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  • Age3
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Next Appointment 10/02/2019

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Nathan's Story

“When he started walking, both his legs were just fine fine but we noticed that his legs started awkwardly bending outside making a curve of some sort,” Patson Nathan's grandfather tells us.

Nathan was born when his mother was still in … Read more

“When he started walking, both his legs were just fine fine but we noticed that his legs started awkwardly bending outside making a curve of some sort,” Patson Nathan's grandfather tells us.

Nathan was born when his mother was still in high school, she had to temporarily drop out of school but she has since gone back to her studies leaving Nathan in the care of his grandparents. Nathan's father has not been there for our two year old boy, and ever since he was born he is nowhere to be seen and he doesn’t offer any form of child support. Nathan's grandfather Patson who happens to be a farmer laments on how difficult it has been raising Nathan coupled with taking care of the mother’s school needs. When Nathan’s condition persisted, advice came from members of the family and community and most of it was biased towards taking him to the traditional healers to have him compressed with herbs. However, Nathan's grandparents did not fall prey to that advice but instead decided to take him to the hospital. “We took him to the hospital. They said they are rickets, he will get better as he grows old, they advised us to be giving him foods rich in calcium. We followed the advice but the condition was getting worse,” Patson says.

Luckily, Patson heard of a local advocate, “someone told us about a local advocating, we looked for him. Upon seeing Nathan, he told us that his bowed legs could be treated at CURE Zambia. He advised us to look for transport money to come here. In the process as we were we preparing to come, we heard that people from CURE Zambia had a mobile clinic at a local church, so we took him to the mobile clinic and after assessment, we were given a card to come with." Patson is very hopeful that when he gets healed he will get educated and look after his friends. Join us in praying for Nathan's healing!

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Latest Updates

Oct 30, 2018

Nathan's lab results were reviewed by the pediatrics doctor who said the results indicate that Nathan is just fine! Nathan was allowed to go back home and he will only need to come to see us again after a year, so that the doctors can see how he will be doing then after growing a little more. Thanks you for your prayers and support for Nathan throughout his healing journey! Photo of Nathan

Oct 19, 2018

The medical examinations for Nathan are still on going and today some blood samples of him were taken to the laboratory for some tests. We are still waiting for the results and those will determine the next plan for him, please be praying for Nathan! Photo of Nathan

Oct 17, 2018

Nathan has came through for his follow up review! One leg is corrected and the other is being planned for, he will need to do further medical examinations to determine the next course of action. During our ward devotions, his grandfather Patson took some time to share how the journey has been so far for him and Nathan at CURE Zambia, he also encouraged the parents and guardians as they prayed together! Photo of Nathan

Sep 20, 2018

Nathan and his grandfather have gone back home! His leg has improved impressively, and our doctor would like to see him again in the next couple of weeks. Please continue being a part of his healing by praying for him. We shall see Nathan soon!

Sep 18, 2018

Nathan was outside on the lawn with our social worker Muke who went to talk to him. Her observation was how Nathan has gained weight and thinks it's because he had limited activity at home because of the casts. He has gotten used to our hospital environment and feels free to talk more now, he's grown much more comfortable since his first visit! Photo of Nathan

Sep 17, 2018

Nathan is back with his grandfather! His casts have been removed and his legs look visibly corrected, we will however hear from the doctor tomorrow on what will be the next course of action for him. Keep on praying for our boy! Photo of Nathan

Aug 13, 2018

Nathan continues to show steady improvement post-op. He had surgery for his second leg last week Friday. He has been discharged now and he will be back after a couple of weeks. His grandfather was talking about possibilities of them staying within Lusaka while they wait for the next follow up appointment because he has a young sister who lives here. Please remember Nathan and Grandfather Patson in your prayers! Photo of Nathan

Aug 09, 2018

Nathan still prefers the company of his grandfather! Grandfather Patson joined our other parents and guardians outside who were playing checkers with Nathan close by his side. It's wonderful to see relationships being developed not only between kids but also the parents and guardians who are able to encourage and strengthen each other during their stay at the hospital! Photo of Nathan

Aug 08, 2018

Nathan is a shy boy, but today he finally smiled when we were taking photos of him! He apparently likes the taste of Bibles too, which his grandfather had been reading in his local language. When grandfather Patson started doing other things, Nathan grabbed the Bible and started imitating him reading it! Photo of Nathan

Aug 07, 2018

Grandfather Patson told us that Nathan hasn't complained much about his leg recently! He prefers to stay in bed and to be with his grandfather most of the time which shows the bond the two enjoy, join us in continuing to pray for Nathan! Photo of Nathan

Aug 03, 2018

Grandfather Patson has faithfully been by Nathan's side as he continues recovering after surgery, please be praying that they would have a restful weekend! Photo of Nathan

Aug 02, 2018

Nathan keeps on showing steady progress post-op! His grandfather, Patson says he has only complained a little, but overall he is recovering well. Kindly pray for a quick recovery for Nathan! Photo of Nathan

Aug 01, 2018

Meet Nathan! He came in this week with his grandfather Patson to continue treatment for his bowed legs. He has already received his first surgery by Dr Moyo on his left leg and in the next few days another surgery will be done on his right leg. Remember Nathan in your prayers! Photo of Nathan

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