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Likezo's Story

“My marriage broke down because his father said he can’t bare a child with a disability,” Gloria, Likezo's mother shares with us.

It’s every parent's dream to have bouncing baby who would bring happiness and strengthen the family bon… Read more

“My marriage broke down because his father said he can’t bare a child with a disability,” Gloria, Likezo's mother shares with us.

It’s every parent's dream to have bouncing baby who would bring happiness and strengthen the family bond, but that’s not the case of Likezo’s family. That family bond broke down at the time of his birth, his father was not pleased with his disability so he sought divorce in the court and said he can’t have such a child. Likezo is the last born child in his family and he has a bilateral congenital deformity both on his hands and legs. This condition was surprising and disturbed his mother, “When I saw him, I didn’t feel nice and I was surprised to give birth to such a child.” Gloria's family did not show any support except for an elder sister who is currently staying with Likezo and his elder brother. At the time of divorce, the father promised and made a commitment that he would continue to support him but this promise has never been honored, that was 5 years ago now. Two of his siblings have passed on and his only remaining brother is in grade seven.

When Likezo was born there was talk in the community with many speculating that he was bewitched while he was in his mother's womb. To Gloria's credit, she did not seek healing from the witch doctors as is the sometimes the case. Thankfully, when Gloria delivered, she was encouraged by the hospital staff. “At the hospital, they encouraged me. They told me that I am not the only one with child born with a deformity, and at CURE Zambia you find children with different types of disabilities that have been treated. That’s how I was referred to CURE Zambia,” Gloria recounts to us.

They first came here with support from a Catholic nun in 2012 we Likezo was only one month old. They were told go back home and come back after a year when Likezo grows. When they came back, an amputation was recommend and it needed consent from his father. He wasn’t available until time passed that when he agreed to come sign the consent form. Likezo has been going for physiotherapy sessions at a local hospital and since then, he has shown improvements. He is able to hold things using his hands and able to stand against objects. It is hoped that when he gets his amputation that a prosthetic will be made that will help him a great deal with his mobility. Gloria is optimistic that her son will be well and she is not worried about the amputation, “I didn’t feel bad when I was told that the solution for his case will be an amputation because I am hopeful that through it, he may be able walk through walking aids. I have seen children with worse cases than him who are able to walk now after treatment.”

Because of the significant improvement he has shown as he's grown, the Catholic nun who supports them intends to take him to a special eduction school. Gloria is unemployed and she stays with her sister and brother in law who supports them. We are happy to have Likezo and Gloria here! We believe it will be an opportunity for Gloria to receive emotional healing through different counseling and devotion sessions that our spiritual department has daily and for Likezo to get the physical healing he needs to live a productive life!

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Latest Updates

Sep 10, 2018

Last week we had mobile clinic near were Likezo lives and he came to be seen by our doctors with his mother! He was able to stand and walk though still with difficulties, but thankfully he has been going for physiotherapy sessions at their local hospital. We were happy to see him, he was also equally happy to see us! Let's continue praying for him together as he under goes his important physiotherapy sessions! Photo of Likezo

Aug 30, 2018

Likezo is putting on shoes! The results of what seemed like a long journey has brought excitement to all of us especially Likezo's mom Gloria, she can't express how happy she is to see her son finally putting on shoes on both legs! She also expressed a thankfulness for your prayers. Likezo has had training for two days now on how to walk, and he has made steady progress in that regard. He has been discharged and he will be practicing to walk from home now, we will see him again in six months when comes for his check-up. We really appreciate your prayers for Likezo and walking with us on this journey to his first steps! Photo of Likezo

Aug 29, 2018

Likezo is back! He arrived early yesterday evening and will be going in for his appointment at the University Teaching Hospital today. He and his mother Gloria were happy when anesthetist Lubasi (in the white coat in the photo) greeted them during the ward rounds. We ask you to join us in praying that all goes well during this process! Photo of Likezo

Aug 23, 2018

Likezo came back from the University Teaching Hospital with some good news! After intervention by our doctors, they have decided to make the prosthetic leg for him so measurements of his leg have been taken and they need to come back in few weeks time to collect the prosthetic leg. On a sad note, one of Gloria's relative has passed on back home so they have traveled back home to attend the funeral, please pray for them! Photo of Likezo

Aug 22, 2018

Our medical team discussed Likezo's case during the ward round this morning. They are saying Likezo doesn't need an amputation on the left leg and there's still a good chance of aiding him to walk with the support of a prosthetic leg on the right leg. They will get in touch with the department that makes prosthetic legs at the University Teaching Hospital to have a prosthetic leg made for the right leg which was amputated and see how it will assist him. Please be praying for success in this process! Photo of Likezo

Aug 21, 2018

Both of our kiddos joined their parents and guardians during the ward fellowship today! As they sat together, Likezo and Janet started playing - it's amazing how Likezo easily makes friends with the kids around him even if it's only the first time meeting them! He didn't go for surgery today, we are waiting for what will be decided on his case and will probably know by tomorrow. We will keep you informed! Photo of Likezo

Aug 20, 2018

Likezo is back! He is due for surgery tomorrow where the remaining part of his left leg will be amputated. We found him covered in blankets and when we asked why he was under the blankets he said he was feeling sleepy! Kindly pray for tomorrow's surgery! Photo of Likezo

