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CURE in Uganda

The picture above is of CURE in Uganda. Everyone who serves with CURE in Uganda, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Lucia. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Lucia. When you give a gift through Lucia's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Uganda. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Lucia's Story

"When I saw my baby with a swelling on her face, I simply cried," Lucia’s mother Kilara said with a shaky voice. Not knowing what the cause of the tumor was and having been abandoned by the father, Kilara was stranded and didn't know what to do. … Read more

"When I saw my baby with a swelling on her face, I simply cried," Lucia’s mother Kilara said with a shaky voice. Not knowing what the cause of the tumor was and having been abandoned by the father, Kilara was stranded and didn't know what to do. Rumors of Lucia’s condition spread around her village and soon a local priest heard about it. Thankfully this priest knew about us here at CURE Uganda and paid a visit to Kilara to let her know there is hope for her daughter. Kilara got a loan from her local women’s savings group and used the money for her bus fare to CURE. The diagnostic report shows that little Lucia has Frontal Encephalocele, a birth defect where the skull doesn’t fully close and part of the brain content sticks out. It can be treated through surgery and baby Lucia is being scheduled for one now! Please pray for her as she starts her healing journey. "I am happy. I feel safe and can't wait for my baby to start school one day," Kilara said with a happy face.

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Latest Updates

Jan 19, 2021

A while after being released home for her tumor scar to heal, baby Lucia was brought back for review and our doctors found that she had developed hydrocephalus, a condition through which the brain produces more fluid than the body can excrete. "The doctors told me that my baby has water in her head, but I know they can fix it, I have seen their work," Kilara spoke with confidence. Thankfully, it's in the early stages and can be managed. Our surgeons tried to do an ETV, a process through which a hole is made just beneath the brain to help drain the extra fluid but met a few challenges, and therefore resorted to using a shunt, a small device installed to help pump out the extra fluid. They are now at the general ward. Through His stripes, we have been healed. Together, let's pray for and believe that God's supernatural healing will flow over Lucia's life. Photo of Lucia

Jan 06, 2021

God is great! Baby Lucia's surgical wound has healed really well. Thank you all for your prayers, support, and words of encouragement. They were discharged just a few days after Christmas with caution of keeping the scared area clean. We are expected to see them a few weeks from now. We will surely keep you posted in the meantime, keep praying for them that God will provide resources for them to come back for a check-up. Photo of Lucia

Dec 18, 2020

"When I came to CURE Uganda, I didn't know how to pray," Kilara opened up, "But I can tell when people are praying and I talk to God in my language. I know he hears me." she added. Every day, our spiritual team has devotions in the ward, speaking words of encouragement and hope. Apparently, it's one of Kilara's favourite moments. Photo of Lucia

Dec 16, 2020

Our nurse were making a routine check on baby Lucia. "The nurses are always helpful. If there is anything wrong, I run to them and they come into the rescue. They have also taught me how to clean the wound." said Kilara with pride. Thank you for all your encouraging messages and prayers. Please keep them coming and Lucia and Kilara need them while on this healing journey. Photo of Lucia

Dec 14, 2020

"I did not expect to take this long in the hospital." Kilara pondered, "But I am happy to do it though, for my baby girl. I am happy to see her improving day by day." She added joyfully. "Lucia's wound is healing well, although a little slower than Kilara would like. We will include a bit of honey will help fasten the process."- Said Dr Noah after checking on Lucia. Thank you for all your love and prayers. Please keep them coming! Photo of Lucia

Dec 10, 2020

Baby Lucia preparing to get her wound cleaned. She has been taken off antibiotics for the moment while she continues with a thorough cleaning for the next few days to hopefully keep all infection away. "Today, she didn't cry that much when her wound was being cleaned. She is a strong girl." Kilara said proudly. We are couldn’t agree more! Photo of Lucia

Dec 08, 2020

"I have learnt that God loves me in every situation," Kilara mum said with a smile on her face. She learnt that from our daily ward devotions where our spiritual team preach to the parents, giving them words of hope and encouraging them through the word of God during their children's time of recovery. Photo of Lucia

Dec 07, 2020

"Lucia's wound is healing well. We are happy that her mom makes sure it's clean all the time." one of our nurses told us. "I thank God for (CURE), Everyone is amazing, God bless you for all you have done to my daughter!" Kilara told us. Lucia is continuing with antibiotics to counter the infection while her wound heals thoroughly. Thanks for coming along through Lucia's healing journey. We almost there. Keep faith. Photo of Lucia

Dec 04, 2020

We were able to share your get well messages with Lucia's mother! She was so delighted to know that people around the world do care and are praying for her and Lucia. She says thank you and God bless you. "Lucia sleeps so much these days." She said with a giggle. "I believe it's because she is free from all the pain!" Photo of Lucia

Dec 03, 2020

Baby Lucia fell asleep in her mother's loving arms after nursing. "Her wound is healing very well and she is making good progress," one of our nurses told us. "I am very grateful for what God is doing in my life. I can't wait to be discharged and go to look after my other children." Kilara said. Photo of Lucia

Dec 02, 2020

Results are back and baby Lucia was found to have a mild infection. She has been given antibiotics and has already become more active! Her mom is happy that she is suckling regularly. Yes, your prayers are working! Please continue to pray for baby Lucia as she continues with her journey to a full recovery! Photo of Lucia

Dec 01, 2020

Baby Lucia was being checked by our nurse Ruth who also happens to speak Kilara's local language. Kilara was so happy to meet someone else who understands her and quickly opened up to Ruth about her worry that Lucia isn't as active and not breastfeeding properly. Samples were taken for testing and Ruth advised her to express breast milk while they find out the problem. "Hopefully it isn't an infection" Ruth told us. Please continue praying for Lucia's full recovery. Photo of Lucia

Nov 30, 2020

"I have always known my daughter was beautiful, but not this beautiful." Lucia's mother said while blushing, with her eyes locked onto Lucia's face. The tumor was successfully removed and baby Lucia will be kept here until full recovery. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Keep praying that there will be no more complications! Photo of Lucia

Nov 27, 2020

Dr. Emma carefully removing the tumor from baby Lucia's face. Before the surgery, our Storyteller was asked to lead a prayer. The tumor was successfully removed and Lucia was taken to the ICU where our nurses are giving her extra care. This is the first step to Lucia's healing journey. Please continue to pray for a full recovery! Photo of Lucia

Nov 26, 2020

Lucia's mother Kilara is thrilled to meet one of our community partnership pastors who could speak her local language. He prayed with her and encouraged her to keep strong as Lucia begins her healing journey. Photo of Lucia

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