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  • Age5
  • Conditionspina bifida
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Eli Milimo's Story

“It's not easy for a mom to see her kids this way,” Lwendo tells us honestly.

Eli-Milimo is only a one month old baby boy. He has hydrocephalus and spina bifida. His mother, Lwendo, says before delivery, she had no idea about what this c… Read more

“It's not easy for a mom to see her kids this way,” Lwendo tells us honestly.

Eli-Milimo is only a one month old baby boy. He has hydrocephalus and spina bifida. His mother, Lwendo, says before delivery, she had no idea about what this condition was that her son has. Lwendo has a another son who is completely fine so she wondered what might have gone wrong. She explains to us that there was never any indication that anything was wrong during her pregnancy because every scan showed that the baby was growing normally. She was shocked to see that her son was born with these conditions. When her son turned one month old, she took him to the University Teaching Hospital here in Lusaka where she got a referral letter to bring him to CURE. She says its never easy for a mom to see her kids this way, but she is hopeful for a good future for her son. We will be praying with her for that very hope to become a reality.

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Latest Updates

Nov 12, 2015

Little Eli Milimo was around our hospital campus this week. There was a weekend conference that extended a day, and all the moms/guardians with the neuro/spina bifida babies were required to attend so they could get very useful information on bowel management. Eli's grandma was among the many people who attended, and she told us she's walked away from the conference with a great deal of knowledge. We are so happy this program continues to help moms/guardians that are looking after babies with these conditions. Please be praying for Eli and for his whole family! Photo of Eli Milimo

May 05, 2015

Eli and his grandmother came to see us today and they are doing well. Eli’s mother has to go to school so Eli’s grandmother is the one in charge of Eli until his mother gets back. Eli got his stitches out and everything looks good! Photo of Eli Milimo

Apr 28, 2015

Eli is doing very well! We were so happy to see him and his grandma. His dad and brother both came to his followup too. His mom goes to Dental School during the day. Since the last time we saw Eli, he's been recovering from the MMC wound on his back. He has made great progress and the wound on his back is almost closed! The doctors told his family to continue cleaning the wound to make sure it closes completely and has no infection. We will be seeing Eli on the 5th of May for his next follow up. Please keep praying for him! Photo of Eli Milimo

Mar 17, 2015

Eli is recovering well after his surgery yesterday. He was in pain yesterday and spent the day expressing that by crying, but today, he is doing so much better! Thank you for all your prayers! Photo of Eli Milimo

Mar 16, 2015

Eli just had surgery and it was successful! Dr. Onen started his surgery with prayer. Eli's surgery was going be a long one! Dr. Onen managed to close the wound on baby Eli's back fairly easily but it was the final seal which was complicated. Dr Onen had to seal his wound in a zig zag way because Eli didn't have enough skin to cover his closure. The zig zag enabled the pull of extra skin and after a little over 2 hours, the surgery was done! Eli's grandmother was worried sick about her grandson's surgery. When she was told, she sighed and said 'Thank God!' She said she had not had anything to eat since morning! She is now headed back to eat something because she is at peace. Eli's mother skipped class this morning and his dad came to encourage him too. It was a family affair and we know that Eli will feel loved when he wakes up! Photo of Eli Milimo

Mar 13, 2015

Eli is hanging out with his grandmother today! His mom is in college training to be a dentist and she is in her last few months of school so grandma has taken over watching Eli today until later when mom gets off school. We love seeing the family get involved and being supportive in times like this! Photo of Eli Milimo

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