Jul 25, 2018

Likezo has left for home! He will be back next month for a possible amputation of his left leg. We will miss him but we will see him soon. Pray for safe travel back home, comfort, and strength for Gloria! Photo of Likezo

Jul 24, 2018

Things did not go as expected for Likezo. The people who make prosthetic legs have recommended that even the other remaining leg should be amputated and have prosthetic legs on both his legs. This development has not pleased Gloria, Likezo's mother. When she called home to update them, her family said she should come back home for the family to get together and decide whether to go for the second amputation or not. However, Likezo will be seen by the doctor tomorrow to see what will be next for him. Please pray for strength for Gloria and Likezo! Photo of Likezo

Jul 23, 2018

Likezo is always on the move! We caught up with him on his way out of the playroom with the paper in his hands he was painting. He will be going for measurement of his prosthetic leg tomorrow at a partner hospital. Kindly pray for the smooth and fast movement of the process tomorrow and for our boy to get his leg early! Photo of Likezo

Jul 20, 2018

On Friday, Likezo went to the University Teaching Hospital for his prosthetic leg where they have been given an appointment for next week to go to have measurements after which the leg will be made. He will stick around for physiotherapy sessions learning how to walk. There is toy motor bike in the ward and Likezo is riding it around whenever it's free! Photo of Likezo

Jul 19, 2018

Today Likezo showed us his healed legs! Arrangements are still underway for him to go the University Teaching Hospital were his prosthetic leg will be made from, most likely tomorrow he will go. Remember to pray for the process to move fast so that our boy walks soon! Photo of Likezo

Jul 18, 2018

Likeko is enjoying his time in the hospital, he spent some time in the playroom with other kids today! He likes to be photographed and when he saw us, he started making some funny expressions for the camera! He is supposed to go for the measurements for his prosthetic leg at the University Teaching Hospital were it will be made, let's be praying that this process moves smoothly until he makes his first steps with it! Photo of Likezo

Jul 17, 2018

He is back and he has showered us with his lovely smile! We were happy to see Likezo and he was equally happy to see us. He is back for his follow up appointment and is likely to be seeing the doctor tomorrow and that's when we will know what will be next for him! Thanks for your support and prayers for Likezo! Photo of Likezo

May 14, 2018

Likezo has gone home! Because of his continued speedy recovery, he has been sent home so that the wounds completely heal from home. He will be back in two months for a surgical plan and possibly to get his prosthetic for his right leg. We will miss the the fun we had with him, but what warms and comforts our hearts is that he is on the right path to making his first steps and that we will see him soon. All this would not be possible without and your prayers and support. We say thank you for the lives you are touching!

May 11, 2018

Likezo been examined by Dr. Lastroni! His wounds are healing quite well, he will get a dressing change next week and possibly go home. Gloris is equally doing well, she is interacting with the other mothers and guardians in the ward where they get to encourage each other. The counseling, prayer, and devotion sessions in the ward that our Pastor Lubasi conducts have been of great help to her and other parents! Join them in prayer as you continue praying for Likezo! Photo of Likezo

May 10, 2018

We were sharing and translating to Likezo and his mother Gloria all your prayers and get well messages that you have been sending to him, they were so uplifted and encouraged! Likezo keeps on getting better and we are enjoying every moment we spend with him. Please continue praying for this strong boy! Photo of Likezo

May 09, 2018

Likezo loves to be photographed! Whenever he sees us in the ward he calls us to come take photos of him. We are certain he enjoys seeing his handsome face on the camera because we always show him his pictures after capturing them. He had a fair night and didn't have any complainants concerning pain. He will be with us for a couple of days so that the wounds have a chance to heal. Then he will go home and come back when the wound completely heals for a prosthetic leg installation in about 2 to 3 months time. We have enjoyed having him around because of his bubbly personality and are happy that we will see him again soon! We sincerely appreciate your prayers and support for Likezo, God bless you! Photo of Likezo

May 08, 2018

Likezo's surgery was done today by Dr Lastroni! His right leg which was shorter and severely deformed has been amputated below the knee. The two large malformed toes on his left foot have also been amputated. It is hoped that through the procedure done on the left foot that it will enable him have more power to stand and walk with support of a prosthetic and that he will be able to put on a shoe on his left leg. He used to crawl and this is the best chance for him to be able to walk on his own. Please pray for his smooth recovery process including peace during the time it takes to adjust to the amputations! Photo of Likezo

May 07, 2018

All smiley, happy and well! Likezo is in good shape, the malaria he earlier had last week has now cleared. He and this mother are having a good time in the hospital and they have adapted to their surroundings. Our daily afternoon ward devotions led by our spiritual team has been helpful in encouraging Gloria and she is looking forward to Likezo's surgery tomorrow. Please pray for Likezo that his surgery goes well and that no complications show arise from his operation! Photo of Likezo

May 03, 2018

In a clear indication that he is speedily recovering from malaria, Likezo was playing in the playroom! We found him playing with a toy plane and a beach ball with some of our other kids. In other good news, he didn't have difficulties eating today! We are excited that he is recovering quickly and we appreciate your prayers for him - please continue! Photo of Likezo

May 02, 2018

This amazing boy is here with us as awaits his surgery. Unfortunately, he tested positive for malaria which is the reason why we are replacing our windows with screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering the ward! He is on anti malaria medication now and we hope he recovers soon so that he can have his surgery. Please pray for Likezo! Photo of Likezo

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