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Rashima's Story

Little Rashima is the youngest child in her family. Her grandmother is looking after her siblings while her mom, Jackie, takes care of her at CURE Uganda. Rashima has secondary hydrocephalus. In her case, this means her hydrocephalus started after… Read more

Little Rashima is the youngest child in her family. Her grandmother is looking after her siblings while her mom, Jackie, takes care of her at CURE Uganda. Rashima has secondary hydrocephalus. In her case, this means her hydrocephalus started after she had surgery here a few months ago for spina bifida. Because spina bifida surgery impacts the balance of cerebrospinal fluid in a child's brain and around their spinal cord, sometimes the change in how the fluid flows can also cause hydrocephalus.

Thankfully, Rashima and Jackie are used to being at CURE Uganda, and were able to travel back to the hospital to get the follow-up surgery that Rashima needs! The CURE Uganda neurosurgeons are very experienced in treating babies with both spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and they're able to provide Rashima with exactly the right surgical procedure.

Jackie shared with us that she is a born-again Christian, and came to know Jesus when she was in high-school. Some people came to her school to tell the students about Jesus and asked if the students if they wanted to follow him. Jackie said yes! We know that her faith and relationship with Jesus will help her love and care for baby Rashima. We are thankful that He is taking care of them both.

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Latest Updates

Dec 12, 2019

Rashima and Jackie are heading home today! They'll begin their journey this afternoon, and we'll see them again in a few weeks at a mobile clinic near their home. Jackie is thankful for all the care they've received from the medical and spiritual teams at CURE Uganda. She's also reached out to SHYNEA Uganda, which is a local organization that provides encouragement for families of children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Before she heads home today, she and Rashima will check in with our physical therapist to learn some stretching exercises that they can do at home. Jackie is such a committed mom and doing an outstanding job! Thank you for praying for her and Rashima as they head home. Rashima has read your messages and is encouraged by your support! Photo of Rashima

Dec 11, 2019

Thank you for praying for Jackie and Rashima! Today, we have a special message from Jackie. She is feeling a bit discouraged that Rashima had to get a shunt, but understands it was necessary and is adjusting to the idea. She really appreciated all the get-well messages that everyone sent. After we printed out your messages to share with her, she wrote her own message to send back to you! Here's what she wrote: "I appreciate the way you have cared for my baby and may the Lord bless you abundantly and more. Rashima is okay. Unfortunately, she got a shunt but it's all God's wish. May the Lord bless you, and Merry Christmas." Jackie is such an amazing person and a great mom. Thank you for continuing to pray for her and Rashima! Photo of Rashima

Dec 10, 2019

Rashima had her surgery today! "I'm not too worried, because this is her second time," Jackie shared with us. Jackie is a trained hairdresser. She had a couple of appointments today with some of the other moms, and she was glad to have something to keep her mind occupied while she waited. Rashima's surgery went well! After praying for her, Dr. Onen and the operating room team performed the surgery to treat her hydrocephalus. Dr. Onen determined that she needs a shunt and installed one for her. A shunt is a tiny plastic tube that runs from the baby's brain, under their skin and into their stomach area, to help drain the extra fluid from their brain. This should help Rashima feel a lot better soon! Thank you for praying for her and Jackie and for all the get-well messages! Photo of Rashima

Dec 09, 2019

We're getting ready for Christmas! Jackie and Rashima had a pretty quiet day today but took some time to pose with Winnie from our spiritual team. The spiritual team makes sure to visit with each mom on the ward and spend time getting to know them while praying for them and their baby. Jackie is hopeful that Rashima can have surgery sometime this week! Photo of Rashima

Dec 06, 2019

Dr. Onen checked on baby Rashima during morning rounds today. She's doing well and holding steady while she waits for surgery. Hopefully, she and Jackie will have a quiet weekend in the ward, and she can have surgery early next week! The spiritual team leads worship on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and sometimes the moms and babies have a movie night, too. Thanks for praying for Jackie and Rashima! Photo of Rashima

Dec 05, 2019

Today has been very rainy. During a break in the rain, quite a few moms and babies gathered outside to enjoy the sunshine. Rashima and Jackie joined them for a little photoshoot. No news yet on the surgery date for baby Rashima, but Jackie is doing well and being very patient as they wait! Photo of Rashima

Dec 04, 2019

It's been extra chilly this week at CURE Uganda, and Rashima was bundled up this morning in her bright red, yellow and black sweater, complete with matching hat! Jackie shared with us that she's been getting to know some of the other moms in the ward and has been praying with them. There are two moms who have babies in the ICU, and she prayed with them and encouraged them. How amazing that she is using her time in the hospital with her own sick baby to love and encourage others! She is a real blessing to us. Baby Rashima should have some more testing today to help her get ready for surgery either this week or early next week.

Dec 03, 2019

Jackie told us today that in English, baby Rashima's name means 'Gift' - isn't that lovely? Rashima hasn't been feeling very well and has been struggling with sunsetting of her eyes (having her eyes looking downwards). This is caused when a baby with hydrocephalus has extra pressure on their brain. This should reverse after she has her surgery. This afternoon the doctors performed a 'tap' where they removed a small amount of her cerebrospinal fluid. This is one of the steps in getting ready for surgery, and hopefully will help her feel a bit better, too! Photo of Rashima

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