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Nickson's Story

"Pray that he would prosper". As we talked with Grace, we encouraged her that people would be praying for her and her son, little two-month old Nickson, who has hydrocephalus. We assured her we would pray for healing and asked how else she would li… Read more

"Pray that he would prosper". As we talked with Grace, we encouraged her that people would be praying for her and her son, little two-month old Nickson, who has hydrocephalus. We assured her we would pray for healing and asked how else she would like us to pray. Her request for her son reminded us of the verse from 3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth".

Grace is staying with Nickson in our patient hostel while they await a spot on the surgical schedule, and she's enjoying making friends with some of the other moms and babies! Nickson is Grace and her husband Linas's second son. Nickson was born at a hospital a bit early, but seemed to be doing fine until he was three weeks old and his head started to increase in size. His family took him to a big hospital in the capital city where they were referred here to us at CURE Uganda. Thankfully, Nickson hasn't been having any fevers, irritability, or seizures, which are all good signs.

We know that Nickson is in good hands here at CURE Uganda, and Grace told us that she's feeling calm and not worried. We're joining in her prayer that God would indeed prosper and defend little Nickson, and continue to give peace to Grace and their family!

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Latest Updates

Jan 13, 2020

Over the weekend, Nickson was discharged and he and Grace headed home! He'll get his stitches out next week at a local health clinic. Then he'll come to see the CURE Uganda doctors at a mobile clinic near his home in February. CURE Uganda has 5 mobile clinics which provide a wonderful way for patients and their families to get the checkups they need without traveling all the way back to our hospital! Thank you for praying for Nickson - we know that our God is a Healer, and we're praying that He would continue to heal Nickson!

Jan 10, 2020

Nickson is taking a break from photos today, but he's continuing his recovery from surgery! He and Grace moved back to the main ward from the ICU this morning, and the nurses are keeping a close eye on him as he recovers. He's receiving the medication he needs for pain control as well as anti-seizure medication, and the nurses make sure he gets all of them right on time. Grace had lunch with the other moms in the CURE cafeteria, and will participate in worship this afternoon on the ward. Thank you for praying for sweet little Nickson as he heals from his surgery!

Jan 09, 2020

Nickson had his surgery today! Visiting neurosurgeon Dr. Happiness, along with CURE Uganda neurosurgeon Dr. Wegoye, performed the operation he needed to treat his hydrocephalus. Originally they had hoped to do an ETV/CPC, but it turned out that the best option for Nickson was to install a shunt. This is a tiny plastic tube that will help funnel the extra cerebrospinal fluid from his brain down into the area around his stomach, where his body can reabsorb it. The surgery went well, and Nickson is recovering in the ICU, with Grace staying right nearby! Photo of Nickson

Jan 08, 2020

Nickson is back at CURE Uganda! Grace brought him back right on time, and they've been staying together in the ward while awaiting his next surgical procedure. Thankfully, it looks like Nickson is ready for the surgery that will help make a way for his cerebrospinal fluid to flow more freely and treat his hydrocephalus! Grace and Nickson's bed is right next to Charity and baby Ebenezer, who is another one of our CUREkids. Grace said that even though she and Charity speak different languages, they're close enough that they can communicate. What a blessing to have a friend nearby! Nickson's surgery hopefully will be tomorrow - thank you for praying for him and Grace as they wait! Photo of Nickson

Dec 04, 2019

Guess who got discharged today? That's right - Nickson!! Dr. Onen said that since today is his final day of antibiotics, he's all clear to head home! Grace is really excited to be going home and looking forward to seeing the rest of her family. They live pretty far away from CURE Uganda, and it'll be a long journey. Oh, and remember the Connect 4 tournament? Grace fought hard, but her neighbor on the ward is still the reigning champion! We're looking forward to seeing Nickson again at his next follow-up appointment. Now that his infection has been tackled, we're hoping in a few weeks he'll be ready to get the full surgery he needs to treat his hydrocephalus. Thank you for all the prayers and get-well messages for Nickson! Photo of Nickson

Dec 03, 2019

In the midst of a long hospital stay, it sure can help to have a friend!! Grace and Nickson have made friends with the family staying in the bed right next to theirs. Although Nickson was a bit squirmy, we were able to get a photo of them together today. There also have been some pretty fierce Connect 4 competitions going on. Grace reports that she's currently losing, but we'll let you know tomorrow if she's able to stage a comeback! Nickson is pressing on with his antibiotics - just a few more days to go! Photo of Nickson

Dec 02, 2019

"They are missing me, but I told them I need to remain!" Grace let us know that she has spoken with her family. Although they miss her, they understand that she needs to stay a bit longer to help Nickson finish out his antibiotics. Neurosurgeon Dr. Onen visited Nickson during morning rounds and encouraged Grace and the medical team to keep up the good fight. He's determined to ensure Nickson's infection is conquered! Thank you for being part of the team that is cheering on Nickson and praying for his family, and thank you for sending such beautiful get-well messages! Photo of Nickson

Nov 28, 2019

Eight more days of antibiotics to go! Grace and Nickson are persevering during their long hospital stay as they wait and pray for his infection to be conquered. The doctors and surgeons visited them this morning, and Nickson was pretty sleepy but woke up a bit later and was ready to nurse! His little onesie says "Future Hero" with a Batman insignia - so cute. We think he's already a hero! Photo of Nickson

