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  • Ageless than 1
  • Conditionhydrocephalus and spina bifida
  • Next Appointment 01/31/2020

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Olivia's Story

“Many strange things have happened to me this year. At first, just after the birth of my baby we noticed that she had a swelling on her back. The doctors told me that it is called spina bifida and they referred me here to CURE Uganda. I had never… Read more

“Many strange things have happened to me this year. At first, just after the birth of my baby we noticed that she had a swelling on her back. The doctors told me that it is called spina bifida and they referred me here to CURE Uganda. I had never been to this part of the country and never imagined that I would cross all of Uganda like this, but I came, and she was operated on” Lydia narrated to us. After Olivia’s first surgery, her spina bifida was taken care of and she became healthy. In the months since then, her development has been normal, in fact she is learning how to sit now! Olivia and her older brother who is three years old are very close and play together. Three weeks ago though, Lydia returned home from work and as she was giving Olivia a warm bath, she noticed that Olivia’s head was bigger than it was the previous day. She was immediately concerned because during her first visit to CURE Uganda she had learned there is a chance for babies with spina bifida to develop hydrocephalus, a dangerous condition where her brain cannot properly drain excess fluid causing increased pressure inside the brain and a growing head. Lydia quickly dried her baby and called her husband who came and agreed Olivia’s head was actually bigger. They immediately began working out the logistics of bringing Olivia back to CURE Uganda. Once here, we were able to confirm Olivia does indeed have hydrocephalus and will need a surgery to remove the danger to her life. Thankfully Lydia caught Olivia's growing head early, improving her chances.
Overall though, Olivia is a very jolly baby and if not for the size of her head, one wouldn’t think that she has a medical condition. She has been admitted to the ward and is being prepared for surgery!

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Latest Updates

Sep 30, 2019

“Olivia can now sit, and she is learning to crawl. Actually, I just brought her for review because it is the date that she was given to come for review otherwise she has no problem. This girl is very playful and always has a charming smile”, said Lydia. She has initiated Olivia into clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) and says that she does it five times a day. Our doctors advised that Olivia continues with physical therapy so she can continue to hit her milestones! Photo of Olivia

Sep 12, 2019

Sorry for the lapse in updates, but we just wanted to fill you in that Olivia was indeed discharged last week! She spent a few days in the ward under observation and when it was clear she was doing well, she was allowed to go home. We'll see both her and mama Lydia in a few weeks for her check up!

Sep 05, 2019

“I can’t explain to you the kind of relief that I felt when she got out of the OR”, Lydia says. She immediately called her husband and her mom. They all cerebrated the good news together. Baby Olivia started to breastfeed immediately after she woke up and she had a calm night. Dr. Michael says he will discharge her from the ICU back to the ward this morning as she is stable. Please continue to remember her in prayer. Photo of Olivia

Sep 04, 2019

Baby Olivia had a successful ETV/CPC procedure today! In this procedure, the doctors created small holes in Olivia's brain that will allow the excess fluid in her brain to drain out naturally, relieving both the pressure and the danger. Olivia is recovering in PACU and will be transferred to ICU where she and her mother Lydia will spend the night. Lydia says she and her husband are in prayer today. Let us join them and pray Olivia has a stable night! Photo of Olivia

Sep 03, 2019

“We are okay and just waiting for the day she will get her surgery. My husband says that home is okay so I have nothing to worry about”, Lydia says. This morning it was our clinician Esther who spent time with Olivia and Lydia. Esther was mostly advising Lydia on how best she can take care of Olivia while at home in regards to her previous spina bifida surgery. We're still waiting to hear when exactly Olivia will have her surgery, but it should be later this week! Photo of Olivia

Sep 02, 2019

When Olivia arrived here at CURE Uganda, she was sent for a brain CT scan which confirmed the diagnosed of hydrocephalus. Olivia’s cerebrospinal fluid was then tapped and sent to the labs for analysis in order to test for any infection which would stall the surgery. With all this going on, Olivia still has a smile on her face and is always playing with her mama. We are praying that the procedure she will soon have will be a success! Photo of Olivia

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