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Obert's Story

"I am unable to go to school because the nearest school from my place is 6 km and I cannot manage to walk that long with my condition," narrates Obert.

He is the first born in the family of five. He is from the northern part of the country. … Read more

"I am unable to go to school because the nearest school from my place is 6 km and I cannot manage to walk that long with my condition," narrates Obert.

He is the first born in the family of five. He is from the northern part of the country. He is eagerly willing to start school when he gets healed! He says most people in his community mock and laugh at him because of his condition and this has in a way affected his self esteem.

Obert was discovered by a local advocate for disabilities in 2012 but he was unable to be brought to CURE for six years because his parents had been resisting and hiding him away from the advocate, primarily due to a belief amongst themselves that his condition could not be cured. There are also some myths about surgery and operating rooms in the villages, that people die there. After long and persistent persuasion from the advocate, the father gave in and allowed Obert to be brought to CURE Zambia for help.

He says when he gets healed, he will go back to school and wants to study to a teacher. We're excited that you'll be able to participate in making his dream become a reality through your prayers and support!

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Latest Updates

Nov 19, 2018

Obert came through during our mobile clinic in Luapula province! The cast he went home with was removed at the clinic as the due date for his follow up review had elapsed. After the cast removal, everyone was impressed and happy with the correction of his leg. He will be reviewed just to see how he is doing when the team travels again for a mobile clinic in their area otherwise, he has been healed! All he needs to do for now is to continue walking on both legs with shoes on! We believe that with this healing Obert will be enrolled in school because he is now able to walk to cover the distance to school. This is what he has been desiring for a long time now and we really appreciate your prayers and support for Obert! Photo of Obert

Sep 20, 2018

Obert has been discharged! Another cast was put on his leg before discharge, please pray that the small wound that had developed on his leg heals and that his leg continues to be on a good trajectory of correction. He will be back in a couple of weeks, we shall see him soon and share with you his progress!

Sep 18, 2018

Another day with more to time to spend with others! Because of his current state, there is no need to be confined to a bed therefore Obert is spending most of his time outside. He is waiting to get another cast on his left leg and will probably go back home after that. Please continue praying for Obert's healing! Photo of Obert

Sep 17, 2018

Obert is back for his follow up appointment! His cast has been removed and he has developed some small wounds on the leg which had cast, those were attended to and he will have another cast. We found him in the company of parents and guardians with our other kids at the hospital, perhaps catching up because they haven't seen each other in some weeks! Please be praying for Obert! Photo of Obert

Aug 15, 2018

Obert's had a successful surgery and a couple of dressing changes and now he is going back home with a foot in the right shape! He is leaving today and he will be back after some weeks, we really thank you for your prayers for Obert, please pray for a safe journey back home! Photo of Obert

Aug 14, 2018

The starvation to get ready for the operating room usually robs joy from our kids! But today Obert had a plan to conquer it, he gathered and spent time with other kids while waiting for his turn and they kept themselves entertained by playing checkers! He had the final dressing change before going home tomorrow and he will be in for a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your continued prayers for our boy! Photo of Obert

Aug 13, 2018

Obert been relaxing but is also excited with news that he may go home this week! He is likely to have a dressing change of his cast tomorrow then a day later he may be discharged with an appointment to come back after some weeks. Sometimes the hospital stay drains our kid's patience, especially over the weekends when there is less activity in the hospital. May you pray that Obert continues to have patience with the process! Photo of Obert

Aug 09, 2018

Obert and Andrew spent some time playing checkers outside today! We asked who had the most wins and Andrew was quick to mention that he was still learning how to play and Obert confirmed saying, "I am teaching him how to play!" Obert and Andrew come from the same area and they speak the same language so it's easy to interact. Friendship helps with healing and keeping homesickness to a minimum! Photo of Obert

Aug 08, 2018

Obert is in bed, the playroom is not open to the kids today because they are doing the final phase of painting in the children's ward and the playroom is among the few rooms remaining to be painted! Pray that Obert will get the rest he needs and that he'd be able find fun with his neighbors in the ward! Photo of Obert

Aug 07, 2018

Obert had another dressing change today done by our visiting doctor from the UK, Dr. Khan! His wound is healing up well. Thankfully the procedure this time around did not trigger pain for him and he is now recovering more comfortably. We are appreciative of your prayers for Obert! Photo of Obert

Aug 03, 2018

It's was a relatively a low day for Obert as you can tell from his expression! He was telling us that he is having some irritation on the leg and this has kept him grounded. Kindly pray that he may have comfort over the long weekend, we will be celebrating Father's Day! Photo of Obert

Aug 02, 2018

Obert has stabilized and he had a fairly good night thanks to your prayers for him! He has been moving around the hospital corridors, a sign that he is pain free. Please continue praying for Obert as he recovers! Photo of Obert