Nov 27, 2019

Grace received some good and bad news about Nickson today. The good news is that the level of infection in his brain is decreasing. The bad news is that he'll need to stick around a bit longer to get more antibiotics. As Dr. Justin put it, "We need to win the fight!". Grace and Nickson will need to stay an additional week - nine more days to go. Grace is eager to get home to the rest of her family but determined to do what she needs to so that Nickson can recover. She's a determined mom! It also turns out that she is great at Connect 4! Photo of Nickson

Nov 26, 2019

The sounds of clapping and singing from afternoon worship just outside the treatment room mingled with Nickson's cries as nurse Sylvia removed his cannula (the thin tube used to deliver medicine) and placed another one. Because the cannula in Nickson's head had become clogged, Sylvia needed to insert another one so that Nickson could continue to get the medicine he needs! This isn't an easy task, but thankfully Sylvia is an experienced nurse and persevered until she found the right spot. Mama Grace also had a hard task of holding down a wailing baby! We are thankful that the moms and nurses of CURE Uganda work together to take the best care of their babies and patients! Photo of Nickson

Nov 25, 2019

Nickson has just a few days of antibiotics left! Because the doctors want to be sure that the medicine is working to tackle the infection in his brain, they performed another cerebrospinal fluid 'tap' this afternoon. This will allow them to test the fluid to see if the infection is still sticking around. This is a common procedure at CURE Uganda. So, Mama Grace waited with several other mamas who were having the same test done for their babies. Mama Grace was able to talk with her family this weekend and says they're doing well. We're praying that Nickson's infection is gone. Thank you for praying along with us! Photo of Nickson

Nov 22, 2019

Nickson is having a calm and quiet day! He's continuing on with his antibiotics, and doing well! His bed is right next to baby Viola's, another one of our CUREkids at CURE Uganda this week, and his mom and Viola's have become friends. Thank you for praying for both these sweet little ones! Photo of Nickson

Nov 21, 2019

No news is good news for Nickson today! He was very alert during morning rounds today, and he's continuing on with his course of antibiotics. In order for him to have the next surgery he needs, the antibiotics need to effectively tackle the infection in his brain, so we're praying that they'll work well. Otherwise, he's continuing to hang out with mama Grace while looking super cute! Photo of Nickson

Nov 20, 2019

"Hi, Mom!" Nickson and Mama Grace clearly love each other a lot! Nickson is doing well. He's continuing with his course of antibiotics and spending time sleeping, eating, and cuddling with his mom. Mama Grace spent some time this morning talking with and saying goodbye to Annet, Precious's mom, as they prepared to head home. It's always wonderful to see how the moms of CURE Uganda encourage each other! Photo of Nickson

Nov 18, 2019

Nickson was having a quiet morning today with mama Grace! The standard procedure after irrigation is for babies to have two weeks of antibiotics - so Nickson will be with us for a bit longer. In order for him to get the full surgery to treat his hydrocephalus, his brain needs to be healed from infection. Please join us in praying that all the infection would go away. Thank you for the sweet get-well messages you have sent for him and Grace! Photo of Nickson

Nov 15, 2019

Today Nickson had his first surgery at CURE Uganda! Neurosurgeon Dr. Emmanuel performed a 'washout' procedure, which means he used some sterile fluid to wash out the infection from inside of Nickson's brain. This is the first step towards hopefully healing the infection and allowing Nickson to get the full surgery he needs to treat his hydrocephalus. Grace was feeling anxious before the surgery, which is completely understandable! It can be so hard to send your tiny baby off to the OR. But, we have a whole team of people praying for each baby - a pastor, a nurse, and then the entire operating team all take time to pray for each patient before their surgery. We're thankful that we can be confident God hears our prayers. Nickson is recovering in the NICU and doing well! Photo of Nickson

Nov 14, 2019

Nickson had a pretty sleepy day today! He's awaiting a spot on the surgery schedule so has been hanging out with Grace and the other families in the patient hostel while they wait. We know that waiting can be so hard, so we're praying for special encouragement for Grace today! Photo of Nickson

Nov 13, 2019

Nickson's been feeling a little off today! Mama Grace shared that he was pretty irritable last night. She's keeping a close eye on him and giving him lots of care, and there is a nurse assigned to the patient hostel who is also checking on him! We encouraged Grace that people are praying for Nickson, and she asked that we continue to pray that his hydrocephalus would be healed. Hebrews 4:16 reminds us that we can approach God with boldness: "Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." It's a privilege to pray for this little guy and thanks for joining with us in prayer! Photo of Nickson

Nov 12, 2019

After having a quiet day together in the patient hostel, mama Grace and Nickson attended worship on the ward together this afternoon. Rebecca, one of our CURE Uganda staff members, led everyone in clapping and singing together: "Jesus is stronger!". What a good reminder to our hearts - that Jesus is stronger than all the griefs and sorrows we face! Photo of Nickson

Nov 11, 2019

Mama Grace and little Nickson were admitted to CURE Uganda a few days ago, and they're settling in quickly! A photo shoot evolved this morning in the patient hostel where they are staying, and Grace organized some photos with new friends and their babies. Then she and Nickson attended afternoon worship together on the ward with the other families. Nickson's already had his cerebrospinal fluid tapped, which the doctors will use to evaluate his medical needs and when he can have surgery. Thank you for praying for him and Grace as they get settled in! Photo of Nickson

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