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The picture above is of CURE in Uganda. Everyone who serves with CURE in Uganda, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Babirye. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Babirye's Story

"Babirye was born a twin, but her sister died a few minutes after birth." Hafuwa Babirye's mother told us, somberly remembering a particularly difficult time in their life. Babirye then spent the next two months fighting for her own life inside an … Read more

"Babirye was born a twin, but her sister died a few minutes after birth." Hafuwa Babirye's mother told us, somberly remembering a particularly difficult time in their life. Babirye then spent the next two months fighting for her own life inside an incubator. This little warrior fought hard and made it through, being discharged home with her mother. Unfortunately, the war was not over as Hafuwa noticed that Babirye's head was slowly increasing in size. Unsure what to do, she took Babirye back to the hospital. The doctor there told Hafuwa that Babirye has a life threatening condition called him hydrocephalus where Babirye's head cannot drain extra fluid in her brain. If untreated, the hydrocephalus will continue to expand Babirye's head, eventually killing her. Thankfully, the doctor knew about us here at CURE Uganda and immediately referred her here. Knowing the seriousness of the issue, he even provided Hafuwa with transportation money when she admitted she could not pay for the journey. The war may still not have been won, but now that Babirye is here with us, she is no longer fighting alone. She's got a legion of doctors, nurses, pastors, and other patients all pulling for her and having her back!

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Latest Updates

Jan 31, 2020

Babirye was looking bright and colorful at mobile clinic today! She is doing very well, and learning to walk and talk! We asked her mom what she likes to eat, and she said 'anything!'. They spent some time talking with social worker Seera Rose (pictured) as they waited to see the medical team. At mobile clinics, it's not just only the doctors and nurses who come, but also pastoral staff, physical therapists, and the social workers! We're so thankful to have such an amazing team, and thankful that Babirye is feeling fantastic! Photo of Babirye

Sep 30, 2019

Baby Babirye has started to say a few words like "mama," "papa," and she also knows some of the names of her siblings. She can now sit, crawl, and stand by herself! Our clinician Erasmus examined her and found her shunt is also functioning well. Her seizures are controlled but Erasmus decided to supply her with more anti-seizure medication just in case. Praise the Lord with us for all her progress! Photo of Babirye

Jul 26, 2019

Babirye and her mama Hafuwa showed up for their fourth mobile clinic and they have only good news. Babirye is now crawling. She can sit on her own and is feeding really well! Hafuwa tells us that one of Babirye’s hobbies is singing and she is also very talkative. Hafuwa is helping Babirye with physical therapy at home. Babirye just has a slight cough, but Dr. Michael gave her a syrup for that. Please be praying for baby Babirye and her family. Photo of Babirye

Jun 14, 2019

Babirye and her mama are really excited that they are going home today! They are so grateful to CURE Uganda for the great work we have done and give all glory to God! Our CURE pharmacy gave mama Hafuwa some medicine for pain relief and anti-seizure medication. They will be going next month to the mobile clinic close to their home and we are looking forward to seeing them there! Thank you for praying for this sweet family! Photo of Babirye

Jun 13, 2019

Babirye and her mama Hafuwa are back in our main ward and the doctors checked in on them this morning during their morning rounds. Because Babiyre still has a fever, they are sending them to the lab to get some tests done to see what could be causing her fever. Despite not feeling the best, Babiyre is pretty calm and her mama is doing a great job taking care of her. It's always wonderful to see how loving our CURE mamas are to their babies! Photo of Babirye

Jun 12, 2019

Baby Babirye is recovering in the ICU today. Her mama is doing a wonderful job helping to take care of her. Babirye had a bit of a fever today so mama Hafuwa was helping to cool her down with a cold cloth. Overall Babirye is doing really well and even had some breakfast this morning! Thank you for your continued prayers! Photo of Babirye

Jun 11, 2019

Babirye is having surgery this afternoon! He will then be recovering in our ICU this evening. Because the type of neurosurgery CURE Uganda specializes in, we often have neurosurgeons from around the world come to train here! Right now we have a senior neurosurgeon from Ghana, Dr. Frank Boayke, who assisted with Babiyre's surgery. We're thankful to have gifted neurosurgeons with such incredible skills that they use to bless our CURE Uganda babies! Photo of Babirye

Jun 10, 2019

Baby Babirye has been admitted into the ward today with her mother. Mama Hafuwa is very happy to meet the other mothers, She said that it feels good to talk with mothers who know what she is going through. Mama Hafuwa joined the other mama's for prayers in the ward with baby Babirye. Please keep on praying for them! Photo of Babirye

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