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CURE in Zambia

The picture above is of CURE in Zambia. Everyone who serves with CURE in Zambia, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Beatrice. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Beatrice. When you give a gift through Beatrice's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Zambia. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Beatrice's Story

“We always feel pity for her such that if she makes a mistake, it’s difficult to discipline her because she is different from the rest of her siblings,” shares Brendah, Beatrice’s mother.

Beatrice is the fourth and last child in her… Read more

“We always feel pity for her such that if she makes a mistake, it’s difficult to discipline her because she is different from the rest of her siblings,” shares Brendah, Beatrice’s mother.

Beatrice is the fourth and last child in her family and was born with a clubfoot which instantly made her different from all her older siblings. This five year old girl’s condition wasn’t easy for her father to come to terms with. “The father's first reaction was shock, he said that this condition doesn’t exist in the family. He was in denial for sometime until he eventually accepted her condition,” recalls Brendah.

Her mother was also equally disturbed by her condition and made efforts to help Beatrice. At the clinic were she was born, they were referred to a general hospital where ponseti was started. They adhered to the treatment for a few a weeks but stopped when she was nine months old because they noticed there was no improvement and also the distance from home to the hospital was difficult to make every week.

Beatrice's family heard about CURE Zambia from a Lusaka couple which has a farm near were they stayed back in 2016. During the time when they were planning to come, Brendah was involved in an accident which left her hand broken and it affected their plans of coming to CURE Zambia. A few weeks ago, our Storyteller Chaanga, went to visit another CUREkid with a team from a partner organization Smile Train. Brendah heard about this visit and it reignited the desire to bring Beatrice for treatment and a few weeks later, they are here with us to get her clubfoot straightened out!

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Latest Updates

Dec 12, 2018

Thumbs up for great progress! Beatrice came in late yesterday, the cast she went with home has been removed and the wounds have cleared! We have put on another pair of below knee casts to enable her to be walking with casts at home. The correction of her feet look very good but she will need the casts for a few more weeks, Beatrice will be back for her next follow up in January! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 10, 2018

Beatrice left for home today after her dressing change! She will be back in a few weeks. Her mother Brendah was very delighted that her daughter has been worked on in such a short period of time and she is looking forward to seeing how her leg will be looking when they come for the follow up review, pray for the continued healing of Beatrice at home!

Oct 08, 2018

Beatrice went in for her dressing change today! She is still feeling pretty low and sleepy after coming back from the OT. She will likely go home tomorrow but will probably be back after a few weeks. Her healing so far is good and we urge you continue praying for her! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 05, 2018

Beatrice was happy with the doll in our playroom! She is doing well even though she occasionally troubles her mother in wanting to be carried most times, but she is also enjoying the wheel chair rides here! She will have dressing change on Monday, please continue to pray for her this weekend! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 04, 2018

Beatrice and her mother joined the rest of the mothers and guardians during the daily ward devotions today where they prayed, shared testimonies and praised God! This activity is run by our Spiritual Centre and gives the parents and guardians an opportunity to grow and heal spiritually and emotionally. You can also join us in prayer as you pray for Beatrice! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 03, 2018

Our girl keeps on getting better! She is mostly smiley and she was even smiling when Dr. Lastroni was checking her during the ward round. She will have a dressing change on Monday next week, keep on praying for the healing of our adorable girl! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 02, 2018

Day one post-op and Beatrice is slowly picking up! Her mother Brendah says our girl had a rough night but we are glad that she has improved as the day has progressed and she is doing much better! When we visited her at her bed we found her eating an apple, please remember to join us in praying for Beatrice's continued healing! Photo of Beatrice

Oct 01, 2018

Beatrice had her surgery today! Dr. Lastroni did a bilateral PMR and the surgery went on well. She is currently recovering, please remember to be praying for her as she will be going through the recovery period! We're so thankful for our partners who pray! Photo of Beatrice

Sep 28, 2018

Beatrice is a fun - loving and very active girl! She is here with her mother Brendah for clubfoot treatment. She is likely to have her surgery next week, it will be long journey after surgery where there will be couple of cast changes over a period of time. Please be a part of their healing journey by praying for Beatrice! Photo of Beatrice

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