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Patrick's Story

“Before we brought him here he would ask, 'Why are my friends wearing shoes but I can’t? Is there a time I will wear shoes in my life?'” shares Moba, Patrick's guardian.

Patrick is a ten year old boy whose biggest wish is to put on sho… Read more

“Before we brought him here he would ask, 'Why are my friends wearing shoes but I can’t? Is there a time I will wear shoes in my life?'” shares Moba, Patrick's guardian.

Patrick is a ten year old boy whose biggest wish is to put on shoes! He currently is unable to wear shoes because he of his severe neglected bilateral clubfoot which has gone untreated for the past ten years. Sadly, Patrick’s biological mother passed on when he was about a year old, his father went on to marry another woman and his stepmother has not been accepting of him because of his condition. Patrick was subjected to ill treatment when he was growing up and this is largely the reason why they never bothered to seek medical attention for him when he was still a baby.

Ordinarily kids start school when they are about seven years old in Zambia, but in the case of Patrick, that didn’t happen and there was no intent to enroll him because the nearest school is very far from his home. He would have never been able to walk the long distance because of the disability in his feet. We are thankful that there was a good samaritan who identified him from the community and knew about the existence of a mission school run by a church that takes care of children with disabilities. Out of generosity, they enrolled him in that school in January of 2018.

He was enrolled in grade one and the administration advocated to connect him with CURE Zambia. A few years ago, they had three children under their care who came for treatment for various conditions and they are were all healed! With transport support from his good samaritan, Patrick finally came to CURE Zambia for treatment! Patrick’s childhood has been difficult because of his disability but we are happy that he is now able to receive the treatment he needs, with your support, that will turn his life around. Please join us in praying for Patrick's transformation and healing!

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Latest Updates

Dec 12, 2018

Dr. Moyo was having a light moment with Patrick during our ward round today! Patrick will be going back home tomorrow and we will see him again early next year. We have had a good time getting to know him and we will definitely miss him! While he is away, kindly remember to be praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Dec 11, 2018

Patrick had another cast change today! This is his last cast change this year, we will continue his treatment early next year when he will have another surgery to further correct his feet. He will be leaving for home as a group with kids from his school this week, remember to be praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Dec 10, 2018

Patrick the artist! We met him on his way back from the playroom with papers in his hands. We asked what it was that he was carrying and he told us that they are pieces of paper he made from the playroom. The games and activities in our playroom really do keep Patrick busy and he likes it! Your support helps us to not only treat feet but also inspire minds and creativity - thank you! Photo of Patrick

Dec 07, 2018

Patrick is determined to walk! It's always a gift for Patrick when he gets below knee casts because they enable him to walk. We thought this time around he wouldn't be able to walk with casts because of the manipulation done to the legs ,but we have realized that we were wrong! Patrick is back on his feet and clearly has the desire to one day walk properly without casts on his feet! Please pray for this to soon happen to our boy! Photo of Patrick

Dec 06, 2018

Patrick has spent so much time with us that he has knows most all corners of the our hospital campus! He has become fond of moving around and touring the hospital either in the wheel chair or walking, but when walking he just walks within the ward because he can't very far in his casts! Photo of Patrick

Dec 05, 2018

We found Patrick playing in the corner of our playroom today. We wanted to take a photo of him without him noticing but our plan didn't work because he saw us before we could sneak one! He will have another dressing change next week, that's when he will leave for home with the rest of the kids from his school. Please continue your faithful prayers for his healing! Photo of Patrick

Dec 04, 2018

Our boy Patrick had a dressing change today! A significant degree of correction has been attained but we will need to do another surgery early next year to achieve desired position for his feet. He will be allowed to go home for the holiday season and we will see him again early next year for surgery. Please continue praying for Patrick's full healing! Photo of Patrick

Dec 03, 2018

They have a lot in common! The boy with Patrick - his name is also Patrick! They both come from the same school which looks after kids with disabilities, they both have clubfoot and they are both receiving treatment for their conditions at CURE Zambia. The other Patrick came in a few weeks ago with three other girls with different conditions, thankfully they have all had surgeries and they are now recovering well post-op please, be praying for the healing of all our CUREkids! Photo of Patrick

Nov 30, 2018

Patrick and a group of his friends were playing in the ward! Patrick is a people person and likes to be a company of friends most of the time, and his friends also love his company because of his warm and friendly personality. Please be praying for our lovely boy! Photo of Patrick

Nov 29, 2018

Patrick is back to his walking ways! Luckily for him the cast they put on him yesterday is below the knee, restoring his mobility. He was very quick to show his generosity, happily pushing Mercy around the ward. Patrick's healing is progressing well, but we will still keep him for observation, please keep on praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Nov 28, 2018

We shared your Get Well messages and prayers with Patrick! He is happy to hear that people are praying for him! Your messages cheered him up when he came back from the OT for a dressing change. Please be praying for Patrick as he recovers! Photo of Patrick

Nov 27, 2018

Patrick was playing with Savior in the playroom and they had loads of fun, check it out!

