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  • Age15
  • Conditionclubfoot
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Loveness's Story

"When I grow up, I want to become a teacher because I want to help children learn how to read and write," says Loveness.
Loveness was born with clubfoot and at a very young age she was casted multiple times, but the casts didn't help to strai… Read more

"When I grow up, I want to become a teacher because I want to help children learn how to read and write," says Loveness.
Loveness was born with clubfoot and at a very young age she was casted multiple times, but the casts didn't help to straighten her clubfeet. She stopped going for casting and her clubfoot became neglected and grew worse. She came to CURE after a recommendation to her father by someone who lives close to them and now she can't wait for surgery. We are so thankful that she came. Please join us in praying for her healing!

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Latest Updates

Dec 01, 2017

Loveness came back to CURE and went back to theater for a cast change. She has been allowed to go home for a couple of weeks and will be back mid to late December. She is glad to go home for a bit, but was also excited that her dad came to pick her up to go home. Please be praying that Loveness will enjoy resting during her time away from the hospital which we hope gives her great energy for when she comes back! Photo of Loveness

Nov 27, 2017

Loveness had a good weekend. At some point this week, she will go back to theater for another procedure. She is not that excited about it, but is keeping her head high and smiling through it all. Please be praying for courage and peace for Loveness as she waits to go to surgery sometime this week! Photo of Loveness

Nov 16, 2017

Loveness is doing well this week! She has not had surgery this week and is a little anxious to get that out of the way as soon as possible. In the meantime, she is keeping herself busy. She got a pair of shoes today that she was excited to try on, on one foot. She can't wait to be able to wear a pair of shoes on both feet someday soon! Please be praying Loveness and her healing process! Photo of Loveness

Nov 08, 2017

Loveness is doing well today! She is sporting just one shoe, and is anxiously waiting the day where she will get to use the other one. In the meantime, she is smiling and is happy and is thanking God that everyday she gets closer to the day when she will be all better! Please be praying for her! Photo of Loveness

Nov 07, 2017

Loveness is doing well today! She's no longer going to the theater as her surgery date has been pushed to next week. So, we did something fun with her, we read her get-well messages! She is most thankful to know people like you are out there praying for her and wishing her well. Thank you for your support, and please do continue to pray for her! Photo of Loveness

Nov 06, 2017

Loveness had a restful weekend! She had great company spending time with her friend Ruth. Loveness got some sun glasses too, and she is rocking them everywhere in the ward. Women in black? No? Ok! She is in good spirits and is definitely enjoying company with her friend. Please be praying for her as she will be going to theater tomorrow! Photo of Loveness

Nov 02, 2017

For todays photo update, Loveness picked a spot where she wanted her photo taken! The swings! She hopped there on one leg, sat down and then suddenly hid her face because she was shy and wasn't ready for her photo. After a few tries, we finally got a photo that she said we could use. We love how interactive Loveness has become. She is so much more confident these days and we love it! Her foot is getting better although it gets sore sometimes. Please be praying for Loveness and her full recovery! Photo of Loveness

Oct 31, 2017

Time to hangout in the playroom! Loveness loves this time of her day. Thank you for partnering with us to make playrooms in our hospitals possible! It brings so much joy to the kids we love and serve. Please continue to pray for Loveness and her stay in the hospital. Photo of Loveness

Oct 30, 2017

The photo on the left is what Loveness' weekend was about. On Friday, she underwent MUA for her foot and got a cast change after. This was quite painful for her, and so she spent most of Friday and the weekend healing. The photo on the right is Loveness today, up and about! This girl can't be held back! She is doing so much better today. Please be praying for Loveness and that the week ahead will be a good one full of rest and quick recovery! Photo of Loveness

Oct 26, 2017

While Loveness waits to get surgery, she is keeping busy working on her reading and math problems and she's also working on her bracelet making skills. This is for sure making her stay at the hospital more fun and busy! She is a happy girl! Please be praying for Loveness as she waits for the doctors to come up a treatment plan for her. Photo of Loveness

Oct 23, 2017

Else is back from her training in the United States and the playroom is fully functioning again! This is Loveness' favorite place in the Children's ward! Here, Else helps her continue to improve her reading skills and her math solving skills. Please be praying for Loveness, that her time in the hospital would produce good progress in healing and learning! Photo of Loveness

Oct 19, 2017

Loveness and some of the older girls in the ward got a fun treat when two grade school girls doing community service decided to stop by CURE Zambia to spend time with the girls and play games with them. It was nice to see all the girls light up as they played games together. Loveness sure felt loved! We are thankful for people like you and others that take time to support, pray and love on the kids in our hospital. It means the world to our kids! Thank you for coming alongside us. Please continue to pray for Loveness as she awaits surgery, which has been rescheduled to sometime next week. Photo of Loveness

Oct 16, 2017

Loveness had a good weekend! She won't be having surgery today, but she will tomorrow. This is going to give her more time to rest and get better prepped. She spent some time earlier today with everyone else singing praises to God in the ward. Please be praying for her and her upcoming surgery! Photo of Loveness

