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Pretty's Story

Baby Pretty is the youngest of two children, and her parents are farmers who live a few hours from CURE Uganda. Her mom Oliver's pregnancy went smoothly, and everything seemed fine with this beautiful baby girl until she was about one month old. Th… Read more

Baby Pretty is the youngest of two children, and her parents are farmers who live a few hours from CURE Uganda. Her mom Oliver's pregnancy went smoothly, and everything seemed fine with this beautiful baby girl until she was about one month old. Then she developed a high fever with seizures, and her head size started increasing.

Pretty has post-infectious hydrocephalus, which means an infection caused some damage in her brain and is preventing her cerebrospinal fluid from flowing around and out of her brain properly. Because the fluid can't leave her brain, it gets backed up and is causing her head to increase. Thankfully, the doctors at her local hospital referred Pretty and Olivia to CURE Uganda and they came as soon as they could! The neurosurgeons at CURE Uganda are some of the best in the world at dealing with this particular condition, so Pretty is in good hands.

Thank you for praying for Pretty, her parents and her big brother while she awaits the surgery and healing she needs!

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Latest Updates

Mar 16, 2020

Pretty and Oliver were discharged over the weekend and have headed home! Pretty will get her stitches out soon at a local health care center, and then we'll see her again in a few weeks at one of our CURE Uganda mobile clinics. The mobile clinics provide a great way for our medical team to see patients for follow-up, without their families having to travel all the way back to Mbale, where the hospital is located. Thank you for praying for Pretty and her family as she continues to heal!

Mar 13, 2020

Pretty had her surgery today! After using the endoscope to examine her brain, pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Wegoye determined that she did indeed need a shunt, which he and the OR team placed. This is a tiny plastic tube that will help the cerebrospinal fluid drain from her brain down to the area around her stomach. It is a very effective method of treating her hydrocephalus! Pretty is resting now in the ICU and Oliver will spend the night close by. Thank you so much for continuing to pray for them both! Photo of Pretty

Mar 12, 2020

This afternoon we caught up with Oliver doing laundry. Thanks to the Ugandan sunshine clothes dry pretty quickly here! Oliver let us know that Pretty's vomiting and diarrhea are doing much better, and that she is feeling less worried about her. Thank you for your prayers! The OR team can't operate on Pretty while she's sick, so we're hopeful she's on the mend and can have her surgery soon! Photo of Pretty

Mar 10, 2020

Oliver and Pretty had a calm and quiet day today! Pretty is still having some diarrhea but the nurses are making sure she gets her medication. Oliver isn't feeling too worried. She spent some time this afternoon visiting with other moms outside and then did a mini-photo shoot with baby Pretty. No news yet on a surgery date, but we'll keep you posted! Photo of Pretty

Mar 09, 2020

This morning we caught up with Oliver and Pretty and some of their friends! Baby Miriam and baby Blessing are also 4 months old, just like Pretty, and their moms are from the same tribe as Oliver, so they all speak the same language. What a joy to have friends who you can really connect with! Oliver let us know that Pretty is doing fairly well, but has had some vomiting and diarrhea. Nurse Daisy is keeping a close eye on her and making sure she gets all the medicine and care she needs! Photo of Pretty

Mar 06, 2020

Oliver and baby Pretty were enjoying lunch together this afternoon at the CURE Uganda cafeteria. It's an outside, covered space, with beautiful views of the grass, trees and garden - a pretty great lunch spot! Oliver let us know that the doctors expect to operate on Pretty towards the middle of this week, so she has a few days yet to wait. She said it's difficult to wait so long, so we're praying that she can make some good friends over the weekend to help encourage her! Photo of Pretty

Mar 05, 2020

Pretty and her mom, Oliver, had a quiet day today! They are staying in an extra wing of the hospital with a couple other moms, and they attended afternoon worship together on the ward. The hospital has been so busy this week that the neurosurgeons are even squeezing in some extra surgeries on Saturday! We'll be sure to let you know when Pretty's turn for her surgery arrives. Photo of Pretty

Mar 04, 2020

Sometimes going to the doctor is just no fun! Baby Pretty wasn't feeling too great this morning while she waited for her checkup, but her mom was able to comfort her and calm her down pretty quickly. Clinical officer Stewart says that he thinks Pretty is ready for the next surgery she needs to treat her hydrocephalus, so he requested all the tests she needs and admitted her to the main ward. The medical team will review everything and make a plan for her soon! Photo of Pretty

Feb 11, 2020

Pretty and Oliver headed home over the weekend! Pretty will get her stitches out soon at a local health clinic, and then we'll see them again at CURE Uganda in a few weeks. We are praying that God would be healing her brain from the damage caused by her infection, and praying that she'd be ready for her next surgery when she comes back to CURE Uganda. Thank you for joining with us in prayer!

Feb 07, 2020

Pretty spent a calm night in the ICU, and Dr. Wegoye checked on her during morning rounds today. She'll be able to go home soon, and then will come back in about three weeks for her next checkup. Her infection was a particularly nasty one, so you can be praying that God would do a great work of healing for her brain! Oliver is in good spirits and had already made friends with two other moms in the ICU. She and Pretty are going to move down to the main ward today! Photo of Pretty

Feb 06, 2020

With worship music playing gently in the background, Dr. Wegoye and the OR team operated on baby Pretty this afternoon. Because she has a severe infection inside of her brain, the team performed an irrigation procedure, which means they created two small holes into her brain through which they can flush clean fluid. This should help to decrease the level of infection. Before operating, the team paused and Dr. Wegoye prayed for God's hand of healing to be on Pretty's life. Thank you for joining with us in praying for this little one today. Photo of Pretty

Feb 05, 2020

It was an especially beautiful day at CURE Uganda, so baby Pretty and Oliver had their photo taken outside by some of the flowers and greenery. Did you know CURE Uganda has 4 groundskeepers on staff? They do an amazing job of creating a beautiful space that is part of the healing process for our patients. Because Pretty's cerebrospinal fluid is building up, the doctors this afternoon performed a 'tap', where they remove a small amount of fluid to help her feel better while she waits for surgery. Mama Oliver is in good spirits and looking forward to Pretty's upcoming surgery! Photo of Pretty

Feb 04, 2020

Baby Pretty and mama Oliver are getting settled into CURE Uganda! Pretty wasn't feeling too great yesterday so the doctors gave her a blood transfusion, and today she had her blood checked again to see how her hemoglobin levels are doing. She's also gotten the other tests done that she needs to be ready for surgery. The doctors, neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists are careful to make sure that each patient is prepared for surgery and as healthy as they can be before an operation. Oliver told us that Pretty's big brother is four years old and very active! He's staying with his grandmother while Oliver is here taking care of his little sister - who he loves! Photo of Pretty

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