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  • Age11
  • Conditiona joint condition
  • Next Appointment 06/13/2018

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Fredrick's Story

“My schools mates laugh and mock me, they call me the one with bent leg, this pains me,” emotionally shares Fredrick.

When was a baby he had rickets however the family thought they would eventually clear off because he was fat and they w… Read more

“My schools mates laugh and mock me, they call me the one with bent leg, this pains me,” emotionally shares Fredrick.

When was a baby he had rickets however the family thought they would eventually clear off because he was fat and they were not very visible. 2008 was a year of double tragedy it is the year the father passed on, it also the year it became visible that his problem was getting out of hand and worrying.

Brenda the mother took him to the hospital, “I took him to the hospital we were told that bones on the knee seating on different position and there is need for an operation. We were given a follow up appointment for the operation on a later date; we went back home that was in 2008. Due to difficulties to finding transport money to go for the operation, I only managed to take him for operation in 2013.”
His disability is very feasible as a result it has attracted vices such as mockery from friends and it breaks Fredrick emotionally. “Sometimes when he comes home crying because his friends laugh at him,” says Brenda, she also adds that “ there was a time I witnessed it when a child from the neighbor came home to laugh and mock him, he got so annoyed that he wanted to beat him but I restrained him.”

The brilliant twelve years old boy, has condition known as left knee varil which is basically the outward bending of the leg on near the knee. This condition is more like a monster that has attracted much emotional anguish towards Fredrick. It also restricts his playing capabilities, the leg pains when he walks a long distance and when plays with friends, the mother says he likes to play.

His grade four teacher once approached the mother advising her to take him for treatment because he is intelligent with good class performance. When we asked him what he would wan to be Fredrick answered in the affirmative, “ I want to be a pilot, so that I can take care of my mother and family.”

He is a second born in the family of six. Thankfully there is a local organization bukwasho bwa Zambi (help from God) that identified him upon assessing his condition arrangements were made for him to be brought to CURE Zambia with logistic support from the organization.
He his optimistic for his treatment that lies ahead and his is putting God first; “I want God to work for the leg to be healed”

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Latest Updates

3 days ago

After Fredrick's operation a bandage was put on around the wound. Today the bandage has been upgraded to a cast to ensure that there will be no disturbance to the leg which is currently healing well when he is at home. He has been discharged and will be back for review in June! Thank you for your continued prayers for Fredrick! Photo of Fredrick

May 17, 2018

Fredrick is recovering well! He is still confined to his bed, but he says he is not experiencing pain which is good to hear. Fredrick is a strong boy you and we'd love it if you joined us in prayer for him! Photo of Fredrick

May 16, 2018

When Brenda was asked during the doctors rounds how she is feeling that her son has been operated on and seeing him lying on the bed with a straight leg, she was so happy that she couldn't express herself in words but instead bursted into laughter! Yesterday's operation has brought happiness and relief to Fredrick and the mother. He is experiencing some pain, but you can join us in praying for him that his pain reduces and that his recovery would be quick and smooth! Photo of Fredrick

May 15, 2018

Fredrick had his surgery today! A metal plate was inserted near the knee to straighten the leg. Dr. Lastroni was very happy with the outcome of the operation and after looking at the X-ray he described it as “genius!” Fredrick needs your prayers, please remember him! Photo of Fredrick

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