Oct 13, 2017

Loveness is having a good day! She is so excited about wearing shoes on both feet someday, but for right now, she is getting started with her right foot. A few months ago, she wasn't even able to wear shoes because both her feet were a serious case of neglected clubfoot. We are so happy about the progress she has made so far! Please be praying for her as she prepares to get surgery on her left foot on Monday and that she will have a restful weekend! Photo of Loveness

Oct 11, 2017

Notice that Loveness has a cast and its wrapped in a plastic bag. She got a cast to straighten her foot a little more in preparation for her surgery on Monday. Here, she is about to go take a shower and she doesn't want to get her cast wet. She is one resourceful girl! Thank you for all your prayers for Loveness' healing. Please continue to pray for a good stay in the ward as she waits for surgery on Monday. Photo of Loveness

Oct 10, 2017

Loveness is back at the hospital. She was able to go back to school for a little bit and is now back for her second procedure. When in the ward, she likes to hangout at the Storyteller's table where she works on her math problems and reads get well messages from different people like you, following her progress. She says thank you for writing her! Please be praying that this week Loveness will get well prepared for her surgery on Monday, both emotionally and physically. Photo of Loveness

Aug 21, 2017

"It's so sad when you get attached to the kids and then they leave, but then it's great that they get to go home," commented Else, wife of our Executive Director. We agree with Else, because attachment doesn't come with a warning label. But we love that we get attached, because we love our kids. We love Loveness who has been discharged and will be returning in a week's time for her review. Thank you all for your prayers and may God bless you mightily! Photo of Loveness

Aug 17, 2017

Loveness is doing well and having some fun in the playroom. Playrooms in our hospitals are part of the healing process for our kids as they make friends! Please be praying for Loveness' continued progress! Photo of Loveness

Aug 15, 2017

Loveness is having a happy and smiling kind of day! We love seeing her continued joy through this process and are inspired by it. Please be praying for her complete healing! Photo of Loveness

Aug 14, 2017

CUREkids Zambia Storyteller: Hey Loveness! How are you feeling today? Can I take your picture? Loveness: I'm feeling good! Sure you can, but I'm not smiling today. CUREkids Zambia Storyteller: Oh yeah? Why not? Are you ok? Loveness, two seconds later: Pwahahaha, just kidding! We are always glad to see our kids being silly! It lightens up the mood in the ward! Please be praying that Loveness has a good week ahead! Photo of Loveness

Aug 10, 2017

Loveness enjoys being outside the ward! This is great especially because she spent most of her day indoors yesterday after her OR procedure. She is feeling better today. Please be praying for Loveness' continued recovery, she is making steady progress! Photo of Loveness

Aug 09, 2017

Loveness had her MUA procedure today. She has spent most of her time after being in the OR, sleeping. She says she is in a bit of pain and is generally feeling discomfort in her leg. This is expected. Please be praying for quick recovery for Loveness! Photo of Loveness

Aug 08, 2017

Loveness was scheduled for a MUA (Manipulation under Anesthesia) today but it has been pushed to tomorrow. Other than being hungry as a prep for her procedure, she is doing alright. She is now catching up on her lunch! Please pray that she can be prepared for her procedure tomorrow and that she enjoys the rest of the day today. Photo of Loveness

Aug 03, 2017

Loveness is doing well today! People in the ward speak many different languages and so Loveness likes to boast that she can communicate with everyone in their different languages. We are taking her up on that challenge and putting her to test! This is definitely keeping her busy in the ward! Please be praying that she finds fun things to do while she recovers in the ward. Photo of Loveness

Aug 02, 2017

Today was one of those cold days and so Loveness enjoyed spending her day in the ward and under the covers of her bed! She is doing well. Please be praying for Loveness' healing! Photo of Loveness

Jul 28, 2017

Lovenes is feeling great today! She feels strong enough to do one of the things she likes to do - plaiting hair! Please be praying for Loveness' healing! Photo of Loveness

Jul 27, 2017

Loveness spent part of her afternoon looking at books and learning her multiplication with Elsa and her other friends. She is feeling well today. Please be praying for her continued healing process. Photo of Loveness

Jul 24, 2017

Loveness loves getting some sun! When it gets cold inside the ward, the outside offers warmth and lots of sunshine which Loveness enjoys! Please be praying for her healing! Photo of Loveness

Jul 21, 2017

"I like this hospital, it's not like the other hospitals where you are shouted at for leaving your bed except to go to the bathroom. Here, when I feel tired of being indoors, I take my wheelchair and come out to get some sunshine", Loveness tells us. She will be going for an MUA on Tuesday next week. Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Loveness

Jul 20, 2017

Loveness is doing well. She worked up the energy to get out of bed and go see a movie in the play room. Great way to relax! Please be praying for her healing! Photo of Loveness

Jul 19, 2017

Loveness had surgery where our doctor performed a release to straighten her feet. It will be a long journey from here, but we spoke to her afterwards and although the pain is present, she is determined to take on the challenge. Please keep praying for Loveness and sending those get well messages. Thank you so much! Photo of Loveness

Jul 18, 2017

Loveness is a fourteen year old 6th grader who loves to read and write. She says she wants to become a teacher to help kids do just that - read and write! Today, she passed her time coloring a page one of our visitors, Jeff, made for her. She has had severe neglected clubfoot all her life and is hoping that CURE will help her live a clubfoot free life after her surgery! Photo of Loveness

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