Nov 26, 2018

Patrick was playing with a toy car from the playroom in our corridors! Our boy continues to do well, and he's used to our environment now so he engages in different types of play. There is no dull moment for Patrick, may you continue to pray for our adventurous friend! Photo of Patrick

Nov 23, 2018

Rev. Na, Deputy Spiritual Director, was sharing Bible stories with the kids in the playroom. Todat she brought along some popcorn which the kids were enjoying as she was sharing the Bible stories. Patrick was very happy with this gesture! Photo of Patrick

Nov 22, 2018

There is an artist who has come through to paint Bible scenes in our children's ward, and to our amazement, Patrick seems to be very interested in what the artist is doing. We have been seen him following her several times, curiously watching what she drawing. We are glad that he has this interest because on a weekly basis he also has a chance to paint the playroom! Photo of Patrick

Nov 21, 2018

Patrick has an infectious smile which fills the whole room! Thankfully there are now kids from his school which have come through for treatment and they have come with a guardian from school, so his family has grown bigger and the guardian they came with is also taking good care of him! Lots to be thankful for, including your continued prayers for him! Photo of Patrick

Nov 20, 2018

Patrick had another dressing change today! A fresh pair of casts have been placed above the knee on both his legs, we will wait to hear what the doctor says tomorrow during the ward round on whether he will continue to be with us or if he will get to go back home! Please be praying for Patrick's healing! Photo of Patrick

Nov 19, 2018

Patrick was on the swings today! He has made his cast near the knee loose by his continued attempts to walk and because of the looseness on the knee, Patrick is back to his walking ways! He has not let the casts interrupt his play time and we found him enjoying our playground! Photo of Patrick

Nov 14, 2018

Our other CUREkid, Nkandu, has been taking care of Patrick's needs today! He went to get food for him and they were even eating from the same plate - such kindness! Patrick is receiving love and care from all over which includes you through your get well messages and prayers - please keep them coming! Photo of Patrick

Nov 13, 2018

In the playroom today the question was asked, 'do you value yourselves'? Everyone said 'yes!' The next task was to draw a self portrait and this how Patrick's self portrait looked like as he was still drawing it. He really got into this activity because it reminded him of his value and that God values him too! Photo of Patrick

Nov 12, 2018

Patrick's new casts are already developing some cracks because he's been moving around despite them been above his knee! Patrick's determination to walk always amazes us, we are looking forward to his complete healing, please be praying with us for this! Photo of Patrick

Nov 09, 2018

When we were having our combined ward devotions with all co-workers, parents, guardians and patients got together in the ward, Patrick was participating from his bed with a toy car in his hands! Patrick is doing well medically and he spends time with friends playing in the ward, please keep on praying for our smiley Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Nov 08, 2018

We asked Patrick how he will be walking since the new casts are above his knee and his response was, "They feel heavy now, when moving I am using a wheel chair!" Patrick moved from his bed to get to the other side of the ward where Leviticus and Bupe were playing together! It looks like Patrick will make it work and he won't get discouraged! Thank you for your continued prayers for his perseverance! Photo of Patrick

Nov 07, 2018

Patrick had a dressing change today and as you can see from how dirty his casts were, it was time! Before going for the dressing change, Patrick wanted to show us how his old casts were looking underneath because of all his walking. Thankfully they have been replaced with new ones but we are certain they will soon be like the old ones because our strong boy will in no time start walking on them again, please continue praying for his healing! Photo of Patrick

Nov 06, 2018

Patrick is enjoying walking more nowadays! He no longer uses the wheel chair whenever he wants to move around, he now walks! We found him walking from the playroom to the his bed and carrying some toys he was given at the playroom. His determination always impresses us, please continue praying that our boy gets stronger and that he continues healing! Photo of Patrick

Nov 05, 2018

Patrick has begun singing some the songs they sing in the playroom and also becoming familiar with some of the games and gospel lessons they do in the playroom! The activities in the playroom keeps him busy and he always looks forward to it. Today we saw him making friends with kids who have just been admitted in the hospital, we are happy to see Patrick making a family here and we are also equally happy for you, his other family which is always praying for him! Photo of Patrick

Nov 02, 2018

Patrick is getting stronger! One of the mothers told us that she saw Patrick walking on his casts yesterday, we were happy to hear this news and for a moment we thought we had missed witnessing a great moment for Patrick! Our thoughts were wrong because the moment lives on, we found him walking around today and we have noticed he has graduated to using less of the wheel chair when moving. This is a great sign of healing taking place! Pray for more strength and healing for our fighter Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Nov 01, 2018

"God has promised that He will never flood the earth again!" read the message in the middle of the painting Patrick was showing us. In everything that the kids do in the playroom, they are always reminded about the love of God and that He is always there for them - all the time! Photo of Patrick

Oct 31, 2018

Patrick was hanging around with his friend Leviticus in shade to keep cool from the hot temperature. Patrick is friendly and gets along with almost everyone, we were showing him some photos of his friends back from his school which we visited last week. He was naming the kids in the photos and he was happy to see them, we are equally happy that you are praying for him, please continue! Photo of Patrick

Oct 30, 2018

Patrick's expected relative has not arrived quite yet, but the good news is that our nursing team and everyone here are taking really good care of him! He doesn't feel alone because he is surrounded by love and we are thankful for the love you're showering on him by praying for him and sending in all your encouraging get well messages, please continue Patrick needs them! Photo of Patrick

Oct 29, 2018

Patrick is doing well, both his legs are in casts but that is not stopping him from having fun! The friendliness of our staff and patients keeps him busy as the healing process is taking place. He is making friends and spends time playing which makes him happy, keep on praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Oct 23, 2018

Patrick’s guardian Moba has gone back home, because he has get back to his job of doing physiotherapy to the kids at the special school were Patrick is coming from. He travelled with the team that went for mobile clinics a province to the far north of the country. Patrick remains in the able care of our nursing staff and arrangements are being made for a relative to come join him in the hospital as he is still undergoing treatment. He is expected to have another surgery to get proper correction of his legs because they were very severe, please be praying for Patrick he still has a long to go! Photo of Patrick

Oct 19, 2018

Meet Patrick! Patrick has neglected clubfoot and it is very severe, he has so far received two surgeries and his treatment is still on going. He is currently doing well, please be praying for Patrick as he undergoing treatment at CURE Zambia! Photo of Patrick

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