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Christine's Story

“I am feeling good because both children are been attended to at the same time,” says Priscilla, Christine's mother.

Christine is the third born daughter in the family of seven. She was born with clubfoot on her right leg and her young s… Read more

“I am feeling good because both children are been attended to at the same time,” says Priscilla, Christine's mother.

Christine is the third born daughter in the family of seven. She was born with clubfoot on her right leg and her young sister Agness who is nine months old was also born with bilateral clubfoot. This has been discouraging to the two sister's parents, having two children with a similar disability. With Christine, her first treatment attempts dates way back to when the seven year girl was only three months old, “When she was three months old I took her to the hospital, they cut her tendon then applied a cast, they did three dressing cast changes over a period of time and stopped, though the leg had not gotten straight,” recounts Priscilla.

Years passed by and the grade two girl has now grown up with this disability which has robbed her of self confidence because of being noticeably different from others, especially at school. When Agness, Christine's younger sister, was born with a similar condition their father was concerned that the youngest also had the same condition troubling his older daughter Christine so again, they started to seek for medical attention for Agness and Christine. They went back to the first hospital where they had taken Christine when she was younger, they were referred to another hospital which had a clubfoot clinic for babies but they couldn't attend to Christine so instead they referred them to CURE Zambia where we are able to treat Christine and Agness at the same time!

Priscilla says she has always been looking up to God for intervention on the disability of her daughters. To raise a total of seven children is not an easy undertaking and the burden was even heavier having two of them being born with clubfoot. They are now here at CURE Zambia and they are both receiving the medication attention that they need, thank you for helping to make this possible and for your part in blessing this family!

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Latest Updates

Nov 02, 2018

Christine's baby sister Agness, who also has been receiving treatment with us for her clubfoot, got her braces today and then was discharged. Since Christine has been waiting for her discharge, they will be going home probably this weekend as we are still making their transport arrangements. Christine will be back after a few weeks time for a follow up, please continue praying for good healing! Photo of Christine

Nov 01, 2018

Else and our kids were making bracelets using rubber bands in the playroom today! At first, Christine did not understand how to go about making them, so Else came to explain and showed her how and after that, Christine was an expert! Her determination finally paid off! Photo of Christine

Oct 31, 2018

Christine has been discharged again after her cast change! Her sister Agness will have her casts removed on Friday and graduate to braces, so they are likely to leave for home either over the weekend or in the course of next week! Meanwhile, this gives Christine more time play with the other kids and also more time learning in the playroom! Photo of Christine

Oct 30, 2018

Even though Christine has been discharged she's still with us because her sister is getting treatment! Christine's cast change was due today so she went in to have it changed and we are excited to let you know that her leg is healing up nicely, please continue to pray for Christine and her family! Photo of Christine

Oct 29, 2018

Christine got herself discharged today, but fun for us, she will stay because of her younger sister Agness who is continuing her ponseti treatment for her clubfoot! Agness is likely to have her dressing change tomorrow. When Agness will be discharged, that's when they will leave for home. Please be praying for Christine and her baby sister! Photo of Christine

Oct 19, 2018

Christine is doing well! Today her young sister Agness had her dressing change and Christine is likely to have another one next week. She is becoming happier and more open as she continues staying with us which is good a sign of emotional healing, please continue praying for her! Photo of Christine

Oct 17, 2018

Christine went for her dressing change today! The beauty about dressing changes is that they allow us to view how how much progress has been made toward healing and so far, the correction for our girl is good! Her mother is looking after two kids in the hospital at the same time, this is not an easy undertaking please be praying for her and the kids! Photo of Christine

Oct 16, 2018

Christine didn't go for the dressing change today but she will instead go tomorrow. This meant more play time! The moment she received the news of not going to the OT, she scarfed down her meal and quickly went to the playroom to play! Photo of Christine

Oct 15, 2018

Christine is mostly in bed because she also watches over Agness her younger sister when their mother is doing other things such as attending to devotions. Her healing is so far moving smoothly and tomorrow she will be going into theater for a dressing change, please be praying for our girl! Photo of Christine

Oct 12, 2018

This is probably the best the news Christine's family has received, Christine had her surgery and her healing which been on hold for many years has started! She and her younger sister Agness, who also has clubfoot, are now both in casts. Christine is likely to have a dressing change of her cast next week and a few others in the weeks to come, then she be able to walk free! Be with her during this journey by praying for her healing! Photo of Christine

Oct 11, 2018

Priscilla is here with her younger sister Agness who also has clubfoot, they are both receiving treatment for their conditions! Agness has been put on posenti and Christine will receive surgical attention. Please be praying for this family as they seek healing! Photo of Christine

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