Vincent

Jan 22, 2019

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.” John 13:34 It’s satisfying witnessing the fulfillment of scripture, not only is there fellowship among the CUREkids but also among the parents, like in this instance a parent was cutting another parent’s hair as they were seated under the shade on our lawn. Please be praying for our CUREkids and their parents and guardians! Photo of Vincent

Jan 21, 2019

When Vincent saw us with a camera he started posing and when we showed him his photos, he was happy as usual, seeing himself in the camera. He will be having a dressing change this week and then he will go home for a couple of weeks! Photo of Vincent

Jan 18, 2019

Our hospital setup is structured in such a way that encourages togetherness among guardians, parents and our kids. We have daily fellowship in the ward where all the parents get together to pray and worship God and for the kids there is always something going on in the playroom which brings them together and to create friendships. Impressively, we see the pattern of togetherness carried over even in the ward, like in this case we found Vincent, in the company of the kids, parents and guardians! Photo of Vincent

Jan 17, 2019

Received with thanks and love! Vincent couldn't wait to show us his get well message, he loves it! We are very thankful to those who have sent the get well cards to our CUREkids - they really touch their hearts knowing that there are people out there who love and care for them. Vincent will be going for a dressing change tomorrow! Photo of Vincent

Jan 16, 2019

Today in the playroom, Else was teaching the kids about the Bible story of Noah. She brought along an illustration of the ark so the kids could easily visualize the story. To illustrate the rains in the story, they were told to make the noise of the rains by making drumming sounds on their lap with their hands which was super fun! Vincent loved being a part of this Bible story learning and fun! Photo of Vincent

Jan 15, 2019

He was supposed to go for a dressing but it as been moved to Friday, the exciting thing though is that he is still staying with us because after the dressing change he is likely to go home. He is been making lots of movements around our hospital yard and the ward in a wheel chair. We pray that the the next dressing change will be the last one as he will be healed by then! We encourage you to join us in praying for Vincent! Photo of Vincent

Jan 14, 2019

Learning from his bed! Vincent has above knee casts which limit his movements and he is confined to the bed most of the time, however, this doesn't stop him from participating in the activities that the other kids are doing in the ward. He was busy learning the alphabet by tracing dot to dots which form letters from the alphabet. He will be going for another cast change tomorrow, kindly be praying for Vincent! Photo of Vincent

Jan 11, 2019

Vincent had another cast change today, above knee casts have been on both feet! We took this photo before the cast was applied to show you the progress which has already been made in Vincent's healing and it's very impressive! Keep praying for him, he will be in casts for another couple of weeks! Photo of Vincent

Jan 10, 2019

Today Vincent decided to show us his beautiful smile! He is doing so well and fully participating in the daily activities we have for the kids as he waits to have cast put tomorrow. Thank you for praying for Vincent! Photo of Vincent

Jan 09, 2019

Vincent is back! His legs have attained a significant degree of of correction but he still needs another pair of casts which will probably be the last pair of casts we will apply. Mabo, his father, said people back home were surprised that he went back with an above knee cast but he was confident to assure them that when goes back after he comes for review they will see the results! This shows us how confident Mabo is that his son is getting healed! Photo of Vincent

Nov 21, 2018

Vincent is going home! During the dressing change yesterday we noticed that all the wounds on both legs have dried up and because of that, he has been discharged to go continue with his healing from the comforts of home. They will likely to leave tomorrow, please pray for their safe travel back home and for Vincent's continued healing! Photo of Vincent

Nov 20, 2018

Vincent had a dressing change and wound dressing today! His father Mabo shared with us how pleased he is that during their stay with us, both of Vincent's legs have been treated! He is happy that this will make his healing period relatively shorter. Kindly continue praying for Vincent's healing! Photo of Vincent

Nov 19, 2018

Rev. Na our deputy spiritual director was teaching the kids in the playroom about the birth of Jesus. She had pictures which showed different stages of the Jesus story and the kids were challenged to identify the missing photos in the story and together they were built the events in order. Vincent actively participated and had fun with it! Photo of Vincent

Nov 14, 2018

Vincent's recovery post-op is still progressing, he was unable to go to the playroom but he was given some papers and crayons to color from his bed and this kept him busy! Please be praying for his speedy recovery! Photo of Vincent

Nov 13, 2018

Vincent had his second surgery today! In the quest to get complete healing for both his feet, Vincent had his second procedure today on his left foot. He now has casts on both his feet which will make getting around more of a challenge! He is recovering post-op so please pray for his comfort and for his patience with the process! Photo of Vincent

Nov 12, 2018

We found Vincent hanging out with his new friend Timothy! He has been slowly making some friends and has been spending more time with them and we are noticing that he's becoming more happier when he is with his friends! He is likely to have a dressing change and get a new cast this week, please remember to be praying for him! Photo of Vincent

Nov 09, 2018

Nshima is widely enjoyed in Zambia and Vincent also loves it! We found him munching on his meal and asked him whether we could join him, he gladly accepted! Please continue praying for our generous Vincent! Photo of Vincent

Nov 08, 2018

When nurse Ruth was busy writing notes in his file, Vincent was busy entertaining himself as he was looking out the window. Today he was in bed most of the time with his leg elevated because he had a dressing change yesterday. Our boy needs your prayers, please remember to pray for him! Photo of Vincent

Nov 07, 2018

Vincent went in for a dressing change today! The old cast was removed and the wound was cleaned, then a fresh cast was put on. His foot is looking good and the correction is coming along very well. Once the right foot is healed, we will move to the left. Please continue to be with us on Vincent's healing journey by remembering to pray for him! Photo of Vincent

Nov 06, 2018

Today Vincent was in the playroom where the kids were assembling a puzzle together, Else came to their aid and helped them solve it faster! Because of his time spent in the playroom, Vincent has started making friends which makes the healing process go faster! Please continue praying for Vincent, that he would experience both physical and spiritual healing! Photo of Vincent

Nov 05, 2018

Vincent is getting stronger! He is able to push himself in a wheelchair and because of that, today he even joined the rest of the kids in the playroom to play. He might have a cast change this week, please keep praying for Vincent! Photo of Vincent

Nov 02, 2018

Vincent is getting better by the day! He was outside on the grass keeping cool under the shade because Zambia is experiencing hot temperatures. The discomfort he was feeling on the leg that was operated on is slowly fading away, please pray that by the end of the weekend he won't feel any pain! Photo of Vincent

Nov 01, 2018

Vincent and his father Moba participated in our daily ward devotion this morning! It was held near his bed so from there, they both joined in the singing and prayer with other parents and guardians who shared testimonies and messages of encouragement to each other. Our Pastor Lubasi led them in prayer. Vincent continues to improve post-op and please keep your prayers coming for his healing! Photo of Vincent

Oct 31, 2018

Good news for Vincent! Within a short period of being with us, he has received his surgery! Dr. Moyo started with his right leg were a talectomy was done. After it heals, we will move to the left leg. He is currently recovering steadily post-op, please be praying for our boy as the first few days after surgery are usually tough! Photo of Vincent

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