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Flyma's Story

“I was playing with my friends at school then my a friend kicked me on the leg,” explains Flyma.
In July of 2017, what seemed like a normal playing day at school with a minor injury turned into a nightmare which would take months of searc… Read more

“I was playing with my friends at school then my a friend kicked me on the leg,” explains Flyma.
In July of 2017, what seemed like a normal playing day at school with a minor injury turned into a nightmare which would take months of searching for solutions.
Fisher, Flyma's father who has been steadfast during the roller coaster journey of looking for his healing narrates to us, “After the injury, I took him to the nearest clinic, at the clinic they said the injury looked severe. An x ray was needed but the clinic didn’t have the machine. We were referred to the general hospital. At the general hospital, an x tray was done which showed that that the bone was broken. They put a cast on his leg and he was discharged the same day. We were told to go back after five weeks for review.”

What seemed as a relief for Flyma and the family from the hospital trip generated into a worrying situation when they went for review after five weeks. It was expected that his leg would get back to a normal shape after it had been in the cast for weeks, but sadly for Flyma the opposite was the case.
“When we went for review after removing the cast, it was discovered that leg was not straight but it had bent outside. I was concerned but they said 'go home and observe him, if it doesn’t improve in two weeks bring him back.' Two weeks elapsed without improvement; I took him back to the hospital. They said this problem is beyond this hospital for it needed specialized treatment, we were referred to the biggest hospital in the province in Livingstone,” recounts Fisher.

Without hesitation arrangements were made and they proceeded to the big hospital in Livingstone in the continued search for his healing. “At the big hospital after examining him I was informed they needed the money to operate his leg, I did not have the money. They advised me to go to social welfare [a government department] to seek for sponsorship of which the social welfare agreed to pay for him. They did not operate him that time, they only put bandages and we were told 'go back home, come on a later date.' When we went back we found that his file was missing in the hospital.”

Because of the missing file it meant starting the process all over again and this situation was so discouraging for the desperate father who ended up selling their cow, a very valuable asset in the village, especially in the southern part of the country were they come from. “On our second trip we met a [different] doctor. After he saw the leg he said it is urgent and needed to go for surgery to insert a plate on the leg and it needed money. I went back to social welfare to explain the situation. They requested I go back to the hospital to get a quotation. They wrote a letter requesting that the hospital staff look for the lost file. At the hospital I was tipped that the money from social welfare took a long time to be processed and that I needed to find money quickly, this hurt me. We went back to the village explained the situation to my family. Out of desperation for money, I sold a cow.”

After raising the required amount they went back to the hospital hopeful that Flyma would get the much-needed surgery. Unfortunately when they reached the hospital they were welcomed by unpleasant news. “We arrived at the hospital in February but they said list for surgery is full. He would be considered for the operation in April and I had an option to either go back with the money or paying in advance, I decided to pay in advance.”
Demoralized, they tried to go to a private hospital but the amount that was quoted was nowhere near what the family could afford. After going back home, Fisher decided to go the first hospital to report how everything went at the hospital there were referred to. Luckily that’s how there told about CURE Zambia and arrangements were made for the them to come here were their story of restored hope has now begun.
Flyma is the third born in the family of six and is supposed to be in grade two now but he hasn’t reported for school this year because of his injury. We strongly believe he will soon been integrated back into the school system after receiving the healing he needs. Thank you for making that possible and for your prayers along the way!

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Latest Updates

Feb 20, 2019

Flyma got discharged. He will continue healing from home. He left with the external fixator still on his leg and he will be back for his follow review in the a couple of months! We'll seen him soon and please remember to be praying for Flyma's healing!

Feb 18, 2019

"He is better now and he not raising any complaints," reports Fisher, Flyma's father. Flyma has stabilized, the post-op discomfort has ceased, and today he even joined the the parents and guardians in our daily ward fellowship led by Pastor Lubasi. Please be praying Flyma! Photo of Flyma

Feb 15, 2019

Flyma had his second surgery today! An external fixator was installed, like his previous surgery, to support his leg. It was an intense surgery and our young man might experience some discomfort in the coming days. Luckily our team of medical and clinical staff are always on hand to curb the pain. In addition to their interventions, may you also pray for his comfort! Photo of Flyma

Feb 14, 2019

Flyma did not go in for surgery today. It, unfortunately, had to be rescheduled for tomorrow. While rescheduling is never Plan A, Flyma didn't mind too much as it gave him a chance to paint with Lovemore. During the few days he has stayed with us, he has become solid friends with Lovemore, despite not speaking the same language. Please pray that there will be no more surgical delays! Photo of Flyma

Feb 13, 2019

Flyma will have his second surgery tomorrow! The plan is to redo the procedure which was done in the previous surgery, we pray that the second time around will correct the position of his leg, join us in praying for Flyma tomorrow! Photo of Flyma

Feb 12, 2019

Flyma is back again for review! He is doing well but his leg still needs some attention and his father Fisher did well to bring him back. He will be seen by the doctor tomorrow in clinic and we will keep you posted on what the doctor advises! We appreciate your prayers for Flyma! Photo of Flyma

Aug 15, 2018

Flyma is back! His bandages were changed and the wounds cleaned. His father says he is doing very fine, even when he is home he doesn't complain of any pain. He was not admitted but he will be back for a follow up appointment with the doctor after two months! Photo of Flyma

May 29, 2018

Flyma has been discharged! They are going home with a different story than the stories they have had with their past hospital experiences. Their long journey has finally come to near completion, Flyma has had his surgery within a short period of staying at our hospital, and his father has nothing but joy and praises for CURE Zambia. We will indeed miss his bright smile, but we will see him soon! It brings joy to us seeing lives being transformed and we know that this is all possible through your support and prayers! Photo of Flyma

May 28, 2018

The smiles are back! The pain which Flyma was experiencing after his surgery has finally gone and he is now doing fine. Dr Lastroni has prescribed crutches to help him when walking. Join us in thanking Jesus for this great relief to Flyma! Photo of Flyma

May 24, 2018

Flyma had his surgery today. It was a serious external fixation procedure where six holes were drilled to support the fixation. Due to the nature of the procedure, he is experiencing some pain. Please keep Flyma in your prayers for the pain to ease up and that his recovery process would go smoothly! Photo of Flyma

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