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Moses's Story

“I felt guilty. I thought as if there is something I did wrong. There were complications during his birth,” Lydia, Moses' mother shared with us.

Giving birth to a child with a disability is a not only confusing, but it also comes with se… Read more

“I felt guilty. I thought as if there is something I did wrong. There were complications during his birth,” Lydia, Moses' mother shared with us.

Giving birth to a child with a disability is a not only confusing, but it also comes with self guilt and a sense of shame to the parents. There is belief in different communities that someone can only give birth to a child with disability if they have committed a sin or an evil act. You can understand how these myths affected Lydia when Moses was born.

Moses is three years old and the third, and youngest, child in his family. He is unlike his older siblings because he was born with a shorter and weaker right leg. He was delivered at a local clinic where, after seeing his condition, he was referred to a bigger hospital. While at this hospital, one of our doctors here at CURE Zambia met with Moses as he was running a mobile clinic there. Moses was very young at the time and his family was advised to wait until Moses grew a bit older for a medical intervention.

Well Moses is older now and has come here to CURE Zambia. Moses' mother is still perplexed about what will become of her boy because his leg will first need to be amputated and then he will be fitted with a prosthetic leg. There are also discouraging voices from members of the family, especially Lydia's mother. ‘’When I was coming here people were doubting that it is good for him to come for surgery, especially my mother was very doubtful advising me to let him him be just like he is.”
Please join us in praying for strength and healing for Lydia and for Moses as they seek a better life for this little guy!

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Latest Updates

Mar 25, 2020

As a way of saying goodbye, we gave Moses a balloon! He has been discharged and he will be coming back for another follow up review in June. He is going home with his shoe raise and AFO. When he comes back for his next review, we will assess how he is coping and that's when the final call will be made as to whether he will need another surgery or not! Photo of Moses

Mar 19, 2020

Moses' raised shoes have been made but during physical therapy out therapist noticed that Moses' leg with the shoe raise bends slightly as he walks because he is not used to supporting weight with it. Our physical therapists suggested that he is also given a leg supporting brace referred to as an AFO which will be keep his leg straight when walking. It'll have to be made for him and he'll most likely get it early next week! Photo of Moses

Mar 17, 2020

Nurses, Manbwe, and Luyando pretending as if they are trying to grab the ballon from Moses and he holds on firmly to it! It is heartwarming how everyone around tries to have fun with the kids we serve. This brings emotional healing because they feel the love from everyone. During the ward round tomorrow it will decided what will be the next steps for Moses! Photo of Moses

Mar 16, 2020

Moses is spoiled for choice as he is trying to both watch the TV and draw at the same! As we are still waiting for the next step medically for Moses, our playroom is keeping him very busy! Photo of Moses

Mar 13, 2020

Moses is back for his follow up visit! He was taken to the OR to have his x-fix removed as it's finally lengthened his leg the desired amount.Our physical therapist then measured the the length of his leg and is recommending the type shoe raise which will be ideal for Moses! Photo of Moses

Jan 08, 2020

Moses's fighting spirit is admirable! The hospital had closed for the holiday season and Moses is back since we have re-opened. We are glad to see his leg lengthening has gone well since we last saw him. His upper leg is a good length and it's now time to start lengthening his lower leg. However, since this isn't an emergency, his parents opted to go home and come back in a couple months which is a better time for their family to spend a little longer amount of time hanging out with us here at CURE Zambia! Photo of Moses

Nov 27, 2019

Moses had an adjustment of his external fixation today in the operating room. The adjustment was successful as one component was replaced with a more suitable component. In the meantime, the process to lengthen his leg continues, and he is experiencing some discomfort. Please keep Moses in your prayers. Photo of Moses

Nov 26, 2019

After Dr. Muntanga examined Moses's ex fixation today, he decided that Moses needed to have some more work done to properly place the device. It is difficult to tell that Moses has an ex fixation on his right thigh because he is very active and finds ways of moving around our hospital! Photo of Moses