Aug 01, 2018

It has been a sleepy day for Obert! The discomfort on his leg has remained so he has been put on pain killers and is under observation. We pray that by tomorrow he will be feeling much better, will you join us in praying for him? Photo of Obert

Jul 31, 2018

Obert had a quick cast change in the OT today! There was a manipulation to reinforce the leg before the cast was applied. This manipulation stretches the wounds and therefore it has caused some discomfort to Obert. Join us in praying for him! Photo of Obert

Jul 30, 2018

Obert is usually talks less especially days when he has just come from the OT. But once he starts talking and chatting with friends in the ward, then he completely forgets about the pain. Thank you for your prayers, his pain has vanished! Photo of Obert

Jul 27, 2018

Excitement after success! Nurse Dorica joined Obert in helping to assemble a jigsaw puzzle and it was all excitement after they finished it. Members of staff not only provide physical healing but they also come in to help with the emotional healing of our CUREkids too! Photo of Obert

Jul 25, 2018

Obert's leg is no longer swollen and he is out pain! He's moving his leg in different directions which is a good sign for healing! Please continue praying for our boy Obert! Photo of Obert

Jul 24, 2018

Obert continues improving. Today, he was actively talking to Anthony, his father, as they were watching TV. We shared your prayers and get well messages with him. He says thank you, that he appreciates your prayers, and to please continue praying for him. Photo of Obert

Jul 23, 2018

The going has been hard for Obert this past weekend according to Anthony. Nevertheless a number of pain management interventions have been employed and they are working. Last night, he at least had a peaceful night and his stability has spilled over to the day. Please continue standing strong with him during this period as you put him in your prayers! Photo of Obert

Jul 20, 2018

Obert had a tough night post-op but as the day is progressing, he is getting better. Anthony, his father has been faithfully by his side since last night's experience. We found him reading one of the Bibles we recently procured in his local language, please be praying for Obert and Anthony! Photo of Obert

Jul 19, 2018

Obert had his operation today! A talectomy was done on his left leg and everything went well during surgery. The first few days after surgery are usually challenging to our patients, please be praying for strength and speedy healing of Obert's wounds! Photo of Obert

Jul 18, 2018

Obert is back with his father! They're back for surgery on his second leg and luckily he is likely to have it tomorrow meaning his healing journey is moving at good rate. His leg which was earlier operated on is doing really well and he is now able to walk on it without the support of walking aids. In the meantime, he spent most the day in the playroom, this time we found him solving a puzzle with Nkandu and Christina who is part of the team from HOPE 587 visiting and working with us for a week. Please pray for the success of his surgery tomorrow! Photo of Obert

Jun 18, 2018

Obert has left for home! After removing the cast, Dr Moyo has recommended he goes back home, walk on the healed foot for some weeks, and come back later for the surgery on the other remaining foot. His father couldn't hide his joy seeing his boy walking on his healed foot, "I agree with what the doctor is saying - yes, the bones and muscles have to be strengthened. I am very happy with the result of his leg so far," shared Anthony, Obert's father. Photo of Obert

Jun 14, 2018

It's breathtaking to see how Obert's father has been a pillar of support for him. He is now with him every step of his healing journey, we are glad that his perspective on healing has changed. Please continue praying for Obert and his dad! Photo of Obert

Jun 13, 2018

"I am happy that my right leg has been worked on, I am looking on the left leg to be worked on!" Obert is back for his follow up appointment, his right foot is looking nice and we are waiting to see when the other one will be scheduled to be worked on! Your prayers and support for Obert has been great, may you kindly continue! Photo of Obert

Apr 18, 2018

Obert has gone home! In a clear indication that his recovery is on course and after a short stay in the hospital this time around, he has been sent back home after his dressing change. His doctor said he is doing very well. He will be back in the next couple of months and there is a high chance that his left foot will be operated on, the doctor just wants the right foot to completely heal first. We captured him with his father attentively listening to what the doctors were doing and saying during their ward round. Please be praying for him as he goes back home and also pray that his right foot completely heals! Photo of Obert

Apr 17, 2018

Obert has come back with an unexpected visitor! When we saw Obert in the ward, next to him was a man who resembled him. As we were greeting him and welcoming him back, we couldn't resist and asked the man next to him who he was, he said, "I am the father to Obert!" We thanked him for accompanying his son this time around because during the healing process, especially after the operation, he needs more support. We then asked him what had changed because he initially had refused for his son to be brought for treatment at CURE Zambia but now has decided to accompany him this time around. "When he came back, seeing the state of his leg, I finally believed that this thing is real! I made up mind my that when he goes for review, I will follow. Getting to the reason we did not want him to come for treatment, and looking at how his legs (were), we were convinced that there is nothing that can be done to him apart from amputating the legs, that was our fear," explaines Obert's father. Today Obert went for a dressing change of his cast in the operating theatre, it was a fast procedure. We appreciate your prayers which have not only impacted Obert's life but also his extended family! Photo of Obert

