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Patrick's Story

“They call me ichilema (a disabled),” narrated Patrick as he broke down in tears recalling how he feels when people mock him.

As Patrick was growing up and starting to comprehend the words being spoken to him and when he started interact… Read more

“They call me ichilema (a disabled),” narrated Patrick as he broke down in tears recalling how he feels when people mock him.

As Patrick was growing up and starting to comprehend the words being spoken to him and when he started interacting with friends, sadly among the first words he heard were words of laughter and mockery because of his clubfoot, an experience which has become common now for five years. Not only has it been affecting Patrick, it has also psychologically affected his mother Mildred. Patrick is the only boy in his family dominated by girls, it was heart breaking when the fourth born in the family of five was born with clubfoot. “I was longing for a male child, unfortunately he was born like this. I used to cry because he is the only boy I have but people use to encourage. The father was equally not pleased with his condition when he was born, my family feels pity for him. What is also painful is when he comes back from playing crying because his friends were laughing at him.”

It was the first time Mildred had seen a child with clubfoot, but when she started going to the hospital for ponseti treatment, she started seeing other kids with the same condition. They did not continue with ponseti because Patrick's mother believed she was not seeing any difference. Unfortunately they haven't enrolled Patrick in school yet because they think fellow pupils at school will be laughing at him and it would affect his education.

Thankfully, they are here at CURE Zambia and the shame associated with his disability will go away because his healing process has begun! They knew about CURE Zambia when our team held a mobile clinic at a church near were they live and Partrick happened to be one of the kids who was booked for surgery. In collaboration with a local organization, transport arrangements were made for the to come to CURE Zambia.

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Latest Updates

Jun 03, 2019

We visited Patrick at his home more than 1,000 km from CURE Zambia! Through the visit we realized that when a child gets healed from a disability, it is the entire family that gets healed. They all shared the shame that was attached to Patrick’s disabilities, but now they are all share the joy that has come with his healing! This young man is now able to play with his friends join in the games he use to have to sit out of when he had his clubfoot. Join us thanking Jesus for Patrick’s healing! Photo of Patrick

Dec 04, 2018

Patrick went back home with a healed foot! Before he left we captured this beautiful happy moment of him walking with shoes on both feet! Once again, THANK YOU for working with us to make it possible for Patrick to be clubfoot free, what was a source of shame for him has been healed!

Nov 30, 2018

It's all smiles at last! It's as if Patrick's mother anticipated his healing because she brought along his shoes when the pair came for his follow up review. Patrick is now able put shoes on both his feet and walk, join us in thanking Jesus for Patrick's healing! Photo of Patrick

Nov 29, 2018

Patrick went in the operating theater for a dressing change under anesthesia, however the procedure changed! Dr. Moyo is very happy with how his leg has healed and decided there was no need to put another cast on, instead what Patrick needs is a pair of shoes! Mom Mildred couldn't express how happy she is with the son's healing, she is at a loss for words. We are happy that Patrick is finally clubfoot free and we're excited that you partnered with us through prayers and support to make this possible, thank you! Photo of Patrick

Nov 28, 2018

Patrick will be going in for his dressing change tomorrow! He was in the playroom again, and we asked what they were doing. He told us, "We were painting and I also played kicking the ball." Pray for Patrick as he goes in for his dressing change tomorrow! Photo of Patrick

Nov 27, 2018

Our boy did not go for his dressing change today, it has been rescheduled for tomorrow! This development gave him more time to play with friends in the ward and the playroom. Patrick is happy to be back, even though most of the kids he left when he was discharged are not here. But, we have been seeing him making friends with the new ones he has found here, remember to be praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Nov 26, 2018

Patrick is back! He is will going to the OT for a dressing change tomorrow, his healing at home has been very good with no complications. Our boy is happier because what was a source of shame for him in the past is been treated, please be praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Oct 19, 2018

Patrick has been discharged! Luckily, there will be team that will be going for a mobile clinic this weekend in the area where he lives, so we will give them a lift home. He will be back for review after some weeks, please pray for the safe journey of all those who will be traveling! Photo of Patrick

Oct 17, 2018

Patrick went for a dressing change today, as he was passing by near our desk, we caught up with him and thought it was the perfect time to share with him your get well messages! He is thankful for the encouragement. He said, "Tell them to continue praying for me, I appreciate!" Photo of Patrick

Oct 16, 2018

Our boy's dressing change has been rescheduled to tomorrow! This change in the schedule gave more time for Patrick to go join the rest of the friends in the playroom to play different games and learn for the rest of the day. The teachings and games are organized by Else and our social worker Muke who also does translation. Pray for tomorrow's procedure for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Oct 15, 2018

Patrick's circle of friends is getting bigger! He is a calm but very friendly and he likes to be in the company of friends most of the time. Medically he is very stable, he will be going in for a dressing change tomorrow, please remember to be praying for Patrick, there are possibilities that he might be discharged in the course of this week! Photo of Patrick

Oct 12, 2018

It's a relaxed day for Patrick! He's been riding a wheelchair across the ward! What is exciting to us about Patrick's stay at the hospital is that we are noticing an increase in his joy and he is becoming more and more confident. We pray that by the time he leaves the hospital he will have fully healed emotionally and will have more confidence in who God made him to be, please be praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

Oct 11, 2018

Happy with what they accomplished at the playroom, Patrick and his friends came to show off their beautiful paintings. Patrick's new friends come from the same province so they have the blessing of speaking the same language and have easily connected, remember to be praying for Patrick's healing! Photo of Patrick

Oct 10, 2018

In the playroom the kids were doing an exercise were they were all given papers with similar things on them, then Else was calling out the names of objects that they then would paint. It is encouraging to see how the playroom plays an important role in the healing of the kids! Photo of Patrick

Oct 09, 2018

Patrick took part in the ward devotions today with the parents, guardians and our visitors from the USA! He couldn't manage to stand and participate in dancing so he just watched in close range as the praising and singing of songs to God was happening! Photo of Patrick

Oct 08, 2018

Over the weekend Patrick has improved by leaps and bounds! And today he was able to forget about all the trouble he went through last week after surgery because he was lost in play. We have visitors in from two churches in Michigan and they are having lots of fun with our kids in the playroom! Photo of Patrick

Oct 05, 2018

Patrick had his surgery! The road to his healing has begun and Mildred, his mother is very hopeful that her son will be healed. After this surgery there will be a number of cast changes before the healing process is complete, join us on this journey by praying for Patrick! Photo of Patrick

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