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Tresford's Story

"We lost his mom during labour,” Maxwell, Tresford's dad recounted.
Tresford is a sweet two year old who was born with a severe form of clubfoot and a clubbed hands too. His dad Maxwell tells us the story of how hard life was for his mom du… Read more

"We lost his mom during labour,” Maxwell, Tresford's dad recounted.
Tresford is a sweet two year old who was born with a severe form of clubfoot and a clubbed hands too. His dad Maxwell tells us the story of how hard life was for his mom during the pregnancy all the way to birth which was hardest of all because Treford’s mom didn’t make it. She had been sick the last few days leading up to delivery and on the day of, she became really sick and fell unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors informed Maxwell that they had to do surgery and that things were not looking good for his wife and baby. This was a hard and confusing time for Maxwell. His son was finally delivered via C-section but his wife sadly passed away. Upon seeing his son, his heart broke. He had just lost his life and his son had disabilities. He remembers family rallying around him to give him encouragement and support and to discourage him from “throwing away” his son as was common in the society he lived. He was certain he’d never do that, but it didn’t stop people from assuming that he would. After the initial shock of losing his wife and realizing he’d now need to adjust to a life without her, he realized he needed to start learning to take care of his son with disabilities. He started a search to help get his son medical help. There was a lot of hopping from one hospital to another which didn’t avail much. Maxwell finally met a girl from his church that had been to CURE and this sparked something in him, he finally started feeling hopeful for his son’s situation to change. Tresford and Maxwell travelled many miles to get to CURE Zambia and Maxwell can’t wait to see the process of healing get started in his son's life. It’s going to be a big journey and Maxwell and his son Tresford are both ready! Please join us is praying for Tresford's healing!

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Tresord had some discomfort in his right leg and so our physiotherapist, Ian, cut off some of his cast to relieve the discomfort. Please be praying for Tresford, that he may get comfortable in his casts. It's a new experience for him and he doesn't seem to have adjusted just yet. Photo of Tresford


Tresford is having a great day today. He had friends visit and blow bubbles with him and this made him want to blow bubbles the whole morning! Please keep praying for Tresford's healing! Photo of Tresford

Jun 23, 2017

It was a little warmer today outside the hospital and so Tresford was among lots of people outside the ward sun - basking. He is still getting used to having casts on and this has made him a bit cranky having to move around with the heavy casts on his legs. Please be praying for him and his dad and their stay in the hospital. Photo of Tresford

Jun 22, 2017

Tresford had a restful day today and we caught him and his dad just hanging out by his bedside during our ward singing time. Please be praying for endurance as Tresford and his dad stay in the ward, they will be here for a while! Photo of Tresford

Jun 21, 2017

Tresford is not doing too well today. He has malaria but, he has already started medication for it. He has been cranky and will only calm down when his dad puts him on his back. Please be praying that the malaria episode passes quickly. Photo of Tresford

Jun 21, 2017

Tresfold has had a good start to his day yesterday. He was all dressed up looking pretty cool like the two year old he is and Dr Moyo visited him in the morning to decide the course of action for his clubfoot. He decided that because of the severity of his clubfoot, he would have Tresfold do fast track Ponseti that will also help with his knees too. This means he will get casts more than once a week, for at least a whole month because they live far from the CURE hospital. Tresfold will likely get surgery after the fast track ponseti. Maxwell later met with the physiotherapist to discuss what fast track ponseti will mean for them and he is very hopeful for his son. The physio therapist scheduled Tresfold for his first casting yesterday and it all went well and except for a little crying, Tresfold did well. It's going to be a long journey ahead, but Maxwell and his son Tresfold are ready! Please be praying for them! Photo of Tresford

Jun 19, 2017

Tresford was tired after his play time, so now he is taking a nap. He and his dad have settled in well and are both excited about their time at CURE which they believe will changes their lives! Please pray for peace as Tresford and his dad learn about what lies ahead in terms of surgery. Photo of Tresford

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