Nov 21, 2019

Moses is back and already activate in our playroom! Moses has gained some centimeters on the length of his leg from the time he was discharged. His mother, Lydia, has been operating the ex-fixation device as instructed. We will keep him in the hospital for a couple of days to continue with the extending of his leg. Photo of Moses

Oct 23, 2019

Moses got himself discharged! After spending some weeks with us, this boy has finally gone back home. His mother Lyndia, is now a pro at how to operate the ex-fix and she will be turning it from home to continue lengthening his leg. We will need to see how he is doing next month when comes back for his follow up review and dressing change. Remember to be praying for Moses! Photo of Moses

Oct 21, 2019

It was paint time for Moses in our playroom today! This young man is still hanging out with us and today he spent some time painting our playroom. His mother has gone through the training on how to operate his ex-fix, and Moses will be discharged later this week. In the mean time, he is enjoying his time in the hospital. Please continue praying for him! Photo of Moses

Oct 18, 2019

"He is now able to walk!" Moses's mother Lydia shares with us excitedly. From the beginning of Moses’s treatment journey it was clear that his treatment will take time. Thankfully, the process has yielded very positive results and Moses is indeed walking! We commend Lydia for being diligent in bringing him to the hospital for all his follow up reviews. He does have a slight leg length discrepancy between his right leg which had surgery first and his left. As such, Moses has a slight limp when walking. To curb this, he had surgery this week where an external fixator (ex-fix) was put on his right leg which will be used to slowly lengthen it! The doctors made the call to keep him in the hospital until it's very clear his mother knows how to work and care for his ex-fix. Excitingly, in the short period he has been back, he has already made some amazing friends like Esnart! Photo of Moses

Feb 06, 2019

Moses got himself discharged and he has headed for home! He will be reviewed at a local hospital when our doctor goes there for outreach and after a couple of months, he will come back for another surgery. We shall see him soon, please be praying for Moses' healing, also pray for his family to continue having patience during the treatment process!

Feb 04, 2019

Moses is still with us for observation. This gives him more time to be found in his favorite place at the hospital which is the playroom! His cast is above his knee so it limits his movements but he still finds clever ways to get around! He just asks whoever is nearby to push him in the wheelchair to wherever he wants to go. Today in the playroom he was working with our visitor Brianna to build a tower. Our sweet boy Moses needs your prayers! Photo of Moses

Feb 01, 2019

Moses has improved well post-op and we are happy that he is no longer in discomfort! He has been managing to move around in a wheel chair and today he even played in the playroom! Our social worker Muke was helping him build a tower. Continue praying for Moses! Photo of Moses

Jan 29, 2019

Moses had his second surgery today! The plan of today's surgery was to achieve a straight leg and thankfully that was achieved in the operating room. When he fully recovers and the wound heals, there will be another leg lengthening surgery in a couple of a months. This young boy still has a pretty long way to go to obtain total healing, please be praying for Moses as he is recovering post surgery! Photo of Moses

Jan 25, 2019

Moses followed James to his bed to play with him because James recently had surgery so he was confined to bed with his legs elevated. But Moses was a compassionate frined, there to cheer and play with him! Moses continues to be on medication for his cough, please pray that it clears so that next week he can go for surgery! Photo of Moses

Jan 24, 2019

Remember to pray for Moses! His surgery was cancelled, he couldn't go in the OT for surgery because he has developed a cough and he has a fever. We have put him on medication and we pray the cough clears soon! Photo of Moses

Jan 23, 2019

Moses has such a warm personality which is difficult to resist, you definitely feel his presence when he is around! He is scheduled to have his surgery tomorrow, in regard to how energetic he is, we can't wait to see how he will be walking when he gets fully healed! Pray for healing and also for his surgery tomorrow! Photo of Moses

Jan 22, 2019

Moses brings people together and is friendly and very energetic! The surgery he was supposed to have today has been rescheduled and the rescheduling has been like a gift to Moses for it has allowed him to have more time to play with friends moving up and down and around the hospital, kindly keep on praying for our sweet boy! Photo of Moses