Mar 21, 2018

Obert's last day was awesome! He wasted no time in making maximum use of it in having a good time. He is scheduled to return for his next appointment in April. We are happy that your prayers have been answered, his new cast received new decorations done by the generous members of the team from Woodmen Valley Chapel! We're confident that he'll have many stories to share with the people back home about his experience at CURE. Please remember him in your prayers as he continues to heal! Photo of Obert

Mar 20, 2018

It was a bittersweet feeling witnessing a beautifully decorated cast go! But what comforted our hearts is that it was done in the best interest of Obert! He had a cast change today and we hope that his new one will be decorated tomorrow by the visiting team from Woodmen Valley Chapel Colorado Springs, Colorado who are doing a great job in keeping the kids entertained! Photo of Obert

Mar 19, 2018

Balloons in the air! Obert has had a fun filled day with all our other kids courtesy of the visitors we have around from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado! On top of all this fun is some good news that has been received today which is, he will be going for a second cast change tomorrow and he is likely to be discharged this week! We thank you for the support and prayers for Obert! Photo of Obert

Mar 16, 2018

Obert keeps on getting better by the day! We are waiting to hear what the doctors will say next week on his progress, but from the way he is looking now and the rate he is healing, he is likely to be discharged soon! Please continue praying for him! Photo of Obert

Mar 15, 2018

Obert was joyful and happy today! He is getting better by the day and he will likely be discharged soon. Your prayers and support are really working, we are very thankful! Photo of Obert

Mar 14, 2018

"I would like thank all those praying for me and supporting [me]," excitingly shared Obert after we finished reading your messages and prayers you have be sending to him. It's so good to see his spirit and hope being uplifted through the messages and prayers you are sending coupled with the amazing work the members of our Spiritual Department are doing in praying with him and encouraging him! For the most of the day he is confined to the bed for he has to keep his leg elevated. Despite having a cast change yesterday he reports that he has not experienced any excessive pain yet. Photo of Obert

Mar 13, 2018

We have returned after a long weekend! Last Thursday we celebrated Women's Day, Friday was also declared a public holiday by our president and on Monday we were celebrating Youth Day! After this long restful weekend, Obert began his week in the operating room were he had a dressing change for his cast. It was quick procedure and he is currently doing fairly well! We appreciate your continued prayers and support for Obert! Photo of Obert

Mar 07, 2018

"I am feeling much better even though the leg looks slightly swollen, it's not paining at all," Obert shared. He is getting a dressing change and a new cast next week and his doctors are impressed with the progress he is making! Obert still needs your prayers and we request that you don't cease in praying for him! Photo of Obert

Mar 06, 2018

Pastor Lubasi was sharing the Word of God and encouraging Obert today! We are happy that he is getting better by the day. "When I spoke to him he indicated that he had accepted his condition. He prays and goes to church back home," said Pastor Lubasi, a member of our spiritual team. At CURE, not only do our kids receive physical healing but they are encouraged and prayed for by our Spiritual team as well! He is getting better by the day because of your prayers and we request that you continue praying for him! Photo of Obert

Mar 05, 2018

"I am feeling much better now and the pain has gone!" Obert shared excitingly. We can safely say Obert has turned into an explorer! He has been taking several runs around the hospital corridors in his wheel chair with other kids. He has been rejuvenated by your prayers and get well messages you have been sending to him! We were sad about the pain he was experiencing but today, due to the grace of God, we are telling a different story! A story of less pain, speedy recovery, and joy! It's always encouraging to see your prayers working. Please continue supporting Obert and praying for him! Photo of Obert

Mar 02, 2018

Obert had a tough night after surgery due to the pain, but he is fighting back! As the day progressed we noticed that he was getting brighter and the pain seemed to have slowed down. He's a fighter! Please keep fighting alongside him by continuing to pray for Obert this weekend! Photo of Obert

Mar 01, 2018

Obert received his first surgery today! His right leg was operated on and small pieces of his bones were removed to allow the leg to be straightened out. He is in pain after the operation, which is understandable, therefore we request your prayers for him so that his wound heals quickly! Photo of Obert

Feb 28, 2018

Obert couldn’t resist the attractiveness and fun filled playroom! Today we spotted him creating a tower with legos! He is surely enjoying his time playing with other kids. He is having is first surgery tommorow and he needs your prayers through this period! Photo of Obert

Feb 27, 2018

Obert is here with us at CURE! The friendly environment has made his settling in very easy. He is scheduled to go to his first surgery this coming Thursday. We would encourage you to be praying for him! Photo of Obert

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