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Tilone's Story

“When Tilone got burned, I lost all hope. I thought she was going to die because of the condition she was in. It’s by the grace of God that my daughter is still alive today,” said Chimwemwe, Tilone’s mother.

An only child, Tilone is a ve… Read more

“When Tilone got burned, I lost all hope. I thought she was going to die because of the condition she was in. It’s by the grace of God that my daughter is still alive today,” said Chimwemwe, Tilone’s mother.

An only child, Tilone is a very clever little girl. She loves dolls and chatting with her friends and was only one year old when the accident happened. It was during the cold season, Chimwemwe had covered her with a cloth, and Tilone was sitting close to the fire with a friend, trying to get warm. Chimwemwe went to fetch water, and while she was gone, the cloth that Tilone was wearing caught fire and began to burn Tilone. The flames burned her right hand and arm, as well as the right side of her body. It was Tilone’s little friend who got up and poured dirty water on her to stop the fire. When Chimwemwe came back she found Tilone crying, and she saw that she was burned. They rushed her to the hospital where Tilone was in the intensive care unit for two weeks, struggling to breathe, and unable to talk or eat. By the grace of God, Tilone recovered extremely well, but was left with some bad contractures as the wounds from the burns healed. In 2013 she came to CURE and received surgery on her hand, and as a result she is now able to use it! She’s now back for more surgery and we're so excited to have her here!

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Feb 12, 2015

We're sorry things have been quiet from Tilone the last few days! She's been away on the other side of town for a wee break from the hospital, but was back yesterday for another wound inspection, before being discharged. We're stoked with the progress her hand had made since surgery! We're due to see her again at her local clinic at the beginning of May, so if you could keep praying for healing during the next few months that would be rad! We're going to miss her bright eyes and huge grin around here, but we're looking forward to seeing her again, and we're full of joy at how far she's come. Keep her in your prayers please, and thanks for all your support and love so far! Photo of Tilone

Feb 06, 2015

Tilone and Eliza are inseparable! These two do everything together. Yesterday they both went to theater, and ended up in beds side by side each other. Today they're both back in action and we found them swinging on the swing seat outside. Side by side and grinning as per usual! Photo of Tilone

Feb 05, 2015

Absolutely nothing phases this kid! She was wheeled out of theater, and immediately was sitting up chatting and laughing in her bed. She says she never sleeps, and we might just believe her! The wound inspection was positive, everything is healing well without any sign of infection. Tilone will head away again for a few days, and we'll see her again next week for another wound inspection. Keep her in your prayers while she's away please! Photo of Tilone

Feb 04, 2015

Tilone is back and as full of energy as ever! She's such a joyful, friendly little girl! Here she is with her friend Eliza, they were making faces at themselves in the mirror until we pulled the camera out, they spied our reflections and quickly turned around to pose for us. Tilone is scheduled to go to theater for a wound inspection tomorrow, so please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Tilone

Jan 29, 2015

We caught Tilone today playing dress ups with Chimuemue's chitenjes! Chitenje is a traditional Malawian fabric used by the women as skirts, dresses, hats, and even for carrying their babies on their backs! Dunamis, one of our CUREkids coordinators, made this spectacular hat for Tilone. Doesn't she look great! Tilone is heading away for a few days, but we'll catch up with her again next week. When we see her we'll update you! But for now, just know that she's recovering well and is as happy as ever. Maybe even happier! Thanks so much for all your prayers! Photo of Tilone

Jan 29, 2015

Tilone was all smiles when prepping for surgery this morning! She's in theater right now, so please pray everything goes smoothly, that God guides the surgeon's hands, and that Tilone wakes up feeling peaceful and comfortable. This little girl is so special, we can't wait to share more of her story with you! Photo of Tilone

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