Jan 21, 2019

Moses is back! The leg which was salvaged through surgery has recovered very well, however Moses needs another surgery to make it more straight and functional. He will be having the surgery tomorrow, kindly pray for a successful procedure! Photo of Moses

Aug 08, 2018

Moses has been discharged! He will be reviewed at a local hospital in the next couple of weeks by Dr Moyo when he travels there for the mobile clinic. Transport logistics are are still been organized, and they are likely to travel tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers for Moses. Kindly pray that as they are preparing to go that he keeps making progress in his healing! Photo of Moses

Aug 07, 2018

Moses had his procedure today in the operating theatre! The cast was cut and the knee and leg elevated about 15º and a wedge has been put at the back. It has been reinforced by applying another cast on top to strengthen it. Keep on praying for Moses! Photo of Moses

Aug 03, 2018

When Moses' friend Alex left, we knew it wouldn't take much time to make new friends soon! Today we found him making the rounds on a wheelchair with his new friend Masautso, luckily they come from the same province so they speak the same language! Photo of Moses

Aug 02, 2018

There is some good news for Moses! His leg has healed well and an amputation which he came for is out of the picture for now! Another cast has been put on his leg and there will be manipulation to adjust and cast until it reaches a good correction. After that, there will be a leg lengthening procedure. The progress has cheered Lidia, "I feel happy and relieved that the leg is looking like this." Join us in thanking Jesus for the progress of Moses's leg and let's pray that all the remaining processes bring total healing! Photo of Moses

Aug 01, 2018

Moses kept looking at the machine when his vitals signs were been done today. For some reason, he likes it and he is also happy that his friend Alex has joined him even though he has been discharged and will be leaving tomorrow. We know that he'll make new friends fast being the fun loving boy that he is! He will be going for a dressing change of his cast tomorrow, please pray for that and for new friendships! Photo of Moses

Jul 31, 2018

Moses has been by his mother's side for most of the time today! His friend Alex went in for a dressing in the OT and when we asked him where Alex was, he answered, "he has gone to have his leg straightened!" His mother Lydia, said he also wanted to go have his leg straightened like his friend so that 'we can go home.' We asked about the pain which he was complaining about the last time he came back from OT and he said, 'this time it won't be painful.' Moses is such fun-loving boy, please keep praying for him! Photo of Moses

Jul 30, 2018

We found Moses playing a balloon game with his friend Alex! The adaptive nature of children is always adorable. To witness how they adjust so fast is inspiring and it is a blessing that we are together with you on this journey. He will be having a dressing change this week, pray for the healing of his leg so that he can be playing freely!

Jul 27, 2018

The bond between Moses and Alex is getting stronger! They come from the same province and they speak the same local language hence they are spending more time playing together. They both have casts on their right legs, but they are not afraid to go play on the swing. Moses will be going in for a dressing change next week! Photo of Moses

Jul 25, 2018

When he saw us, Moses asked us to show him his before pictures because his leg looks different now. We first thought Moses is a quiet boy, but we have discovered he likes to talk and tell stories. We keep on praying for the leg to be healed and done so in the correct position, please be praying with us! Photo of Moses

Jul 24, 2018

Moses is making some friends! We found him playing with Alex and Suko. They were putting together a big puzzle in the playroom. It's always nice seeing how kids easily bond to together within a short period of time! Photo of Moses

Jul 23, 2018

Today, Moses joined to rest of the kids in the playroom! This is an indication that his post-op recovery is going well. He was sharing with us how excited he is that he spoke to his uncle on the phone who promised that he will bring him a sweet when he come see him. This really made him happy! Photo of Moses

Jul 20, 2018

Moses had surgery on Friday, much to the surprise of his mother who believed that her boy was going in for an amputation, she was happy to see him come from theatre with a cast and his leg still there! Our doctors decided not to do an amputation but do a procedure known as limb salvaging as an attempt to save his leg, He will have the cast for for couple of weeks then come back for review to assess if the leg has improved. Depending on the state of the leg at that time, that's what will determine the next intervention for his leg. Please pray for the healing of his leg! Photo of Moses

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